Malton Western Bloc

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Malton Western Bloc
Abbreviation: MWB
Group Numbers: 7 and a fuel-bot but the more the merrier
Leadership: Josh Housie
Goals: Unite the survivors in Grigg Heights and nearby suburbs and secure the area.
Recruitment Policy: Ask in-game or in our Discord. We accept new players into the group
Contact: Talk to us in-game or visit our Discord

What is this group?

The Malton Western Bloc is a pro-survivor which was founded by Josh Housie and LSD50 in an attempt to resettle Grigg Heights and Owsleybank, and resettle the scattered survivors in the area to a single organization. We are currently aiming to unite the South West.

Our goals

Our aspirations are, obviously, to secure the Southern border of the Wild West in Malton, but more important is to help other survivors and new players get into the game and establish a fun, beginner group looking towards the return from exile. We may have left Grigg Heights, but it has never left us and we will conquer it one day...

History (not that there's so much of it for now)

The MWB stayed in Grigg Heights and Owsleybank for roughly a month, in low profile, scurrying from a ruin to ruin while escaping the hordes of zombies. In an area with mostly ruins, it was difficult for the small group which included even wandering fresh meat to survive the brutal assaults, while desperately needing vital supplies. After repeated attacks and constant Rat Tactics, the group decided to move South to Wykewood in October 2018 for a break from The Dead and ZombieFark in order to train their members and recruit new ones. In the meanwhile, the new leadership started to communicate with other groups for friendships and possible cooperation, such as the DEM, East Becktown Defenders and Knights Templar.

What are we doing right now

As of today, the MWB is sitting in Wykewood, securing the area and aiding any survivors or group in need.

Current Operations

The groups is leading a bootcamp of whack n' fak to help new players train quickly and safely in a secret location for both group members and strangers. We also share our knowledge of the apocalypse with those in need and hand revives in the nearby RPs.

If you want to join

If you're interested in our group, join the discord group and a group member will contact you. You have to be a pro-survivor with no zerging or abusing past and living in our area or nearby suburbs.

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