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Mercenaries are players or a group of players that temporarily assist different group members and other players. Unlike other players of Urbandead, Mercenaries are multi-players, meaning they work with pro-survivors, PKers, GKers, etc. Mercenaries can work with one group one day and be have a mission to kill someone from the exact same group another day.

Mercenary Groups

Groups that revolve around being Mercs. Mercenary Groups form temporary organizations with anyone of their choice. They can be PKers, Pro-Survivors, so far anyone of their choice, while zombie mercs can either work for zombie Groups or ZKer groups.

They have a wide range of jobs that need doing like eliminating Zergers or hunting down double-crossing group members. Being a mercenary is not that easy.

Mission Reporting

Report to their group page of the forums to enlist the help of mercenary groups. You must give you ID and mission objectives for the mercenary to start lending a hand for your group.

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