Malton Street Patroll

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Malton Street Patroll
Abbreviation: MSP
Group Numbers: Number's constantly growing
Leadership: Joint leadership: Redd eyed jedi & Twakka
Goals: To help get rid of the undead in the city & to help those in need
Recruitment Policy: come visit us at our HQ or drop us a message on our frequency!
Contact: We'll call you

MSP chat

About the group

The Malton Street Patroll is a patrol group, always the first in helping rid the zombie infection we are here to help the people of malton in any way we can from putting the zeds down to repairing the bust up suburbs and reviving our fallen we have picked a side now its your turn stand and help us or wander alone but know this the MSP needs you !

Usually, Our only enemies are the undead, but in case of witnessing murder, the MSP's motto is "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". Despite the fact, that the MSP is a combat group, we are always working on improving the situation of the city, repairing buildings, setting up generators and fueling them, and also keeping the barricades at high levels.

As a team, we always stick together, our only aim is to help the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Due to the manageable size of our group as well as the high activity of our members, no one is left behind. Neither our own men nor our allies.

                     HQ, porter library [93,98], old HQ still used from time to time leave a msg
                     HQ, Windey_Towers,[93,78], Penny_Heights, used freqently 
                     HQ, Anderson_Towers,[91,84], Fryerbank, used frequently

Places we watch over.jpg

Group Memebers

Current Group members include

-Redd Eyed Jedi

-Cpl Chuck Norris


-Pvt Stanley

-Ready Remy

-Gangsta yoda




-Robin Flagg


-George Grass



-Joe littlefoot

-Mountain Dew Ninja

-Nil Vera



-Slash 1255

Out of this list, the head honchos are

-Redd eyed jedi


And the head generals are

-CplChuck Norris



-Pvt Stanley

-Gangsta yoda

-Robbin Flagg

special friends to the MSP



-Rick grimes 11


-Harry sinclair



-Marsha Parks

Looking to join us

Msp need u.jpg WE are currently at war my friends the zeds keep coming and we need YOU to help keep them away we need scouts, medics fully fledged scientists, combat personals people to man the barricades to keep them at EHB and VSB at all times, people to fuel the town and gather the generators thats right we cover all areas so stop sitting on the side lines and trying to do everything by yourself swing by fryerbank we are located in greenland boulevard PD or nearby or get on the radio 27.75

We Will Protect You From The Dead


as you are all aware of the MSP you know we work hard to keep you guys safe from the Walkers and not just us a lot of other groups to we are here for all of you to keep you safe in any way we can.


Our leaders, Redd and Twakka, are always searching for groups that have the same goal of fighting the zombie horde. Drop us a message and we'll add you to the list!

We are currently in alliance with The Roach Klips (Roachtown) the Malton fire department (penny heights) umbrella corporation (ruddlebank) and the DK13 (Fryerbank)

Join us on the air

We are broadcasting on 27.75 all the way from Miltown Penny_Heights fryerbank, feel free to leave us a message there and enjoy the hits of the 80s... okay, that was a lie - but you can transmit there anyway. 27:75 is now our own official and also registered frequency.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.75 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: Porter Library, Windey Towers, Anderson Towers

Current Group Status

-10th November 2012 The few of us that are left have banded together with the local survivors in Caiger Mall near the corner of Chudleyton [19, 28] in an effort to retake the area. There are around 25 zeds alone near our corner of the mall. Break-ins are frequent but are quickly put down and the doors rebarricaded. Hopefully we can outlast the horde and keep peace with the other groups stationed in the mall. -BlueStorm46

-13th August 2012 we are currently I'n peddlesden village inside The Bondfield building (3,28) we are going to regroup here stock up and start fixing dunell hills back up wait out side the fire depo for revives my friends Redd out......

-7th July 2012 we have gone back to fryerbank to regroup and clean up here twakka,blue and craig are here myself included we are inside anderson towers 91,84 we have got a working radio set to our frequency 27.75

-30 june 2012 we have currently scattered we are held inside a junkyard in penny heights 95.74 we have syringes and are waiting for a regroup

-09 may 2012 the MSP are back we are functioning from greenland PD and are going on a mass recruit within the next few weeks to prepare for the waves to come much to do in such little time reported by Redd eyed Jedi...

-09 September 2010 Current Status report by Chuck Norris... Overrun again - MSP members seperated during the destruction of the suburb, planning to rebuild our HQ.

-10 August 2010 After being seperated by the incoming zombie horde, the MSP members reestablished their Headquaters in Porter Library [93,98], Miltown. Currently, the MSP is supporting local survivors by maintaining the key ressource buildings in the suburb, including Callistus General Hospital, the Fliney Building(NT) and Wadham Square Police Department. Their tasks are to keep the barricades at an adequate level, to set up generators and to assure their fuel supply as well as to revive the undead at the revive points.

-31 May 2010 Now holding greenland boulevard (92,82) as there HQ, Leaving the message to any survivors to join the MSP. We are always recruiting and ready to help any other people of Malton that need our help...

-1st Jan 09 After long talks the MSP have now desided to move location from miltown and are now currently holding a mansion in Rochtown. Porter Library was the first major HQ of the MSP and are very sad to leave the place, But we have plans for Rochtown and the surrounding area to make safer and are currently calling to distress calls to help in any way we can...