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Malton Science Group
MSG picture2.jpg
Abbreviation: MSG
Group Numbers: 40+
Leadership: Loosely joined, no formal leader. Founder: DropBear
Goals: Research on zombie-ism; Revivification; Cure the disease
Recruitment Policy: Open membership (Scientists, Doctors, and the relevantly skilled); Recruitment via this page (add your name to the

list of members

Contact: Place your question in the bottom of this page and someone will answer

Malton Science Group (MSG)

Scientists against undeath are uniting their efforts the better good of all Maltons.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group has a dedicated radio frequency

Frequency: 26.76 MHz
Transmitter status: inactive

Current information

Despite rumours of our demise, MSG is actively involved in the restoration of Malton, one revive at a time. Current efforts include evangelization in the devastated Northwest, Survivor resistance in the heart of Malton and other good deeds, all around.

Please join the MSG-group in Google by following this link to our Google group. Choose "Contact the owner".

MSG's goals

MSG is a loosely joined network of Scientists. MSG's goals are:

  • to save as many citizens as possible from zombie infections by means of Revivification
  • to promote scientific research on zombie infections by extracting infected DNA
  • to gain in-depth knowledge into the ways the disease spreads


Scientists of Malton, unite!

As the city is sinking deeper and deeper into chaos, zombies are roaming the streets, and paramilitary groups and gangs are taking over control, it is time to get organized. Members of the scientific community have to go back to their very core skills: We have to research the origin of the disease and find a way to fight back the virus.

"Killing" zombies is of no help in the long run. Zombie killer groups may have good intentions, but their impact is very limited at best. Only science and medicine can provide a true, sustainable solution to this crisis. Tag that zombie, and then revivify him!

Scientists of Malton, stand firm against the virus! The world needs you now, more than ever before. If we lose Malton to the virus, the disease will spread all over the planet. As a wise, green-eared man once said: "With great power comes great responsibility." MSG will do all we can to prove worthy of this responsibility.

The city is full of NecroTech Lab Employees, and we need to unite. This is the only way to cure this disease. Revive, revive and gather information!

Scientists of Malton, don't let our beloved city go down...


MSG consists of both current and former NecroTech employees as well as doctors. Membership is open to scientists and those who are interested and skilled in the relevant fields.

Steps to Membership:

  • Add your name to the member list below
  • Write "Malton Science Group" in the group box of your profile
  • Post an introduction in the MSG recruitment list
  • Join the MSG Google Group by following the link and choosing "contact the owner"
  • Add the template below to your user page.

If you have any trouble please contact us via the MSG recruitment list

What do we do?

MSG members work out in the streets, curing and revivifying infected citizens wherever they go. MSG is also establishing a network of Revivification Points (RevPoints). As MSG is a non-military organization and has no formal backup by military units (yet), RevPoints will pop up briefly, then move on quickly to wherever help is needed. As many MSG members are trained in first aid, chances are they are able to give you proper medical treatment even if you're not infected. (If there is sufficient supply of first aid kits, that is. If you want to provide safe access to NecroTech buildings or hospitals, your help is appreciated.)

As one of MSG's main goals is zombie-infection research, members have been seen taking great risks to get samples of zombie DNA. Some MSG members even do in-depth research by having themselves temporarily infected to study the effect of zombie-ism first hand. (Under professional supervision, of course. Don't try this at home.)

Note: These temporary infections provide very useful insights into effects of the infection. However, while being infected, membership will be put on hold until revivified: Even strong-willed scientists tend to eat their colleagues' brains while infected. The practice of self-infection is therefore highly disputed and carried out on your own risk.

List of Members

  • Alexander Dawkins wears a white T-shirt with 'SCIENCE!' written across it. Chews a toothpick thoughtfully. If he ever seems vacant, it's because he's working on a problem of quantum physics in his head. Don't disturb him.
  • Attacker99 A clean cut Scientist. He has wavy brown hair and seems to be in a hurry. Clutching his DNA Extractor, engrossed in what it says about the most recent wave of zombies.
  • Awesome Robot A nerdy looking 20 something wearing a torn Awesome Robot t-shirt.
  • bismark73 Before this contamination I was a new employee at Necrotech but then I was dragged into this mess and now i have to help save the city from this contamination.
  • Brian McBrainfood He took the job at the Malton division of NecroTech because he thought it would be exciting. He has now decided that he hates excitement.
  • Caelestis A female NecroTech employee in her early 20s constantly tagging and reviving the undead. Currently located in West Becktown.
  • Cayenne A thirtyish woman with a mane of red hair, a NecroTech ID badge, and a wicked grin. Previously a firefighter, she's decided the zombie plague is a much greater danger and is working in Edgecombe.
  • Cisewski A 29 year old with a tattered white lab coat, Logan Cisewski was a level 4 Necrotech employee at the epicenter of the Malton infection, now he roams the streets as a hunter of the undead and a revivication specialist.
  • Debrah Jones A small, young, wispy looking woman with brown skin. By appearance alone one would think she'd fallen into despair because of all the surrounding chaos. But surprisingly she has a strong will to survive, second only to her will to help others.
  • Derek Zhivago Wise but romantic scientist. Adores his work; sometimes writes poems sitting near the extremely heavily barricaded building under the pale-red lights of sunset.
  • Doctor Revivo He seems a little out of it, but theres a fierce intelligence in his eyes and a profound desire to understand and eliminate the horrible disease that has taken over Malton. Having lost his family to the virus, he constantly works himself to the bone in the attempts to find a permenant cure.
  • Doomuch Is an insecure new doctor that thinks helping will get people to love him. Has been dead several times now, but it doesn't stick. The revivification clinic in Yagoton is like a second home to him.
  • Dr Boglin A fiery redhead. Extremely stubborn. Best not tell her what to do...
  • Dr. Landax A guilty look weighs in Landax's eyes. He grips onto a suitcase as iff his life depends on it, although to people's faces he appears socialble and with a hint of charm he very quickly falls into paranioa and depression when eyes are turned. Nonetheless, a reclusive yet good man.
  • Dr Williams With darkened eyes and dirty clothes with dried blood on it to match, this scientist still gives off a slight aura of determination, still looking to help out as many survivors as possible. Although now he traded in his doctors garb for a thicker, more durable outdoor clothes, he has his laminated NecroTech ID stapled to his shirt, allowing others to easily identify him in a crowd of survivors. A prominent bite mark on the side of his neck is healing.
  • DropBear As a connoisseur of ActionScience (a formal organization is yet to be founded), he loves tagging hordes of zombies just for fun, wearing nothing but a pair of boardies and flip-flops. (At the moment, though, he's a bit out of touch - let's just say he's in an area with, uhm, not enough generators. So please apologize any delayed replies, or even better: Get in touch with good ol' Joe Parsec)
  • Geayzus Perhaps he's lost it, a bit... he seems somewhat loopy (he experimented with the possibility of messiahhood, but figured it would take too much work), but the first aid kits he pulls out of various pockets usually stifle any questions. His trusty DNA Extractor has seen a lot of use, and it promises to see much more.
  • Gotha Just some guy, y'know?
  • HealSaotome A fresh graduated recruited into NecroTech, he was airdropped into Malton recently to assist in the zombie infestation. Unfortunately due to his lack of experience and contacts, he has suffered the disease many times, but none of them ultimately proving fatal. His pockets and pouches contains many trinkets, gadgets and a number of revification syringes that has assisted him in many of his paramedic operations.
  • Indgo A 16 year old boy who is obsessed with zombies and everything about them.
  • James Kenton Confused student, attempts to come to terms with reality. Sticks with groups of freinds. Looking for the question.
  • Joe Parsec Formerly part of a NecroTech daredevil field unit, Dr. Parsec is one of the most experienced and insightful members of the MSG. When he's not bringing people back from the dead or tracking horde movements, he puts his NecroTech combat training to use as a local vigilante, defending other survivors from the undead menace.
  • Kauffmann Michael Kauffmann is, judging from his looks, of southern European descent. He wears a stained doctor�s coat and carries a medical bag and a stethoscope around his neck. Underneath is black suit, somewhat dirty. After being a zombie for a couple of days before getting revivified by Max VanDamage he knows his purpose in this world is to cure the zombie disease.
  • Kesku A middle-aged male who alwayswears his white, slightly blood stained, lab coat with multiple syringes clipped to the outer pocket. Beneath which was a blood-flecked grey T-shirt and a pair of baggy black trousers accompanied by a pair of old black boots.
  • Lianlin A calm-looking woman wearing a stained lab-coat. Her straight blonde hair is tied back out of her face.
  • Lyra Stockton A restless college grad student who was trying to get a grant to study Chinese hopping corpses before the outbreak. Now, she's trying to get extra syringes and is studying American zombies instead.
  • Max VanDamage They called him mad at the Academy! Mad? He'll show them! He'll show them all! Mwahahahaha! *thunderclap* Max dropped out of Miskatonic U after being informed by his adviser that Re-Animation Science was not a suitable topic for a doctoral thesis. Distraught but not defeated, he applied for an internship at NecroTech and went to work. He's a bit off, but his obsessive work ethic makes up for his eccentricities.
  • Meenen The slightly mad Dr. Rebecca Meenen, subject of many rumors, urban legends, and nightmares around NecroTech. Wears a heavy scarf and goggles over most of her face, and carries a bag full of immaculately cared-for medical equipment that resembles B-movie props. You should pray you never meet her in a powered hospital.
  • Natick A lean, bearded scientist in his thirties, wearing a blood-spattered lab coat and a pair of filthy black boots. Working actively with the Yagoton Revivification Clinic and maintaining his sanity by keeping a regular journal.
  • Necrotech Gerien He's a non-violent man by nature, so he uses his syringes on zombies rather than guns, but he does tend to use them with an awful lot of force.
  • nunoRuf Experimentalist by nature always looking for new things to get my apharatus into. Currently turned to zombie and waiting inside Club Swabey in Heytown willing to be revived asap.
  • Pheonixy I was in the Military and I seen how they treated these, these, these... Zombies. I would like to help these poor people and rid the disease. P.S. My original person that I made long time ago is: Pheonix Blood, he is in Kempsterbank, outside of Byewell Bank. Please help him asap, So I can help. [With both if that is not against the rules]
  • PussinBoots8501 A younger man with a PHD in Meteorology and a Bachelors in Theoretical Astrophysics. He is now allied with the Malton Science Team to help save the city from Zombie infection. After all, when you are dead... Degrees mean nothing.
  • Raimi Romero An eccentric older man with a slightly morbid bent. He seems to enjoy heavy classical music, loud classic rock, silent movies, bad movies, and hardcore books on metaphysics. Currently working on a treatise connecting the walking dead to somnambulism.
  • Ray Chin A young Necrotech lab assistant now dedicated to studying and 'curing' the walking dead.
  • Raziel33 A young man that wants to help the survivors make it through these trying times.
  • Rokurokubi Looks like a scientist...lab coat has been embroidered with a large double helix symbol at the back...seems to be high from something. Where the hell did he get grass in Malton?
  • Skabooga Unkempt Necrotech scientist who lives to bring life to others. Nevertheless, he carries an axe with him just in case he runs out of syringes. Looks quite dashing with his curly brown hair and Middle-Eastern complexion. Well, at least he thinks so.
  • SkyWill A physics student doing an internship at NecroTech, he is a tall(6'5, ~200lbs) awkward man in his 20's, who is searching for his lost fiancee. He runs around with a DNA extractor in one hand and a sword previously bought from out of town in the other. His backpack is full of notes on the regenerative capabilities of the virus, and he sometimes can be found hanging out with other survivors in nightclubs, especially where power has been restored. He is currently on the northern edge of Malton in East Boundwood, but plans to continue his search farther south.
  • Theodore Conner A 5 foot, 9 inches tall man. His brown hair was once straight, now disheveled. His hazel eyes have a glint of hope. He wears jeans and a once white lab coat.
  • timboe A student at a NecroTech facility before the outbreak, now a nomad scientist in a ripped lab coat. With a syringe between hit teeth and an axe in hand for those too rotten, he roams the streets doing his bit.
  • Timothy Foolish Has been missing for many days and is presumed dead....or undead.
  • Trisha Clark A BioChem major working part-time at NecroTech, Trisha now spends her time trying to rescue as many from undeath as she can while helping other survivors. She wears her NecroTech labcoat over her blouse and jeans, and usually has a supply of first-aid kits and syringes.
  • Viand Frais Viand Frais has been a grunt in NecroTech since the attacks began. Highly intelligent and eager to learn, he hopes one day to rid Malton of the Zeds. Currently in and around Edgecombe with Dr. Skabooga.
  • Xamnam is a pyromaniac doctor who prefers hit and run scans and revivifications. He also enjoys reading to the sounds of zombie groans outside his comfortable NecroTech residence.
  • Rakos When I applied for a job at NecroTech, I wasn't sure what to expect. But being kidnapped, chloroformed, and airlifted to a town infested with zombies wasn't what I had in mind.
  • laxiola A student whose library studies are constantly interrupted by zombies.
  • Dr Acu1a A scientist who used to live in a castle past the border until he flew in and has been persistent with the human cause ever since
  • Jim SuldunA Young scientist who was raised in a wealthy family. He had taken science in a university he went to in Canada and then joined NecroTech and was dropped right into the middle of the outbreak.
  • Pf SandymanA middle-aged, American NT employee who was forced to join the relief/revival effort, and has found it in his heart to continue with his impossible mission, most likely due to the threat of zombification.
  • Dr. Quake Is a young and enthusiastic doctor, who hoped one day to find the cure to cancer. Sadly because of the zombie outbreak Quake hasn't been able to achieve his goal, and has now set his sights on solving the zombie problem.
  • Roy Tesla Scientist who's made it his life's work to tag as many zombies as he can, as well as trying to find a blasted Dr. Pepper in this apocalyptic hell-hole


MSG also stands for monosodium glutamate, but that's clearly beside the the point.

Member Template

For your use on the wiki, we have Template:MSG:

Msg 01.gif 'Malton Science Group'
This Member of Malton Science Group seeks to restore Malton through science.

Revive Points

Our current revive point at Oldidge Way, Edgecombe is ACTIVE. If you need a revive, shamble to Oldidge and either post your profile here or use the DEM revive request tool. Revivification technicians, please check both lists and remove answered requests. A second branch of MSG is establishing itself in Northwest Malton.

Revive Requests

29/10/08- on behalf of a mass of 19 zombies in oldbidge way, i hope that you can send a reviver ASAP. thanks in advance, your friendly neighborhood scientist --DoomsdayDevice666 08:53, 29 October 2008 (UTC)

08/16/06- On behalf of the Combat Revive Eligible Society and the Blesley Mall (Gulsonside) resistance, I ask that any extra MSG personnel in the area contact me at Stadling Way PD to volunteer. I need a force of revive/scientist specialists to revive my bretheren so we may retake our mall and suburb colonel al

07/23/06- Minor technical difficulties. You may want to go hit up another revpoint instead, for the time being. -- Meenen

06/24/06- I hereby declare Oldidge Way fully operational! Come, and let us poke you with needles until you're not dead anymore! -- Meenen

06/02/06- Oldidge Way is now re-opened as a MSG revivification point. There is limited service at the moment, so please be patient.

05/06/06- Due to major difficulties within Edgecombe, all MSG revivifications at Oldidge Way have been temporarily suspended.