Malton Taoist Temple

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Current Events: The rooftop meditation garden at Dandison Auto Repair is open occasionally; feel free to drop by anytime!
The group is not currently recruiting. Please check out our allies the Soldiers of Crossman and East Becktown Defenders.
Malton Taoist Temple
Abbreviation: MTT
Group Numbers: Few
Leadership: All are equal; contact Bob Moncrief
Goals: To follow the true way of the universe and of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Anyone, zombie, survivor, pker, or other may join. Simply put "Malton Taoist Temple" in the group field
Contact: Talk:Malton Taoist Temple

The Malton Taoist Temple is a group of survivors and zombies in Malton supporting all play styles.

For an explanation of group policies and activities, see below.

Malton Taoist Temple is a Taoist organization.

A New Faithway for Malton

Malton is unique in a number of respects. Not least among these is that any person can, at different points in time, be a survivor or a zombie, alive, dead, or undead. In light of this, the ideals of Taoism fit closely with the nature of life in Malton.

The city of Malton's unique nature allows for a new exploration of the balance between the forces of yin and yang in the city. Whereas typically individuals must strive to balance the duality of nature in their lives, in Malton, people can engage in both a yang lifestyle (as a survivor) or a yin one (as a zombie). This allows for a greater ability to explore oneself and all of the aspects of one's being.

In the context of Taoism, these facts can have a number of different interpretations. Each of the following ways of being is arguably an aspect of the one true Way, or Tao.

Survivor (Yang) Taoism

Many survivors in Malton who practice Taoism view their actions as an expression of the principle of de, meaning "integrity", "virtue" or "duty". It is necessary to protect one's own life and the lives and well-being of others, as that is the proper thing to do. Therefore, activities like healing survivors, reviving zombies, and powering buildings are among the most popular for Taoist survivors. Many Taoists use Eastern medical practices like herbal medicine, neidan, and acupuncture when healing others, rather than traditional Western tactics like surgery.

Some survivors choose to help a specific area or another group, while others opt for a nomadic lifestyle in order to promote a spirit of introspection.

Zombie (Yin) Taoism

The nature of a zombie can be seen as the ultimate expression of the principle of wu wei, or "action through inaction". Zombies follow their natural instincts, to ruin suburbs and consume brains, without regard for the consequences or intentions of their actions. This quality is extremely freeing, and so many practitioners of Taoism in Malton can choose a zombie lifestyle to best express their faith.

It can also be seen that zombies show an extreme dedication to introspection, focusing much of their energies on the seat of the mind (the bra!nz) rather than the excesses of the body (have you ever seen a zombie use shampoo, or attempt to stop its flesh from rotting off?)

Dual Nature Taoism

In understanding the implications of the human/zombie duality, some come to accept the dual nature lifestyle, engaging in zombie activities while a zombie and pro-survivor activities while a survivor. Only by participating fully in both qualities of life can they better come to understand all sides of their own nature, whether living or dead. Thus many members of the Malton Taoist Temple find themselves to be followers of the Dual Nature Policy.

Balancing Taoism

One alternative interpretation of the new access to both yin and yang lifestyles is that the two must be kept in balance as much as possible. To this effect, some choose to attempt to "balance" whatever side of the living/dead line they find themselves on by aiding the side they are not on. This means that, when in a yang state (alive), these players will attempt to promote yin by PKing (moving energy from living to dead), GKing (light to darkness), decading (order to disorder), etc. While in the yin state (dead/zombified), however, these players will instead aim to promote yang by life-culting or otherwise helping the living.

Qi in Malton

Qi, or life energy, is a major focus in Taoist thought. However, consideration of qi can have a number of implications, sometimes contrasting, on life in Malton. Take, for example, the issue of barricades.

Barricades are often seen as one of, if not the, primary methods of protection for the living. This role in protecting survivors from zombies can be seen as the de, or role, of barricades, and can be interpreted as promoting qi by preserving life. However, barricades are inherently blockading to the free flow of energy, thereby promoting energy sinks and negativity among Malton's residents. Thus, the principle of qi can be used to argue for both the survivors' and zombies' positions for and against barricade usage, respectively. One balanced interpretation, on the other hand, could be the use of barricades when necessary to protect survivors, while staunchly opposing overcading and Fiddler's Green Syndrome.

Other philosophical questions regarding qi in Malton include whether zombies possess life energy, or instead have a counterbalancing "death energy" or no energy at all; whether they possess the other Two Treasures of jing (essence) and shen (spirit); and how best to interpret the geographic principles of feng shui in Malton.

Feng Shui of Malton

A possible way to determine the "best feng shui location in Malton" is to look at the traditional four directions and their emblems:

  • East - represented by the dragon and the element wood - could indicate that a park is best to have in this direction.
  • South - represented by the red bird and the element fire - is most commonly filled by an open flat area. A street or monument is probably best, as cemeteries and wastelands are poisonous to qi.
  • West - represented by the white tiger and the element metal - generally requires support of a solid structure, which could be any kind of building (not a junkyard) or a border wall, but not an open space.
  • North - represented by the turtle and the element water - generally requires strong support. Again, a building is necessary.

Following these principles (park to east, street (or monument) to south, buildings (or border walls) to north and west) narrows the locations down to the following. Locations which are buildings are:

Open blocks include:

These locations are the destinations for the upcoming Feng Shui Tour 2013.

Group Policies

MTT endorses all Play Styles. It also views all styles as necessary to maintaining the balance of yin and yang in Malton. Therefore, a member can follow any play style in the game. However, many members choose to follow a Dual Nature style of play.

MTT endorses all faiths. It is not required to practice Taoism or any other faith to be a member. Whether you follow Barhah, Chaos, Christianity, Cthulhu, Kevan, the Octopope, Paganism, Phlogistera, Rando, the Unseen Ones, Yoda, or nothing at all, you are welcome. Members of the MTT also respect everyone regardless of religious faith or lack thereof.

MTT does not endorse or condone zerging or multi abuse. To that effect, players are strongly discouraged from having more than one alt as a member of MTT. If any player is found to be engaging in multi abuse under MTT's name, that player will be dealt with with the harshest available methods.

MTT is not hierarchic or especially organized in nature. Bob Moncrief has temporarily taken the role of group leader, in order to promote its principles and expand its recognition, but is no greater or lesser than any other being in the group, Malton or the universe.


The rooftop meditation garden maintained at Dandison Auto Repair by the MTT.

Members of the Malton Taoist Temple promote reflection on, engagement with and discussion of the metaphysical, philosophical and religious aspects and implications of life in Malton. To this extent, they engage in both reflective contemplation of the nature of life and death, as well as discussion of these topics with other players in-game and on the MTT talk page. They also attempt to engage others in thinking critically about such issues by tagging buildings and broadcasting messages, with short questions, statements, or koans designed to challenge assumptions about the nature of life and death in Malton.

The Malton Taoist Temple is currently active in the northwest of Malton, around Darvall Heights and Gatcombeton. We maintain a rooftop meditation garden, open to the public, at Dandison Auto Repair in Darvall Heights. However, any member can be located at any place in Malton at any time, just as the Tao is located everywhere at all times. The Temple is also a low-commitment group, and no specific activities are required for membership.

Malton Taoist Temple members are currently participating, on both sides, in the battle for Caiger & nearby southern Darvall Heights between humans (including the Soldiers of Crossman) and zombies (including the CLZA). Feel free to come join us, whatever state of life or unlife you're in!