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March Into the Sea Wiki

WHO WE ARE We are seafarers, trapped in the quarantine zone. The Priests and Missionaries of MITS spend their lives in service to our Patron, the Chilean Blob of 2003. That said, there are a great many creatures who lurk beneath the waves we must also give offerings to. At various times, we will set up temples throughout Malton to sacrifice unto the likes of The Kraken, The Sirens, The Newfoundland and St. Augustine Blobs, The Leviathan and of course, Mustakrakish.

WHY DO WE DO THIS?? MITS, believe it or not, is all that stands between Malton and the End of Days. Some of you may have mistakenly believed that the zombie apocalypse was the real threat here. You would be wrong. For it is the deep blue sea that poses the greatest threat. For reasons only known to the Blob and those insidious deities of the deep, they have their sights set on Malton to begin the end times. Only through tireless sacrifice and devotion to whims and needs of the Sea can the Priests and Missionaries of MITS keep these monsters back. And so we march on in endless piety and servitude to save all of Malton's citizenry. It's a thankless duty but someone has to do it.

RECRUITMENT: If a life of servitude to the Holy Blob sounds like the life for you, please visit our wiki and forum for more information about MITS today!

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