McInerney Avenue School

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McInerney Avenue School
VHB, unlit
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McInerney Avenue School

Gulsonside [72, 71]

Chown Bank Dike Lane the Podger Building
Cundham Drive McInerney Avenue School Hutchin Boulevard Railway Station
St. Lazarus's Church Minall Square the Conybear Building

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally


An imposing edifice: depending on the weather and one's mood it can appear like of a place of inspiration or a place of incarceration.


McInerney with a class of happy young scholars.

Founded in 1906, the school takes its name from its first and only headmaster, 'Masher' McInerney. A Boer War veteran, 'Masher' ran the school from its opening until it was closed in 1945 for the simple reason that he had sent all of its pupils to their deaths during the Second World War, including the girls.

Known for his strict honour code and ruthless determination to enforce uniform policy, to the point of sending children to make their own garments at the school's in-house mill if they wore an incorrect item, McInerney was much-loved by former students, as comments in the visitors' book testify:

"Aye, he was a bastidge all right, but he was our bastidge." - Tom McNish (KIA, 1941)
"I hated his guts. But he taught me to know no fear." - Elspeth Hough (tortured to death by Gestapo agents, 1944)
"If I see him in hell, it'll be too good for him - and too soon for me." - Alex Kendricks (MIA, presumed eaten by sharks after the torpedoing of HMS Hopeless in the Mediterranean, 1942)

The school's rugby team (the 'Black and Blues') was known and feared across Malton for its tactical innovations, including the 'McInerney Maul', the 'Gulson Goolie-Twister', and the 'Kick In The Bawsack When the Ref Isn't Looking'.

Notable alumni include Bertie Batterson, finder of the Gulson Jewel.

Barricade Policy

Current Status