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Welcome to MRI, Malton Radio International. MRI is a survivor group dedicated to reporting on the news and rumors of Malton during the zombie outbreak. It is frequency 27.72 MHz.

What we’re about

The goal of MRI is to gather and spread news about the goings on in Malton. As a reporter, you’ll travel about neighborhoods and try to get a sense of the latest developments– where are the biggest zombie hoards? What actions are the latest survivor groups taking? How are the malls?

One key element in all of this is that we want to gather our news in-game. It’s one thing to have an alt in the DEM report that the the Malton Fire Department is planning on moving towards Williamsville to try and free the Krinks Power Station from a zombie infestation based on that alt’s knowledge. It’s another thing, though, to be hanging around Blesley Mall and notice quite a few members of the Knights Templar hanging around and surmise that they’re planning something. Ideally, some in-game conversation might lead to more news, and that news will make it to an on-air broadcast.

How it works

It all starts with you. YOU are our boots on the ground who gather the news. When you join MRI, we’ll give you an assignment. You’ll have a few days to move out and gather information and report back. With good reporting, you’ll be able to have your own beat, and have reporters working for you so you can break the big story.

Interested? Join now!

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