Malton Resistance Syndicate of Atlantis

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To the Scattered remants of MRSA, do not become disillusioned by the low amount of activity on the part of some members. General fighting has devolved into an incohesive mass of death. To any member of MRSA, seek out your brothers/sisters and then revive anyone who is deserving. Keep safe and stay alive. Girig.

Numenorian has taken control of the group. Find the warehouse.

We are now located at

What is MRSA?

MRSA is the Malton Resistance Syndicate of Atlantis.

Seeking to better the whole of Malton, MRSA assists all in any reasonable and possible way. Often plotting raids in Stanbury Village, killing zombies, healing the sick, and houseing the homeless.



- A MRSAnary in need is a friend indeed.

- Any zed is a threat ot MRSA and should be treated as such.

- Kilts are sexy!!!

- Flounges are the perfered reclining device of MRSA

- When you become MIA you are a WENDERSNAVEN

- Boyle the Bear is our mascot and our god!

- NO member of MRSA shall strike another member of MRSA!



Medical: Heal non-pkers and non-zeds in your area

Military: Kill zeds (not at revive points)

Radio: No Spam on MRSA channel or any other. Do not retune a transmitter for a long duration. Monitor local channels as well.

Propaganda: Spray tasteful and witty pro-MRSA slogans everywhere *excluding- Places that denote revive points and baricade policies.


How to Join: Head over to the famed MRSA warehouse and seek Girig he will had out the registration email address.


Requirements: Free Running is a must to use the hallowed flounges in the lustrous MRSA headquarters!!!

The command chain

These people own your soul. Look below:

-The Founder: Girig (MIA) -The New Leader: Numenorian

Fire Team leaders:


Those who are not in MRSA may be missing out but some other groups(with similar goals) can ally themselves with us!

  • NecroInquisition-
Status- Getting picked on
  • Malton Vietcong-
Status-Going radical
The Malton Vietcong

If one sees an advantage to ally themselves with MRSA or vice versa, feel free to send a legitimate emissary to the MRSA warehouse to begin diplomacy.

Back Story

Boyle the Bear was walking through Malton one day. He sensed that something was wrong. Without prompting, a thousand zombies set upon him at once. He killed them with ease. However, even though it was easy, he felt it was not as easy as having others commit heinous acts of violence against zombies for him. So, through suggesting unwelcome consequences (in a divine fashion), Boyle convinced Girig to form Atlantean Indignation Defacation Syndicate, or AIDS. However, confusion between the group and the "condition" resulted in dropping the name for a much better one-MRSA (the Malton Resistance Syndicate of Atlantis). This has been his most lucrative business venture, much better than his attempt to create a fruitcake person. After claiming bakruptcy in the 90's, MRSA resorted to waving kilts to surrender to various zombie onslaughts (to no avail). Recently, Girig became the lone survivor and was forced to create a complete lie for a back story. After said fabrication Girig sallied forth to begin MRSA anew. Soon he came apon a new stronghold of MRSA-tude, Carter Row School. People, ranging from rouge military men, to viking-like mercenaries, to scientists weere drawn to the promise of a better tomorrow and relaxing in a flounge. However, this peace would not last. Zombies quickly overran the builing out of jealously and revenge for their fellows, who were felled by Boyle. MRSA fled the assualt to recover in a local church. The the ragged but somehow determined group then set forth after much grieving over the spilt milk that was Carder Row School, they needed a decent HQ. Suddenly, while parying his personal Boyle the MRSA Bear shrine, Girig was divinely inspired to head to a random warehouse near Nichols Mall. The long agonizing journey took almost twenty ap, including a snack and bathroom break. Once there MRSA grew strong and pervasive thoughout Stanbury Village. Soon, MRSA entered into an alliance ( a new consept for Boyle who believed that everyone who wasn't in MRSA was a zed), with the NecroInquisition, courtesy of Numenorian. After enjoying weeks of resplendid relaxation, MRSA was struck by a new threat, the RRF's Excursion III. After hidingin the most obvious of places, thier HQ, the MRSAnaries were invariably ambushed by zeds. Even with the reinforcements from NI they were overrun by the horde of baby killing, neo-nazi, kilt hating, man-loving, zombies.Unfortunitely, Boyle was out attempting, once again, to creating a fruitcake person, denying any divine intervention to defend MRSA. He did however come to see the last members fall under zombie hands. He promtply bound thier souls to thier bodies to defend their ruined HQ until their inevitable rebirth. Eventually things returned to normal and thir warehouse was rebuilt to previous specifications and then serving hot MRSA brand justice to all in Stanbury. Shortly after they were hit again while off helping exterminate pkers from Dulston and reviving members of the loyal NecroInquisition. This tragedy was too much for Girig to take and he hid for days on end moping over the loss of security in MRSA. His emo like depression was soon broken when Boyle appeared to him again ready to kick is ass back into shape to contue furthering MRSA in Malton. With all of the MRSA members announced Missing In Action, Numenorian has taken over command.


Considering the general Humor involved with MRSA, there is going to be a new page dedicated to MRSA wit.


Fire Team List

MRSA fire teams shall defend their three by three squares near their stations and perform any duties they are tasked with to the best of their abilities.

Any living or dead scattered remnants of MRSA should report to The MRSA Warehouse in Stanbury.

Lost but not forgotten:

 - BobTheViking
 - Cliff Lee Burton
 - Loser8800
 - Dr. Tom Sand(awol
 - Girig (cap'n)
 - Glorotian MRSAnary
 - Salmon Man Can
 - Czar Craven
 - Freeman01
 - Aceyroch
 - Tovarishch Vyatskoye
 - Metallica86
 - Prince Charming
 - Avow Tofa(awol)
 - Mattality
 - No Leaf Clover
 - Rev hale
 - HackenSlash69 
 - Killdozer123
 - Pollywogy
 - Lady Craven


Special Medals

These are earned and given through the current president or leader. The are for special actions or being present at special events.

-1337 Medic: Is a 1337 medic good for them! <(^_^<)...(>^_^)>... <(^_^)>

-RRF HATR: Kills at least 20 RRF zombies or humans

-Watchman: Has consitently been at post or has done some extreme service to their fireteam in defence.

  *Current Holders: 
   *Numenorian       -  Saving Whiskey from RRF raid
   *NecroInquisition -  Assiting MRSA during Excursion III

-Hero: Has killed 100 zeds in entire time in MRSA

-Martyr: Died defending an outpost to allow others to escape

  *Current Holders: Czar Craven

-Vandal: Has literally blanketed an area (to be decided on size) with MRSA slogans.

  *Current Holders: Czar Craven

-Excursion Survivor: Survived and fought in, the bid for MRSA to survive the Excursion 3.

  *Current Holders: BobTheViking

-Highest level:

  *Cliff Lee Burton- lvl 40    

-All Human skills:

  *Cliff Lee Burton- lvl 40
  *Numenorian-lvl 34
  *No Leaf Clover- lvl 30
  *BobtheViking-lvl 29
  *loser8800-lvl 28


27.58 mhtz for Radio Free MRSA! Offical DJ: Salmon Man Can

All MRSA, all day, everyday!

(old broadcasts can be viewed on MRSAWit)

Sacred Ground

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Boyle the Bear, Mascot of MRSA.

Membership 1
Goals To spread MRSA and protect survivors/revive zombies in our group.
Leadership Numenorian
Recruitment Policy Team players, with arms and legs(can be pegs).
Contact Numenorian
Current Location MRSA warehouse, Standbury Village.

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