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Abbreviation: Merc's
Group Numbers: Confidential
Leadership: Split Leadership
Goals: To kill off the unworthy
Recruitment Policy: Read the wiki.
Contact: Email Address


Little information is available about the Mercenaries. Funding comes from inside, they accomplish missions on order and are aggressive towards their victims. All of them are extremely professional, possessing great combat experience.

Mercenaries sometimes come off as layed back with no real organization to the group. It seems that they just go around killing survivors.

The Mercenaries are a Pking group based in the South Blythville area. They perform killings on residents in and around South Blythville.


We Mercenaries are a ruthless bunch of murderers who kill others just for the sake of it. We make others lives a mess (Literally). We choose targets at random but we're also known for Griefing. If you have a problem with us please, Post it in the Talk page.

Mercenaries are known to hold very long grudges. Be careful if you get on the bad side of a Mercenary, it may be your last mistake.

To Join

If you would like to join the rank of Mercenaries then you must have advanced shotgun or pistol training and a mobile phone for easy contact. If you meet these needs then:

  1. Email with the following details:
    • Urban Dead Character name
    • Profile Link
    • Reason why you are joining.

Once accepted you are expected to:

  1. Kill all life cultists that you possibly can
  2. Carry at least one syringe on you in case a fallen Mercenary needs a revive.


The Mercenaries are a PKer group. If you were killed it is because you were either chosen at random, or have pissed us off in some way.

Only join the Mercenaries if you are committed to the well being of other Merc's and have a passion for killing. Do not join if you don't feel comfortable with murdering the innocent.

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