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Maris Viridis

This group is currently inactive, but plans to comeback in late August 2007

Maris Viridis
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Abbrev: MV
Leader: SgtBop
Members: Four?
Goals: Bring Disorder Back to the Apocalypse
Maris Viridis has killed 79 people.
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5 August 2007 -- Current


Ah, that's better.

About time we got this train a-rollin' again. Sgtbop is out for a while. This is L337master, the 'Chisel', with some new MV news: we're pregnant! Ha-hah, nooo, just kidding. Nope, actually we're not Maris Viridis anymore. Yes, due to a recent thought (yes, folks, an actual thought) on the part of our leader, we've gone from 'Green Sea' to 'Green Sky'---Divum Viridis. Appropriate template changes and site-rebootings to follow. Official back-in-action date STILL TBA.

Thank you all for your attention. That is all.

UPDATE: Actually, L337master, I'm not really ever "out", just not here. Divum Viridis actually has its own, much prettier, page. It can be found at Divum Viridis.

16 July 2007

After a recent surge of non-happenings, Maris Viridis is taking a vacation. Not disbanding, but the group is ceasing major activities for a few months to focus on other things. SgtBop plans on staying around, keeping up to date with what's going on, but the other members are really left to their own devices. Expect to see them back in action around late August to early September, until then, have fun surviving.

Note: The recent surge of non-happenings may have something to do with only 1 member even bothering sending a response to Maris Viridis Roll Call...

9 July 2007

It seems that Maris Viridis has what is called "Suburb Fever". This dangerous diseased is caused when the subject gets bored being contained in the same suburb for extended periods of time. Symptoms include boredom and random acts of violence. However, this disease is easily conquered by engaging in activities away from the suburb.

Thus, all members are ordered to participate in "Operation Greedy". This will take them out of Dulston and its surrounding area for a time, and then they will return.


In other news, SgtBop requested a roll call from all members. To do so, just email SgtBop @, with the subject ROLL CALL, by server reset July 14th, 2007. This will enable an actually accurate count of members in the group.

4 July 2007

SgtBop made another announcement:
"Maris Viridis is back at war with Metal Fox and their friends. It seems that a certain evildemon wanted this for a while..."

And that's all he said.

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