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Welcome to the Malton School Board Webportal. Here at the Malton School Board we strive for excellence in education in our 100 School Districts.

School Board News

7/10/2005 Update: Prior to the outbreak the Malton School Board consisted of a number of school districts. Schools can be used as safehouses and will be left unlocked.

Some of these are:

  • Dunell Hills School District
  • Yagoton School District

News Story: Quarantine Declared at City Meeting at Anderson Row School in Dunell Hills.

Note: This is my final update as webmaster of the school boards website, Malton is being placed under quarantine and I am leaving for good. My advice to anyone reading this page is to escape the city as quickly as you can. The Dead Walk!!

7/5/2005 - Deceased Infected Rise... Shelters are now closed... Website will not update until further notice.

7/4/2005 - Emergency Disaster Shelter Plan A is Active. See Link above.

7/3/2005 - School Facilities Closed to due to outbreak... Unknown Illness Spreads to Teaching Staff at Barrvile High.

7/2/2005 - Infected Summer School Student goes on Rampage and is killed by Malton Police at Barrvile High.

7/1/2005 - Unidentified Illness Sweeping School Population, Students that show symptoms should be sent to a hospital... More Information Here... Malton Red Cross

6/30/2005 - Upcoming School Education Seminar at Caiger Auditorium. For Information Here

6/28/2005 - PTA Meeting Tonight at 7:00 PM Concerning Next Semester.

Advice to Survivors

Due to the recent outbreak of zombies the school board is currently on hiatus. To remedy this the school board would ask survivors of the outbreak to remain calm. Seek shelter in safehouses and scavange for resources inside. Avoid the zombies at all costs, unless you have a deathwish and wear a long coat while carrying a katana. See our learning resources for more information.

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