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Malton Tour '07
Abbreviation: MT07
Group Numbers: Three... :O
Leadership: Ricold, Doctor Edible
Goals: To tour as many important places as we can in Malton, showing that no matter how much danger you throw at us, humans always survive!
Recruitment Policy: Add Malton Tour '07 to char profile, then join us at the locations on the dates given!

What? Is this a rip-off Mall Tour?

No! Sorry, but I expect to be asked that a lot, and I want to make it clear. This is NOT a mall tour. We are not zombies. We are humans. We are not out to kill anyone. We simply want to do a little tour of the city, and see what it has to offer us. At this point, we'd like to note that this isn't a human only tour! While we cannot speak for everyone, Ric and myself will not attack any Zeds that do not initiate combat while doing the Tour. Still, as we will be progressing at a rather punishing pace, I would advise any Zeds who want to come to make sure they have Lurching Gait...

We also plan to update many of the location's properties; we noticed while planning that a lot of them have the "Unknown" status, and are in need of a check up!

The Plan

Its a pretty simple plan; we start from Pole Mall, tomorrow (Monday 7th May), at ~7pm BST. We make our way around a list of attractions. Some are safe, some are very dangerous. All will be fun! To add to our personal fun, Ric and I plan to tour it mostly from the outside; we want to see Malton properly.

The attractions list will cover somewhere between most and all the Malls, As well as all the Cathedrals, Mansions, Stadiums, both Power Stations, both Forts and Malton Zoo. The route is not fixed, and will be subject to change depending on mood, boredom, or being attacked.

The List of Attractions

Get ready for a long list... the number in brackets after the coordinates is the number of moves it should take to get to that location, roughly.

Leg One:

  1. Pole Mall [52, 80] (0) (S)
  2. Clapton Stadium [51, 81] (1) (S)
  3. Krinks Power Station [36, 92] (15) (Z)
  4. St. Mark's Cathedral [27, 98] (9) (U)
  5. We will then head east until we find the first safe place to sleep.

Leg Two:

  1. Buckley Mall [49, 98] (5) (S)

Leg Three:

  1. Fort Perryn [84, 89] (35) (Z)
  2. Joachim Mall [90, 79] (10) (S)

Leg Four:

  1. Lumber Mall [99, 77] (9) (under attack)
  2. Blesley Mall [78, 73] (21) (Z)
  3. Mitchem Mall [85, 65] (8) (S)

Leg Five:

  1. Tolman Power Station [99, 57] (14) (rebuilding)
  2. St John's Cathedral [83, 61] (16) (S)

Leg Six

  1. Woodroffe Mall [62, 62] (21) (S)
  2. Kersley Mansion [57, 58] (5) (U)
  3. Nichols Mall [58, 52] (6) (under attack)
  4. Hildebrand Mall [66, 55] (8) (U)
  5. Tynte Mall [67, 44] (11) (S)

Leg Seven

  1. Fort Creedy [78, 47] (11) (Z)
  2. Giddings Mall [84, 41] (6) (S)

Leg Eight

  1. St Matthew's Cathedral [81, 26] (15) (U)
  2. Dowdney Mall [75, 28] (6) (under attack)

Leg Nine

  1. Curton Mansion [67, 4] (24) (U, possibly ransacked)
  2. Rodges Stadium [60, 6] (7) (rebuilding)

Leg Ten

  1. Southall Mansion [49, 8] (11) (Z)
  2. Bale Mall [43, 9] (6) (S)
  3. Calvert Mall [25, 9] (18) (S)

Leg Eleven

  1. Pitman Mansion [21, 0] (9) (Z)
  2. Calvert Mall [25, 9] (9) (S)
  3. Bale Mall [43, 9] (18) (S)

Leg Twelve

  1. St Luke's Cathedral [49, 23] (14) (S)
  2. Stickling Mall [52, 23] (3) (S)

Leg Thirteen

  1. City Zoo [41, 30] (8) (re-building)
  2. Alner Mansion [51, 36] (10) (U)
  3. Floyde Stadium [47, 43] (7) (Z)
  4. Ackland Mall [32, 44] (15) (S)

Leg Fourteen

  1. Caiger Mall [19, 27] (17) (rebuilding/attack)
  2. St Jude's Cathedral [12, 47] (20) (U)


  1. S = Location is currently declared "Safe"
  2. Z = Location is currently declared "In Zombie Hands"
  3. U = Location is currently declared "Unknown"; we will be updating these locations as we pass.

Ediblespread's Diary

Day One

Dear Diary,

Day One. Unfortunately, I was late, and Ric left without me. However, I recieved word that he had got to safety fine, so I reckoned I'd be okay. Leaving Pole, I scurried over to Clapton Stadium to have a gander. It was very nice, someone had put alot of work into decorating it (although their tastes were a little odd... a stuffed fish?). Feeling a bit more confident at this show of human supremency, I took a deep breath and left through the ground floor window. Outside, it was a different world. There were few Zombies about, but also few Humans, and soon after I was in a wilderness of wide open and ransacked buildings. Eventually I reached Krinks powerstation. Needless to say, I didn't hang around long; most of it was open to the world, and AP was tight. Moving along, I once more forged through Zombie territory, moving quickly so that I was above attacking. A short while later, and I was at St Mark's Cathedral. Well. They say its a place of harmony and all, but all I saw was a big white building, open to any Zombie who wished to ransack it. And ransack it they had. I had hoped to meet the Arch Bishop, but again time and AP didn't allow me to have a look around. So, after talking quickly to Ric, I got the location of our hiding place and headed off east. Well, I must say, even though it was the only part of the journey that I free-ran, it was also the scariest. Almost every building was ransacked, and there were Zombies aplenty. Still, I made it okay, and here I am. It's very homely, and should do for the night. Greets to acerz2, who doesnt seem to mind two randoms wandering in on his hiding spot!

Ediblespread 23:09, 7 May 2007 (BST)

Day Two

Dear Diary,

Day Two. It was just a quick jump over to Buckley Mall, but it was sad to leave our spot of safety in this wilderness. Upon arriving in Buckley Mall, we discovered a tag scrawled across a wall: "Malton Tour '07". Gobsmacked, we just looked at each other. After a quick bout of asking around, we discovered that there was already a member of our tour there! So, well done sjp1990! apart from that, the Mall was your average Mall; pits of debris and discarded looting lying all over the place. Not as nicely decorated as Pole Mall I'm afraid, but I do suppose they have a few more important things than decorating to be thinking about!

Ediblespread 08:36, 8 May 2007 (BST)

Day Three

Dear Diary,

Day Three. Having consumed a few many beers with the lads in the Shickel Arms, I woke up around lunchtime with a thumping headache. And no Ric. Instead, there was a small note, telling me that he had decided to go onwards, and check the next stop. A quick glance at my mobile revealed that indeed it was safe, and he was having the time of his life. So, it was up, say goodbye to the lads, have one quick goodbye beer (alright, two), and out the door! As with Ric, I didn't technically go into the Fort, as I enjoy my life without a few zombie bites, thank you very much. So, I took a quick peek at its huge walls, wondered how on earth it could ever have fallen into zombie hands, then moved on. Soon after, I arrived at the Mall, entering through a handy VS++ building next door. Now, we wait.

Ediblespread 13:53, 10 May 2007 (BST)

Day Four

Dear Diary,

Day Four. A nice short hop between some Malls. I didnt really pay much attention; getting rather depressed by the destruction and death. Still, must move on. Apparently we get a days break now. Fun.

19:09, 12 May 2007 (BST)

Day Five

Dear Diary,

Day Five. As predicted, I spent a nice day relaxing while Ric rushed about, trying his hardest to find a spray can so we can continue to vandalise our route. After two power generators and endless newspapers, he finally managed to get a can or two, and we got ready to leave.

Ediblespread 19:09, 12 May 2007 (BST)

Day Six

Dear Diary,

Sorry I forgot to write, but its been rather hectic. Who would have thought they'd make us take exams while the world falls apart around us?! I blame the Zombie Administration; it just hasn't been the same since those guys were put in charge of Education... Anyway, we finally got to leave the set of Malls, and headed out towards the power station. Well, Tolman Power Station was pretty much what we expected; a mess. It was barricaded to the max, but a small group of Zombies were hanging around outside. We didn't stay long. Moving on, we arrived at St Johns, only to find that we had been tricked, and it was definitely not a safe place to stay the night (lovely architecture though...) So, back we tracked to Mitchem to sleep.

Day Seven

Dear Diary,

Argh! Another Mall hike! At least we got to stop off at the mansion on the way, though there was nobody - make that nothing - around. I must say, I'm getting rather sick of Malls now. Really, apart from a few exceptions, they're all just the same. Damn our city's lack of creativity! Well, that's about all I'm going to write, as I'm far too angry, and Ric says if I don't cool down he'll leave me behind again.

He wouldn't really do that, would he?

Days Eight -> Ten

Dear Diary,

Well, it's been quiet around here; unfortunately we're still holed up in one of the flaming Malls, as we need to gather supplies before the next bit of hiking. Still, there can't be that many more Malls... Can there? Oh, got to go; Ric's looting has unearthed a cooker with some gas in it, but he needs my help to lift it out! Hot food tonight!

Day Eleven

Dear Diary,

And away we go again! Today, we visited Fort Creedy. Unfortunately, it was rather overrun, just like the first one (what do we pay the military for, anyway?) I nipped inside the gatehouse, where I met a brave fellow holding the fort. Alone. Well, although I wanted to stay there to reassure him for a while, the road was calling, and away I was again. I did wish him good luck first though. I do wonder how he turned out...

Day Twelve

Dear Diary,

Well, we were travelling along, heading along the route like we'd planned, when Ric suddenly took a sharp turn and headed off the wrong way! After a few moments of dithering, I ran after him. Turned out, he had changed his mind about the route! To include another Mall... great. Dowdney Mall was just like very other Mall we've visited so far, so not much to say (but watch out for your SW corner guys! :D) St Matthew's Cathedral was a nice change as cathedrals go; it was barricaded up well, but still kept its beautiful artwork, stained glass, and architecture. Seems like even the Zombies cannot destroy everything. And then it was all too soon time to move on, to Treweeke Mall, the surprise destination. Yay. But, in good news, we aren't actually staying there! Apparently since this area is relatively safe (for once...) we get to stay in a shop nearby. Ric's delighted of course; there's lots of stuff for him to tinker with, and to loot, and even I'm moderately happy. I tell you, if I ran this city the first thing I'd do is knock those Malls down. Who cares if the zombies get in?

Day Thirteen

Dear Diary,

We set off from the shop, and made good progress towards Curton Mansion. You know all those stupid haunted houses you would go to when you were young? Well, this was the real deal, and about a thousand times worse; completely abandoned, just the breeze whistling through and the occasional moan of a zombie carried on the wind. We left in quite a hurry. Rodges had unfortunately fallen to a zed horde, so we spent a sleepness night in a room nearby.

Days Fourteen-Sixteen

Dear Diary,

Eugh. Well, that was possibly the worst part of the trip: 5 malls, almost entirely one after the other (broken by a quick jaunt to Pitman Mansion and St Luke's Cathedral)... Needless to say, I'm not in the mood to talk. Grr.

Day Seventeen

Dear Diary,

The zoo!! Wow, certainly brought back memories. We were supposed to only visit quickly, but it was so awesome I spent alot more time than I meant to there, and night took me almost unaware; I just had time to scurry back to my hidehole. The exhibits were deserted of course, but I had fun wandering about, looking at all the zombies. Still, its nothing like the brochure; there's no humans to guide you, and some of the zombies were looking quite menacingly at me. I doubt if I'd stopped I would have been okay...

Day Eighteen

Dear Diary,

Well, back on the road! A quick trip round Alner Mansion (the last mansion we visit!), Floyde Stadium, and then back to a mall to rest. Alner was deserted, though not quite as scary as Curton; the sun blazing over the remains of the walls may have had something to do with that. Floyde was, as so many places special to humans seem to be, overrun by zombies. Do we have no shame, that we allow places as important as these to fall to the undead?

Day Nineteen

Dear Diary,

And off to Caiger we go! Pity it's not at all what people say it is... its just another dry, dreary mall... not even any Zombies about... After that was St Jude's, which is remarkably similar to the other cathedrals... if I didn't know better, I'd think our mayor cut some corners when he was designing the city!

Day Twenty

Dear Diary,

So close to the end now; simply two more malls to visit, and I'll be home... if you could even call it that after all this time. Well, me being me, I managed to get lost on the route, meaning I barely made it Marven alive! Ric buzzed me on the phone to tell me that he's already back home, having a good bit of R&R...

Day Twenty-One

Dear Diary,

And that, as they say, is that. Whoever they are. Well, here I am, back in Pole Mall (haven't yet had a chance to move to my normal spot), and already bored. After you've seen the sights we've seen, ordinary life is just so... ordinary. As Ric observed, most of the large buildings are just too obvious targets for Zombies wanting to demoralise survivors, so none have really survived. Forts are pointless; the minute a single zombie gets inside one, it has to be instantly abandoned, for good. Well, I'm tired, and that's all there is to say. Peace out, y'all.

Ediblespread 21:45, 4 June 2007 (BST)

Ricold's Diary

The First Leg

The first leg of our journey is from Pole Mall to Krinks Power Station, onto St Mark's Cathedral, and then onto somewhere to sleep.

Well, having lost Ediblespread, I headed out alone. Pole Mall is a good strong sight, as is Clapton Stadium. However it was zed country from there on. Krinks Power Station has been ransacked, as has St. Mark's Cathedral. Despite this, the splendour of both buildings was noticeable. The power station, despite being smashed up, is still a feat of design and architecture of the modern age. The Cathedral, also ransacked, was beautiful, and there were even a few stained glass panels just about visible through the muck. In an attempt to find somewhere safe to spend the night, I headed out east, to even greater numbers of zombies. I'm fully healthy, and in an EHB building but I may attempt to make a dash for Buckley Mall later this evening, as that was reported safe, because the other resident of this building is the first survivor I've seen since I left the Free Running network just beyond Clapton, and I'd rather find a stronger survivor base to night down with. In either case, I'll have to find somewhere, either Buckley Mall or beyond, to recharge to 50AP before I attempt the next leg. --Ricold 20:28, 7 May 2007 (BST)

'Pologies again, Ric. As I said, I had... well, it wasn't a good day. I am setting off now, making notes as I go. --Ediblespread 20:51, 7 May 2007 (BST)

We've decided to make our way to Buckley Mall tomorrow morning, then spend 24 hours recharging, to do the long run to Joachim --Ricold 23:09, 7 May 2007 (BST)

The Second Leg

The second leg of our journey is to Buckley Mall on the morning of Tues 8th. We will rest there all day, to prepare for the hard hike the next day.

So, many thanks to the residents of The Shickel Arms for keeping us overnight. We're now safe in Buckley Mall, although it appears we were not the first. One of the things I wasn't heavily advertising was my plan to tag each stop along the way. So as Ediblespread and I came into the mall, each assumed the other had just spray painted the graffiti. No, apparently there is someone else doing our own tour faster then we are. Good luck to them, we hope to keep up. --Ricold 08:51, 8 May 2007 (BST)

The Third Leg

The third leg of our journey is a long cross city hike to Perryn Fort, which will only be a brief visit, as we both care to stay alive, and the fort is reported in zed hands. We'll then head slightly further north to the listed safety of Joachim Mall

ES was a bit shorter on AP then I, having been up drinking with the boys at the pub, so I left first, checking the safety of the route. The area around Buckley was safe enough, I then travelled through zed country, a fight (lit buildings and zeds), and finally into zed country around the fort. I didn't technically get into Fort Perryn, as I savoured my life. The zed hordes, and the tightness on AP discouraged me from actually entering, I simply passed by the outside, and forgot to graffiti, oh well. It took me 47 AP to make the trip, so I've conked out in the SW corner of Joachim Mall (entry point is W of the NW corner of the Mall for the record). Depending on how ES's AP and time balances out, it might be possible to head back and tag the Fort, or I might leave it at that and move on. --Ricold 23:19, 8 May 2007 (BST)

There, just made it. 5AP left (spent 3AP working out which corner you were in because I didnt check the wiki!) Like Ric, it was a perilous journey, so my diary post wont be up later, due to an exam looming and extreme tiredness. --Ediblespread 07:28, 9 May 2007 (BST)

The Forth Leg

The forth leg of the tour is another 50AP trip (allowing 10 leniency this time) doing just Malls. Starting at Joachim, we'll head east to Lumber, west to Blesley, and then north east to Mitchem, which is the next registered safe stop.

So we did a mall hop. Lumber Mall is worth seeing simply because (Like Pole) it is a unique shape. However they were somewhat besieged. At least Lumber was in better shape then Blesley Mall, which was a zombie ridden mess. Avoiding being bitten, I hoped in and out, and up to Mitchem Mall, which is nice and safe, although my spray can decided to run out on me, so I'll go seeking another. --Ricold

The Fifth Leg

The fifth leg of the tour is a round trip to Tolman Power Station, then back to St John's Cathedral, both of which are listed as safe

Intermediary update - OK, so we spent a little longer then planned at Mitchem, as I spent a good 65 AP searching for spray cans. However I now have two. --Ricold

Tolman Power Station is somewhat surrounded by zeds, and looks to be under siege. Otherwise it's a very nondescript place. It turns out both spray cans were duds, as I got one use out each. Next time I'll find better quality ones. In the mean time, we need to concentrate on travelling, although I might do so via the free running network and try stopping off at the auto repair stop on the way to St Johns ... St John's Cathedral wasn't as safe as the wiki had us believe, so we both jumped back to Mitchem Mall to recharge. The auto repair shop had been ransacked, so I passed by without stopping. --Ricold 19:29, 12 May 2007 (BST)

The Sixth Leg

The sixth leg of our journey should be a leisurely stroll through the Survivor Security Zone up to and finishing at Tynte Mall. We're not expecting much zed activity here.

Mid way update - I'm at Nichols Mall now, enjoying their hospitality, and hoping to avoid the interests of the PKer in there. Woodroffe Mall was well held, as it was last time I went there, as is Nichols. Kersley Mansion is a ghost house. The bit I went through was EHB, but with 3 survivors in total in there, I wouldn't call it held either.

Delayed update - We've both actually been at Tynte Mall for a couple of days now, both been a bit busy with reality. --Ricold 13:22, 17 May 2007 (BST)

The Seventh Leg

The seventh leg is another run past the vicinity of a fort (Creedy), and then up to a safe mall (Giddlings)

So, in a fit of enthusiasm, I tagged the fort, from the armoury, from the inside. The Fort was swarming with zeds, so I made a hasty retreat, up to the nice safe mall --Ricold 13:22, 17 May 2007 (BST)

The Eighth Leg

So, on the spur of the moment, I changed the plans. Instead of going St Matthew's, Dowdney, Curton, I went Dowdney, St Matthew's, Treweeke Mall. Dowdney is non spectacular, as are all malls after this time. St Matthew's Cathedral was nice, tall stained glass, and well barricaded. Treweeke Mall feels really rather safe, as it's in a safe area. So safe, that it's the first Mall I've actually opted not to recharge in. --Ricold 17:33, 18 May 2007 (BST)

The Ninth Leg

Next I'll return to the published route, heading to Curton Mansion and Rodges Stadium, where I hope to catch up with anyone else on the tour.

Well Curton Mansion is a large revive point, with signs telling people not to sleep or 'cade. Knowing I was tight on AP, I passed by. Rodges stadium is barricaded, but with only a single zombie inside, didn't look safe. I get the feeling there'd been a recent event and/or fight there, and everyone, alive and undead, had abandoned it. With neither building looking appealing, I found a local VSB to camp out the night in. --Ricold 17:48, 19 May 2007 (BST)

The Tenth and Eleventh Legs

Our route takes us along the northern edge of the quarantine next, to Southall Mansion, Bale Mall and Calvert Mall

Somewhere along this route I appear to have lost my "leg" structure, and I did Southall Mansion, then Bale Mall, then stopped, then Pitman mansion, then Calvert Mall, then ran out of AP. The Malls are good and safe, and Pitman mansion is rebuilding by the looks of it. --Ricold 19:34, 22 May 2007 (BST)

Now back just outside Bale Mall waiting for Edible to catch up --Ricold 09:31, 24 May 2007 (BST)

The Thirteenth Leg

The zoo, Alner Mansion, Floyde Stadium and Ackland mall make up this set of hops.

Well the Zoo was lovely to go and see. It's a fantastic place, really it is. I didn't see a single human though, which was slightly disconcerting. Alner mansion and Floyde Stadium were both barricaded but empty of the living, 2 zeds total in each. Ackland Mall, like most of the malls on the trip, has been a buzz of activity, of the living variety. --Ricold

The Fourteenth Leg

The final leg of the tour, and the penultimate one of my trip, takes us through Caiger Mall and St Judes Cathedral.

Caiger Mall wasn't half as interesting as I was led to believe. It's a mall, just like all the rest around the city. It wasn't even under attack. St Judes was another cathedral. I've come to the conclusion they're not terribly interesting places at the best of times. --Ricold 12:00, 1 June 2007 (BST)

Home again

The trip home will be via the two remaining malls on the map, Marven and Tompson, then back to Pole Mall to reflect.

Marven Mall was quite friendly, as was Tompson for the brief trip through I took. Returning to Pole Mall was a little strange, as it seemed so foreign now. Although I should thank everyone on 27.55Mhz who have allowed me to keep up to date with events in the Kempsterbank area. Having done my large exploration project as a living, I have come to a couple of conclusions: Most of the Malls are friendly places where survivors are welcomed. None of the other large buildings are quite so worth protecting, so they don't get the people, and they tend to be deserted. The forts are undefendable because you can't dump bodies.

Thank you all for reading, and good night --Ricold 12:00, 1 June 2007 (BST)