Mayo Row Police Department

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Mayo Row Police Department
Currently EHB
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Mayo Row Police Department

Roftwood [62,56]

the Amis Building Cake Walk a factory
the Sage Building Mayo Row Police Department wasteland
Dunlap Way the Dafforn Building Gillman Lane

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.
Malton Police Department

General Information

The Mayo Row Police Department [62, 56] is a police department found in the southwestern quadrant of the suburb of Roftwood.

The building is considered to be the south western defence bastion of Roftwood as it is a great place for survivors to stock up on ammo because it is maintained by survivors called SWRB (South Western Roftwood Bastion) volunteers who refill the genny that is there and keep the building well maintained.


Nothing significant (edit this page to add historical information).


This building should be kept accessible so players will be able to easily enter and loot it for supplies, therefore this building shouldn't be barricaded more then Very Strongly (VSB) unless it's under assault.

Controlling Faction(s)

Roftwood Coordination Center and its affiliates.

Radio transmitter

The transmitter in this building is set to broadcast on the Malton Central (26:03MHz) frequency.

Additional Information

Searchable Items

Firearms, Ammunition (Pistol clips & Shotgun shells), Flak jackets and Flare guns can be found when searching this building, along with the occasional jar of Mayonnaise. Ingesting said condiment at this time is not recommended.