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Tired of just barricading, FAKing, eating brains or even PKing- the same thing day after day?

Welcome to MSF- Soldiers Without Borders. We reject mindless loyalty to one cause. There is no longer right, or wrong in Malton, only war.

As the only real mercenary group in Malton, we will go everywhere and do everything. Unlike groups that only see black and white, we choose loyalty to none but ourselves, and we neither see nor accept borders. We are soldiers, zombies, zombie hunters, axe-murderers, doctors, scientists, engineers- a pure tri-nature group that lets members repair, ruin or PK. We are Militaires Sans Frontières.

We have 3 units, each specializing in different areas. Home to the Foxhound, Beauty & Beast and Peacewalker units, we undertake any mission, anywhere- the only thing we never do is repeat the same thing twice. Join or hire MSF today, on our wiki page or forum.

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