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Malton Music Industry
Abbreviation: MMI
Group Numbers:
Leadership: Bassist55
Goals: To relax Malton's surviving citizens with good music, and to provide a good place for musicians and anyone else to chill
Recruitment Policy: Must love music
Contact: or in-game

The Malton Music Industry

What are we?

The Malton Music Industry is a group of musicians, groupies and roadies who travel around the city to help relax survivors and to help keep the zombies in the designated Zombies Only corner. We will also offer free music lessons for people who want to learn to play "music".

We also commit to offer a great place for members to chill and relax.

And we start... in Santlerville, right beside Dowdney Mall.

Who are we?

We are a group of super awesome people who will often be heard disc jockeying on 26.06 mhz.

Where are we?

We now have an hq, where we'll be hanging around, slapping zombies with our awesome double-neck distorted axes and metal flutes. You'll find us in Club Shelley (Santlerville)

Need a band to play for you?

We have a forum now! sign up! quick!

Current Major Missions

  1. Recruit some more help to replace those who've idled out.
  2. Help the Dribbling Beavers and the rest of Santlerville drive off the RRF.
  3. Help the BBK with their war against the Escendo Numerus



We will be celebrating Biertag, of course, in the St Arnold's church of Rolt Heights invite all your friends!

Now Hiring!

Needed ASAP:

  • Members

Help Wanted: Anyone who's interested in free dvds, concerts, or even just a cookie. Sign up at the forums :)

AquaMMI.jpg Members get a shiny button!


and yeah, a free cookie too!

The Beaver and RRF Dance Party

We've been invited to host it at our very own Club Shelley (Santlerville)! Details to be added soon.

D. Rod

dude, we need you to help at home for a few days. ehehehe zombie breakins are increasing.


These are the people important to the Music Industry



  • Zeds
  • Brain Rotters
  • Zombie Spies

Other Ads

  • We're on good terms with the BAR now. I cleaned their toilets.
  • We now discourage combat reviving, which promotes zerging among Zombie Groups.
  • We're still fighting against the RRF.

Trophies and Templates

Guitar-cookie.jpg Malton Music Industry
This user or group is part of the Malton Music Industry or supports their music making. And they get a free cookie!

Rakista.jpg Music Is Life
This user or group is a Musician.
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