Malton Police Department Vigilantes

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Clock.png Inactive Group
Malton Police Department Vigilantes are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:08, 1 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Malton Police Department Vigilantes
The MPD Vigilantes. Defending Malton, our way.
Abbreviation: MPD Vigilantes
Group Numbers: Seven plus the Tank
Leadership: None really, we're Vigilantes.
Goals: Roam through Santlerville and surrounding area, defending humans and beating zombies with blunt objects.
Recruitment Policy: Open to all survivors.
Contact: Contact our Leader... Somewhere in Santlerville
This group is the MPD Vigilantes. Hitting zombies with blunt objects since 2007.

Radiotransmission.gif Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.33 MHz

The Malton Police Vigilantes

The MPD Vigilantes is a group that is fully made up of players who want to be a cop (or firefighter/doctor/whatever), but don’t want to be constrained by rules. Any rules. Players up to level 35 accepted, as players of higher levels are better off owning zombies. THE ONE RULE - there are no real restriction, rules, guidelines, whatever, and anything on this page could be lies. Like "looting the Mall" - nobody actually is, that's what the mall is for. No tactics, except that if we do meet while online, we team up AND EAT ZOMBIES!!!


The history of the MPD Vigilantes is relatively short. About 6 months ago, a few ex-officers of the MPD decided to break a few rules and kill some zombies dead. Regrettably, most of these proud Officers are no longer with us. Then a few short months ago, the last remaining member decided to create an organization dedicated to wiping out the zombie menace. He set up a home base on his adopted suburb, Santlerville, and struck out to recruit new members and defeat small groups of zombies. Although the Vigilantes have suffered a few small defeats, luck appears to be with them, and they are beating down zombies to this day.

Current Group Roster

UPD = Urban Dead Profile. Used to confirm membership & ease of adding members to contacts. Please add yours if you haven't already or contact the current Wiki Defender for help.

M1a1 on patrol.jpg Malton Police Department Vigilantes TANK
This is the Malton Police Department Vigilantes Tank, "liberated" from Fort Creedy in the early outbreaks. Here it is on patrol in one of Santlerville's many parks. Soon to be one of Santlerville's many wastlelands.

How To Join

a) Put MPD Vigilantes into your “Group” text box in Settings

b) Add your name to the roster below

c) Add your info to the discussion page (follow direction in there)

c) Kick some zombie @$$!!!

Area of Operations

The MPD Vigilantes operate in Santlerville, making occasional forays into Pashenton if Santlerville is safe, regrouping in Cotterrell Crescent Police Department if attacked while sleeping (Damn organized zombies!). Currently the Vigilantes are regrouping at Appelby Park to be revived. Unfortunate Vigilantes that have been zombified move to the Thicke Towers of the Finch Monument to be revived. Their Home Base is the Thicke Towers.

There is also a location in Gibsonton called Oram Walk Police Department that some of us frequent. Currently Gibsonton is overrun by zombies that are in need of killing.

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Peddlesden Village Chudleyton Darvall Heights Eastonwood Brooke Hills Shearbank Huntley Heights Santlerville Gibsonton Dunningwood
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Suburb Danger Level Colors

Structurally intact and inhabited by survivors, with numerous lit buildings, and few to no zombies.

Moderately Dangerous

Active zombies and break-ins, but no major hordes.


Structurally intact with few zombies, but a very low survivor population and few to no lit buildings.


Zombies inside many resource buildings and/or significant hostile mobs.

A Ghost Town

Mostly or entirely ruined, and devoid of significant survivor or zombie populations.

Very Dangerous

Most buildings wide open or zombie-infested and/or massive hostile zombie mobs.

Suburbs listed in boldface contain notable locations, groups, or events.
Factors beyond the scope of this map may affect the situation on the ground.


  • Zombies (Aka: Undead/Zed/Walking Corpses/Walking Dead)
  • Mrh? Cows
  • Nobody who cow tips, cuz hey, we do. (It's FUN!)
  • Finis Valorum UDP Kill on sight he is considered rogue by most of UD and there is a bounty on his head. Take a screenshot and enjoy!
  • pickmansmodeI, PrivateDamage, and ca1istagriffin: Cuz they're FRICKIN DOUCHEBAGS who killed the Captain and RoObert while they were sleeping.
  • Anyone else who dares mess with the MPDV

If you kill Finis or anyone who has killed any Vigilantes, or dissed the Tank, take a screenshot, and post them on the Discussion page. If we get enough, we'll make a page just of screenshots to laugh at. --Officer 123satsitx 18:42, 12 April 2008 (BST)

Opinions of the MPD Vigilantes

Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
DontPanic.png The Hitchhiker's Guide To Malton
Reminding Malton survivors of the most reassuring words they're likely to hear all day: Don't Panic
GeorgeBush.jpg The President
George Bush is a douchebag.
Gavel.jpg Vandals Beware
This user will not hesitate to smite you with his ban hammer of justice.
Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.
Squad.jpg Firing Squad
This user thinks we should just shoot anyone who thinks knives aren't worthless and get it over with.
Crucifix.jpg Stop Suggesting Crap!
This user or group supports
intelligent suggestions because:
Crucifixes should be useless,
just like in real life.
Goddammit !
This group is really pissed of at those damn @$$monkeys called PKers

Group Affiliations and Supported Policies

Rogers.jpg Mr. Rogers Style!
This user or group plays as Mr. Rogers would. They are non-violent as long as there is peace. Start something, however, and expect the wrath of Mr. Rogers and his whole neighborhood.
Allseeingeye.jpg WCDZ
This user is conspiring against you.
Cowtipper.jpg Cow Tipper
This user is a Cow tipper and treats marked revive points as they would a cattle ranch. They particularly enjoy shooting zombie-cows with their buddies.
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.

Templates You Can Use

Go MPD Vigilantes Templates

Standard Equipment

The standard equipment for any member of the vigilantes is:

  • 1 Pistol (loaded)
  • 2+ Pistol Clips
  • Flak Jacket
  • 1+ F.A.K.'s
  • GPS Unit
  • Mobile Phone
  • Crowbar
  • Radio (tuned to 27.33)

Specialized Equipment - the equipment members with different jobs should have (in addition to standard items) are:


  • 2+ Shotguns (loaded)
  • 4+ Shotgun Shells
  • 1 Pistol (loaded)
  • 2 Pistol Clips
  • Fire Axe

Field Doctor-

  • 3 F.A.K.'s
  • DNA Scanner
  • 2+ Revive Syringes


  • Fire Axe
  • 1 Shotgun (loaded)
  • 2 Shotgun Shells
  • Toolbox
  • Fuel Can
  • Portable Generator OR Radio Transmitter OR Both
  • Spray Can
  • 1 F.A.K.

Suggested Clothing

Note that this is all suggested and does not have to be worn. It just looks cool.



  • Gas Mask


  • Police Cap


  • A Pale Blue Short-Sleeved Shirt, OR
  • A Pale Blue Long-Sleeved Shirt, OR
  • A Pale Blue Blouse


  • A Police Jacket, OR
  • A Black Leather Jacket


  • A Pair of Dark Blue Trousers


  • A Pair of Black Boots, OR
  • A Pair of Black Leather Boots

Field Doctor-


  • A White Medical Facemask


  • A White Short-Sleeved Shirt, OR
  • A Nurse's Gown


  • A White Doctor's Coat


  • A Pair of White Trousers


  • Shoes, OR
  • Boots


(Note that support members can pretty much wear whatever they like)


  • A Gas Mask, OR
  • A Pair of Safety Goggles


  • A T-Shirt, OR
  • A Short-Sleeved Shirt, OR
  • A Long-Sleeved Shirt


  • A Pair of Overalls, OR
  • A Pair of Jeans, OR
  • A Pair of Trousers


  • A Pair of Steel-Capped Boots