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Malton Safe Zone Security

Greetings to all who call Malton home. Have you made a thought to aid new and ongoing survivors? Well, if you have, and have made a thought to help out with us, we thank you very much! Join Malton Safe Zone Security today, and let's make sure people get a hold of the game and enjoy it, or even just have a place to take shelter at night.

M.S.Z.S. has a few positions you can take...
You can be a regular Deputy or Officer in the fighting force, Deputy does outside jobs, Officer does things usually in or near the safe house.
You could be a Medic, or Surgeon, or even a Teacher/Tutor to help aid and teach new survivors.
You could be a Scout, which does several things, they aren't really limited to what they do!
Have thoughts or suggestions? Don't be afraid to ask!

Ready to join?  Sign up now! 



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