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Malton Postal Service
Abbreviation: MPS
Group Numbers: 7.5
Leadership: Bake Hayes, Postmaster General,

Jenny D'Arc, Acting Postmaster,

Patti Jordani, Acting-Acting Postmaster

Goals: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds
Recruitment Policy: Always hiring. MPS is an equal opportunity employer
Contact: The Acting-Acting Postmaster

Group Description


The Malton Postal Service is an organization of dedicated couriers and support personnel that has as its sole purpose the provision of first-rate communication and delivery services to all members of the Malton community. Both humans and zombies are welcome. Please note: The Postal Service disavows and deplores the actions of the Former Malton Postal Workers Union.


First Class Mail

We will deliver a message, via voice, in writing, or electronic text messaging to the person/location of your choice. Letters must fit in a standard 256-byte envelope.

Parcel Post

We can pick up and deliver packages to designated locations. Legal restrictions and logistical considerations prohibit the transport of certain items, including firearms and ammunition, cutting instruments and other weapons, electronic equipment, spirits, printed matter, clothing, and religious paraphernalia. The following items may be delivered without restriction: portable generators, fuel cans, and medical supplies. However, availability and delivery times may vary, and packages must be opened immediately upon delivery.


Mail carriers are authorized to collect census data and other demographic information as needed for the public good.

Community Service

Our carriers are encouraged to be active members of their communities. This includes helping out with civic projects and recreational activities.


Positions Avalable

Currently hiring all shifts, all positions. Apply directly to the Postmaster General Include UD Profile number in all inquiries.

I would be interested in applying for a job.. I don't mind what i do...i am a Byrno - Level 22 Military all human traits I am loyal and i don't know what else to say:) Ask and ill be glad to anwser


I've got you in my contacts already, Byrno[1]. Edit it so that Malton Postal Service is listed as your group and you're in. I'll give further instructions in your talk page. Jenny D'ArcT MPS 14:05, 18 December 2006 (UTC)


All mail carriers must be in good physical condition with no mobility impairments. Excellent written communication skills are highly desirable. Prior experience in any of the following fields is also a plus: supply chain and procurement, health care, and facilities management. Due to the current rash of lawlessness, basic self-defense training is strongly encouraged, although not required.

Special Branch

Unique opportunities are available for vitality-impaired carriers.




  • some goth kids

Uniforms and Insignia

  • Whenever possible, use the official tinyurl for this page——when promoting the Postal Service.
  • Postal carriers should be in uniform at all times (i.e., Malton Postal Service in Group membership. Adding the tinyurl to one's description is also recommended.
  • Postal carriers should announce all deliveries.
  • The official slogan for Tagging and other marketing material is: MPS Delivers!

Historic Moments

1st May 2008: Re-Reorganization

Patti Jordani, unable to locate Jenny D'Arc, and fearing the worst, declares herself Acting-Acting Postmaster, and vows to continue the Postal Service in the manner of the Acting-Postmaster before her. With the undoubted loss of the regional headquarters, Patti has began a search for a suitable location to re-establish a base of opperations.

23 January 2007: New Regional HQ Established

The Hazeldine Museum (94,79) in Penny Heights declared Eastern Regional HQ of the MPS.

16 December 2006: Reorganization

Jenny D'Arc, unable to locate Bake Hayes, and fearing the worst, declares herself Acting Postmaster, and vows to continue the Postal Service in the manner of the Potsmaster before her.

22 August 2006: MPS Joins the Battle of Blackmore

Several MPS members volunteered to join the Channel 4 News Team and many other survivor groups in reclaiming the suburb of Ridleybank for human habitation and daily mail service.

4 August 2006: First Successful Letter Delivery

User:Bake_Hayes delivered a first class letter from WolfWhoSings to baklajanets.

15 July 2006: MPS Staff Intranet Goes Online

19 June 2006: Regional Mail Processing Center established

The Potsmaster General claimed an abandoned office building in Santlerville to house the Regional Mail Processing Center for Northeast Malton. This center monitors the local radio channel 26.06.

13 June 2006: Founding of the MPS

The Malton Postal Service was officially launched 13 June 2006 at a small press conference at factory 87,45 in Pitneybank. The following is the text of the speech delivered by the Potsmaster General at that event.

Ahem. Thank you all for coming out today. It is with great pleasure that I break a virtual bottle of champagne over the metaphorical hull of a bold new venture. As of today, the Malton Postal Service is open for business.
Even in these troubled times, perhaps especially in such times, communication is the linchpin of civilization. The MPS is dedicated to providing outstanding communication services to all citizens of our fair city.
Undaunted by the chaos that surrounds us, careless of their personal safety, MPS carriers will do whatever it takes to deliver your letters, parcels, and direct-mail advertising supplements to their intended recipients.
Ms. Jordani and myself will stay to entertain your questions. Please enjoy the complimentary wine and shrimp cocktail and remember, MPS—We deliver!
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