Men's Auxiliary Nursing & Necrotech Yeomanry

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Men's Auxiliary Nursing & Necrotech Yeomanry
Abbreviation: MANNY
Group Numbers: undisclosed
Leadership: Raharu, Antonio Bolero
Goals: Provide professional yet sexy assistance to FANNY and survivors in need
Recruitment Policy: apply here
Contact: our forum

MANNY: Proudly serving FANNY since 2006!

For all those males who find the prospect of serving under a bunch of (sexy) nurses to be an appealing prospect, now is your chance to finally join! The new branch of the FANNY service, dubbed MANNY, provides much-needed gender equality to Malton's most popular nursing group. A MANNY's duties in the service of FANNY are varied, but for the most part encompass the following tasks:

  • Clearing zombies from vital resource points needed by FANNY nurses (primarily NecroTech buildings and hospitals).
  • Barricading, powering, and maintaining said resource points for the local FANNY crew working the area.
  • Keeping the morale of the FANNY nurses high.


If you would like to serve and protect, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Recruits must be, if not actually male, then at least masculine; this must be reflected in your profile.
  • Primarily survivor skills
  • Non-PKers only and no paedophiles or harassers - you must be a gentleman first and foremost.

In addition, acquisition of the following skills should be prioritised:

A chiselled physique and bartending skills are also desirable. Interested? Apply here today!

Come on, boys, you know you want to join....

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