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Malton Public Radio


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Malton Public Radio is currently under construction, but will begin as soon as we have a sufficient amount of staff. Please, visit the hiring page to become a part of the team. Thank you.

Malton Public Radio
Malton Public Radio
Abbreviation MPR
Group Numbers 1
Leadership None
Goals To bring news to the city of Malton
Recruitment Policy Anyone wishing to become a part of the station is welcomed to and may do so by visiting the hiring page.
Contact MPR does not have a forum to contact with, however any discussion should be kept on the discussion page.

Malton Public Radio

MPR is a group of individuals who strive to bring fair, unbiased news to Malton. We do so by updating our wikipage with top of the line news stories, as well as broadcasting the news in-game via radio to Malton. Members of the group itself do not coordinate or work together to bring the news. The groups is more of a funnel of ideas that these individual writers bring to make a single page of articles. As there is no forum for MPR, please bring anything you want to say pertaining to the news station or any ideas you would like to bring for a story.

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