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This is one of the MotA Archive Pages for all the attack descriptions of previous months.

Archive 1 (2005-2006), Archive 2 (2006-2007), Archive 3 (2007-2008).

Liber Mortis (Book of the Dead Part 1, when Ash didn't have as many lines, but still had a sister and both hands)




  • Sept 18: ApocalypseLord announces the creation of a new zombie horde, Minions of the Apocalypse. (Just prior to the old UD forum being shut down.)
  • Sept 19: The first Minions gather at St. Lazarus's Church in Gulsonside, and start clearing out 1 building a night through the area.
  • Sept 22: The Minions attack the Creek Building, their first NT Building target, killing all 15 humans inside.
  • Sept 27: ApocalypseLord announces that four members of the horde will be placed as generals known as the Four Horsemen.
  • Sept 30: The Minions attack the Perryn NT Building, killing over 20 inside.


  • Oct 3: MotA begins clearing multiple targets each day.
  • Oct 8: At least 35 humans are killed at the Broad Avenue PD in Wray Heights.
  • Oct 10-11: The Minions clean out the Brancker Alley PD, confronting and scattering part of The Head Hunters, killing at least 40 humans.
  • Oct 22: MotA begins a siege on Blesley Mall in Gulsonside, with 124 humans inside.
  • Oct 24: Blesley Mall falls to the Minions of the Apocalypse, as approximately 100 humans are killed overall, forcing all others to run.
  • Oct 28: A call-to-arms is announced by the RRF at the UD forum to destroy the human stronghold of Giddings Mall.
  • Oct 29: MotA gather in Pitneybank as the first horde to begin the siege on Giddings Mall, attacking the Morrish NT Building with 52 humans inside, killing 30.
  • Oct 30: MotA is joined by multiple other hordes as the attacks on Giddings Mall begin.


  • Nov 1: Dia de los Muertos: Giddings Mall falls to the first ever Unified Zombie Hordes of Malton.
  • Nov 2: The Minions move into Dunningwood.
  • Nov 3: The Minions aid the Bela Lugosi Fan Klub in completely decimating Skarin Row PD, the main headquarters of the Dunningwood SWAT and a stronghold that had held back ongoing seiges for at least a month.
  • Nov 6: The Minions clear Ayliffe Street PD in Rolt Heights, killing over 40 humans.
  • Nov 7: MotA wipes out Oram Walk Police Department in Gibsonton in less than 4 hours, killing at least 50 humans and forcing the rest to scatter.
  • Nov 9: The Minions attack Orders Crescent Police Dept. and Dunstan Hospital, slaughtering more than 50 breathers.
  • Nov 10: The Minions enter Yagoton and attack the Newbould Place Police Dept. The result is the death of nearly 40 meatbags.
  • Nov 11: The Serrell Building is cleaned out and the Minions begin their three day siege of The Whatmore Building.
  • Nov 12: Lead by the Lord of the Apocalypse, the Minions make a hit and run attack. They run into heavy resistance from the human group The Abandoned. At least fifty humans are infected.
  • Nov 13: MotA spreads fear across Yagoton in the area around The Whatmore Building by attacking Hinks Crescent Police Dept. Outnumbered by nearly 130 humans the Minions managed to infect many and kill about 40 breathers.
  • Nov 14: The siege of the The Whatmore Building continues. The attack is divided in two destructive waves. About 70 humans in total were slaughtered or infected. The rest was forced to flee.
  • Nov 15: The Minions continue their rampage in Yagoton and continue what they started at Hinks Crescent Police Dept. At least 30 humans join the ranks of the undead.
  • Nov 16: The fourth and final day of the siege of the Whatmore Building. At least 26 humans have their brains eaten. Another hit and run attack is made at Hinks Cresent PD. About 20 humans are killed.
  • Nov 17: The final, decisive attack for Hinks Cresent PD. Lead by the Lord of the Apocalypse the Minions slaughter all remaining meatbags inside and drive all human filth from the building. The Minions are victorious, but at a heavy price because of the well organised The Abandoned. Meanwhile, the Whatmore building has been abandoned by the breathers, demoralised by the Minions' constant attacks.
  • Nov 18: MotA lands a blow on the third and last standing Police Department of Yagoton, Holsgrove Row. The weak resistance was no match for the Minions, at least 60 humans were eaten.
  • Nov 19: The Minions move to Catherine General Hospital. Heavily outnumbered they manage to kill about 60 humans. The few remaining meatbags were infected or fled during the attack.
  • Nov 20: After many calls for help the Lord of the Apocalypse decides to aid the united zombie hordes with the siege for Caiger Mall. The Minions encounter heavy resistance from the well organised Caiger Mall Survivors
  • Nov 21: Despite the well organised humans, MotA is able to take down the barricades and kill and infect many humans.
  • Nov 22: The Minions make a hit and run attack at the Northeast corner of the mall. The horde of the Apocalypse is able roam freely around the mall for quite some time before the weakening breathers came in to action.
  • Nov 23: Alongside their brethren, The Undying Scourge, the Minions make a big dent in the enemy�s southwest defence.
  • Nov 24: During the human holiday known as �Thanksgiving� MotA makes another sneak attack, catching the breathers off guard. The Minions give thanks for the fresh Braaaainssss.
  • Nov 25: The sixth day of the siege of Caiger Mall. The humans are losing ground. The whole south section of the mall is cleansed of the human infestation and already the north section is beginning to crumble.
  • Nov 26-29: The Minions kill and infect countless breathers by making continues attacks on the north sections of the mall.
  • Nov 30: Once again together with their fellow zombies, The Undying Scourge, MotA makes a hit and run attack at the Southwest section changing many of the inhabitants into a new form of life.


  • Dec 1: Despite slaughtering hundreds of humans and their excellent coordination, the Minions of the Apocalypse are unable to overcome the extreme high amount of revives and constant active barricaders. The Lord of the Apocalypse decides it is time to move on, the Minions have done their duty. It is time to spread death and destruction across Malton once more. MotA moves to West Becktown and attacks Piegsa Place PD. About 30 humans are killed or infected. During this attack, Minion Uggles meets his dream girl in Christel Glass.
  • Dec 2: Piegsa Place Police Dept is cleared out and the Minions move to Curle Street Police Dept eating about 25 meatbags.
  • Dec 3: MotA breaches the Curle Street PD a second time, killing an additional 25 humans and crippling the station's defenses. The survivor Teddy Bear is heard shrieking "Mommy..Mommy? Are you in here? My arm is all green and icky...and it hurts when I move! ....Ahh! Scary people!" (12-04 00:18 GMT)
  • Dec 4-5: Tiring of a diet of law enforcement officials, the Minions turn to the neighboring Oxley Building, where the hated logo of the Necrotech Corporation glows high above the streets. At the end of two days, despite the arrival of thugs from the nearby Caiger Mall, about 40 breathers lay dead in the streets.
  • Dec 6-7: Scouting packs report large amounts of human activity at the St. Lazar's Hospital. On entry, an active medical facility containing 80 staff and patients is revealed and the carnage begins. Active defenders make a desperate push and drive out the first attackers after 26 guards and doctors have been eaten.
  • Dec 8: The Whippey Place Fire Dept is revealed as a hiding place for nearly 60 humans, working to guard the St. Lazar's facility. As the night falls, Horseman of Famine Gromph assembles and leads the final assault that smashes the barriers and scatters the defenders. 36 lives are taken by the Horde, unfortunately including Malton's famous Eskimo balladeer Quinn Inuit
  • Dec 9-10: In a series of fast strikes through Piegsa Place PD and Dunstone Walk Fire Station, the Minions rapidly cross most of West Becktown, arriving at the Flowar Necrotech Building with enough hunger left to consume 14 scientists and their bodyguards on entry. Scouting packs are sent to investigate this new area and return with reports of new sources of brains...
  • Dec 11: Drawn by the unmistakable smell of police brains, the Horde descends on the Cottam Way Police Department and slaughters nearly 40 officers and assorted criminals. A staggering amount of guns fired are into the shambling mass of zombies, but the fallen are quickly replaced by more walking dead, overwhelming the defenders.
  • Dec 12: Scent Trails and gory footprints lead the MotA to St. Werburgh's Hospital, where several of the wounded from the Police Department have fled. 15 trained doctors and patients are slain when the barriers fall, and the hospital is occupied by the Horde. A night of bloody horror follows for the unlucky few still within.
  • Dec 13: Apocalypselord directs the Minions to nearby Dunstone Walk Fire Station, where 21 surprised breathers are swarmed over and torn limb from limb before having a chance to flee - the station stands empty and silent except for the sounds of gnashing jaws.
  • Dec 14: A surprise attack on Powers Avenue School catches a mercenary team unprepared, and all 12 are eaten by the undead before a later wave breaks through the doors of Cottam Way PD for a second time and another 15 brains are claimed.
  • Dec 15: As the dawn breaks, Horseman of Death Stroth herself calls for the death of all that still lives inside the Flowar Necrotech Building. Driven insane with rage by the harsh electric lights within, the Minions mutilate the 15 scientists they find cowering in fear beyond recognition, as a warning to all those who would raise the dead from their rest. A second force of zombies ravage the Hippesley Necrotech Building across the border in Molebank, adding over 20 more to the death toll.
  • Dec 16: A messenger from The Undying Scourge arrives with a sporting invitation to come hunt humans along with their own Polka Dot Gang in nearby Dunell Hills. In the spirit of BARHAH and zombie unity, MotA accepts and begins shuffling as quickly as possible across the suburb, arriving at the Broadbelt Grove Police Station. A determined pounding smashes the extreme barricades keeping the undead out, and just over 20 police personnel are brought down before the doors can be shut again and barred. As the humans are just beginning to relax several hours later, a second hungry group of attackers kills an additional 17.
  • Dec 17: The Broadbelt Grove PD is laid to waste by the Minions, striking down the last 13 breathers still attempting to defend the building. Their heroism is both admirable and very, very futile. The remainder of the Horde begins gathering in the former human stronghold in increasing numbers.
  • Dec 18: On a bloody and savage day, MotA descends upon the Zephyrinus General Hospital from the East, while the Polka Dot Gang strike team from The Undying Scourge shambles in to the attack from the West. An orgy of flesh eating and screaming, nightmarish horror for the humans follows as all 38 inhabitants are clawed apart and eaten alive. The words of noted reporter for Radio Free Malton Filthy Jenkins as he arrives on the scene are worth repeating: "oh my lord...GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE CHANT! GET OUT! GET OUT!" (12-18 04:02 GMT) Aloysius Hospital in Owsleybank is broken into by advance scouts and about 6 humans killed, as preparation for the arrival of the main Horde.
  • Dec 19: Quality brain numbers at the hospital have dropped drastically overnight - the zombies bypass Aloysius entirely and start a day-long series of attacks on Ruggevale Walk Police Dept resulting in the deaths of all those inside, about 25 souls. As more Minions arrive hungry, the Pankhurst Necrotech Building just across the border in Molebank is noticed and immediately attacked, killing the entire research staff of 10 scientists. Only the ironic graffiti 'Keep barricades @ VS - Report Zs on arrival' is left to identify the building as a former safehouse.
  • Dec 20-21: After observation, the Burrell Way Police Department is determined to be a base of operations for many humans in the suburb of Molebank. Operations to cleanse the building are begun immediately, despite the presence of a massive sluggishness to the world, and after nearly 48 hours of savage attacks, the survivor presence within has been reduced from 96 skilled and experienced defenders to a handful of humans without even the ability to build barricades.
  • Dec 22: The hard shells of the Barstow and Hambidge buildings are broken down to reveal their soft tasty insides. Both buildings are overrun and their 28 unprepared inhabitants are slaughtered. The few remaining infected survivors are left behind as leftovers to be feasted upon by younger zedlings.
  • Dec 23: As the dawn breaks the Minions make a sneak attack at the Eglen Building, catching the breathers off guard. After a very short battle the building falls silent again. Later that day the Minions, led by their Horseman of Pestilence Keith Moon, once again pay a friendly visit to Burrell Way Police Department - the screams of the dying mingle with shallow moans of the Minions. When it is over the sun rises upon a street stained red with blood.
  • Dec 24: The ironically named Felix General Hospital (Felix meaning 'lucky' in Latin) fails to aid the 12 doctors and patients trapped and eaten within on this fine Christmas eve. Later, strange half-remembered urges from life direct the zombies to the Bampfyld Arms and Hamilton Arms in a dark parody of holiday revelers. Survivors within seem determined to celebrate alone, but the Minions are persuasive...
  • Dec 25: Christmas Day. While dreaming of better times and loved ones, the staff and guards at St. Elizabeth's Hospital are wakened by the sound of splintering wood and hungry groaning. The 22 humans inside freeze in terror, and are swiftly dispatched and consumed. Their hunger unsatiated, zombies tear away barricades at the nearby Neary Bank and Lee Buildings while inhabitants desperately fire on the mob of walking dead. The undead who fall are replaced by new arrivals both feral and organized, and by the time dusk falls the sounds of gnashing teeth and tearing flesh are all that can be heard in the area. Marrah Grazzmaaz, harmanz!
  • Dec 26: Still stuffed with their holiday feast, zombies move slowly to Stockley Walk PD in Molebank and somehow manage to surprise the humans inside, while a second attack breaks into the Curme Necrotech Building. New recruits from the recently fallen eat well this day.
  • Dec 27: Crossing the border into Grigg Heights, Minion scouts begin to report a lack of prey in the area - St. Wolfgang's Hospital and Cornelius General barely provide enough brains to ward off the eternal hunger for a day.
  • Dec 28: A light snack at the Merson Building claims 18 lives and leaves the Minions wanting more. Local hospitals Margaret General and Antheros are opened by starving zombies, only to be found empty.
  • Dec 29: Driven by a desperate need for brains now, attacking undead smash open several local Police Stations including Spry Road, Lees Boulevard and Blaxall Way. The crop of brains harvested is disappointing, especially considering the small size of the average police officer's brain in Malton.
  • Dec 30: An eerie call goes up over the suburb of Grigg Heights, as a move to better feeding grounds is called and columns of the walking dead pour from shattered buildings into the street. Moving as one, the mob shambles halfway across Crooketon to the Shenton Museum. On the way, straying zombies return to the main horde with reports of humans at Merewether Road PD to the South, and before long all staff on duty there are overwhelmed by the ravenous undead. Local street person BubbaKong is overheard saying "Uh... I was gonna try to help here, but I'm actually gonna flee now. Nice work zombie bastards!" (12-31 05:35 GMT)
  • Dec 31: Crooketon greets the Minions with shotguns and a hail of small-arms fire, knocking down several of the horde with well-aimed shots to the head before the defending Hunters retreat into Mores Lane Police Department to reload and rest. As more MotA members arrive, the broken and inactive bodies of their fellow zombies drive them into a frenzied bashing at the barricades - by the time the headshot zombies are beginning to stir once again, Mores Lane has been gutted and it's defenders eaten alive.



  • Jan 4: The Minions begin a four day siege of the Marven Mall and attack the NW and SW sections. The resulting slaughter is a terrible thing to behold. Crimson gore splatters the walls and stains the ground deep red. For ferocity in battle as well as his undying loyalty, Tymbrwlf is appointed Horseman of War this day, replacing the fallen Bulldog.
  • Jan 5: Day two of the siege. After feasting upon new raw tasty brainsssss, the Minions hunger for more. The taste of fresh brains combined with the smell of fear coming from the remaining survivors of this part of the Malton Confederacy drives the horde to insane bloodlust - all 32 meatbags are killed and the entire Southwest section is cleaned out in a single day. When the sun sets the steps to the mall are littered with dismembered corpses of the slain. “The machine is in motion, and the Apocalypse has come to the Malton Confederacy.�?
  • Jan 6: The horde makes a small detour to Club Penfold and the Preston Necrotech Building. In total 37 breathers are killed or infected. The rest are forced to flee.
  • Jan 7: The madness of death returns to Marven Mall. The Minions make a cunning strategic move for mindless walking dead: after first taking down the barricades at the Southwest section and cleaning it out, they move through the mall to the Northeast section. By attacking the breathers from the rear and catching them by surprise about 20 harmanz lose their brains.
  • Jan 8: The last day of the siege for the Marven Mall. The Northeast and both South sections are empty. The remaining survivors are in the Northwest section and it's defences are crumbling. Devastated by the previous attack the only thing the breathers are wishing is a quick and painless death - what they receive is nightmarish horror... Meatbag after meatbag is slain and the Minions feast upon their raw flesh. Those that are too slow to flee or are tripped up by slippery tile floors covered in body parts and intestines, are caught and slaughtered. About thirty breathers meet this fate. At the end of the day the remaining inhabitants have changed into a new form of (un)life.
  • Jan 10: After attacking several buildings (and eating the brainsssss of the inhabitants) in the surrounding area the horde joins the siege of the Tompson Mall. Alongside their allies, The Undying Scourge, Da Shamblin' WAAAGH and the Shambling Seagulls, MotA purifies the entire mall of the human infestation. Zombies first crack open the Southeast section and slay 18 harmanz in ways that are too brutal and too shocking to describe. Later that day the storm of death returns to the North West corner of the mall - resistance is futile. One by one the breathers are hunted down in the wrecked Mall interior and dragged screaming from the stores, and a gory river of human remains pools in the food court and flows sluggishly past the Starbucks coffee corner. After the mass slaughter the whole mall is declared free of infestation.
  • Jan 19: The apocalypse comes to Buckley Mall. The barricades are taken down at the South East corner and the Minions completely clean it out in just a few minutes. MotA is also joined by The Ridleybank Resistance Front and The Undying Scourge. Later that day a second wave of Minions enters the mall after eating the leftovers in the south sections they move to the north west section and clean it out too. About 40 harmanz are killed that day.
  • Jan 20: After hearing the terrifying screams of the dying the night before, the few remaining survivors in the north east section are already psychologically beaten. All the meatbags are either eaten alive or were forced to flee. After leaving the mall the Minions pay a visit to the Lodder Necrotech Building. All 17 inhabitants are slaughtered and the entire building is thoroughly cleaned of humans filth.
  • Jan 21: Screech Lane Police Dept is attacked. Despite being heavily outnumbered the horde manages to kill about 15 humans.
  • Jan 22-25: After admiring the impressive shotgun arsenal at the Screech Lane PD the Minions continue their quest for brains and intestines. Ironically the Needs NT Building serves to fill their needs. After the slaughter the undead see the NT equipment installed in the lab and the brutal experiments that were done on their brethren by the scientists. The horde is driven insane with rage and they hunger for more NT employee brains. They raid the Wicksted, Western, Meadley, Starkie, Roddoway, Porter and Angerstein buildings and slaughter all inside. About 80 brains were needed to silence the Minions’ anger.Once the leftovers ere taken care of MotA cracked open the Waterlow Street Police Dept and feasted upon nearly 15 harmanz.
  • Jan 26: Still recovering from the previous attack the Waterlow Street PD cops were completely undefended. Not having enough time to load and fire their guns their own weapons were used against them. One by one the cops were impaled by their own guns and hung outside the building. Now the 33 corpses with shotguns driven through their bodies are displayed in Hollomstown as one of the rare examples of “zombie artwork�?.
  • Jan 27: The Apocalypse spreads across East Greyside. Death comes to the Rodman Boulevard, Binning Way and Tutchen Walk Police Departments. Nearly 30 breathers are eaten.
  • Jan 28: The Minions make a hit and run attack at Gerard Crescent PD. One by one the victims are dragged outside. The remaining defenders watch in horror as nearly 30 bodies are ripped to pieces.
  • Jan 29: The barricades, once again, are taken down at Gerard Crescent PD. 26 brains are eaten and the horde completely cleans out the building. The remaining defenders, demoralised by the two attacks, abandon the building.
  • Jan 30: The grey spires and smokestacks of Gulsonside's factories and towers come in sight as the undead near their home. But before beginning the homecoming festivities they feel the need to say goodbye to their new friends in Scarletwood. Their main target, the Sealey Necrotech Building, loses 18 of it’s inhabitants.
  • Jan 31: Lead by the Lord of the Apocalypse, the Minions return home, the suburb of Gulsonside. Overwhelmed by feelings of nostalgia the horde is unable to resist the urge to visit the Creek Building, their first NT Building target. They proudly show all the NT employees the skulls they had collected on their journey. After telling their new friends about all the exciting battles they had fought, they completely ripped out their brains and added the new skulls to their collection.


  • Feb 1: The barricades at St. Polycarps Hospital are taken down during an indescribably brutal attack - reports from survivors later visiting the hospital indicate that not even the life-support patients were spared. Those who have risen as the undead are found gnawing the corpses of their former friends.
  • Feb 2: By homing in on the glowing lights and logo atop Wetherall Necrotech Building the Minions continue to soften the surroundings of Blesley Mall. All nine scientists and guards are eaten. Later that day the horde moves to the Wybrants Museum where strange urges cause them to shuffle from one exhibit to the next, clutching the security guards tightly for snacking along the way.
  • Feb 3: The Perryn Necrotech Building, MotA's second NT Building. After kicking in the front door the horde expects a “Welcome Home!�? party or at least respectful terror. Instead, they see NT scientists performing one of their disgusting experiments on a helpless braineater. Enraged by this, the Minions imitate the actions taken on them so many times before and inject the scientists with their own vile syringes before tearing out their throats. Now 30 horribly mutated corpses lie on the floor of the Perryn building.
  • Feb 4: Club Wadman is cleaned out and all 15 inhabitants are killed. After trying out the new kareoke machine and staring for hours at the giant disco ball over the dance floor, the Minions are moved by mild hunger pangs to Northcote Avenue Fire Station and kill 15 firefighters. And their little dog, too.
  • Feb 5: Under command of The Horseman of War, Tymbrwlf, the Minions of the Apocalypse begin their three day siege of Blesley Mall. About 10 humans in total were slaughtered or infected. The automatic doors of the Mall are jammed with zombies fighting to get in, as the humans frantically nail boards in place to keep out the wave of shuffling death.
  • Feb 6: "Attention humans, the Mall is closing - we thank you for shopping with us, and urge you all to die now..."
    Luckily for the Minions the humans refuse to pay attention to this announcement. Since nearly all the “professional�? mall defenders have been eaten during the previous attack it is up to the remaining civilian inhabitants. Using old guns and spare ammo from the gunstore they clumsily try to shoot the undead - being terrified by the approaching zombie horde and unable to properly use the shotguns they, accidentally shoot clothing displays,light fixtures, mannequins, and each other, making them easy prey for the Minions.
  • Feb 7: Blesley Mall finally, and inevitably, succumbs to the Minion Horde. By the early morning, all of the remaining mallrats are either dead or have fled to pastures new. In an effort to placate the frightened humans, a combat revived Ratherder treats them to an impromptu poetry recital although this seems to frighten them even more as the true horror of the situation dawns on them.
  • Feb 8: Having emptied the Mall, the Minions are in need of a little R&R and what better place than their old home Gulsonside to wind down? With handily placed nightclubs and museums, it's no wonder Gulsonside is one of the more popular tourist areas in Malton. Unfortunately, the residents of Club Wadman, Club Simpson and the Menhennet Museum did not see eye to eye with the merry, dancing horde and were expunged of life very quickly.
  • Feb 9: With the suburb now practically empty and the resource buildings devoid of human life, it is time to move onto Eason Library. Rumours had reached KeithMoon that a new human group, known as Dewey's Decimals, had moved into Gulsonside and were claiming the building as their own. It proves to be a short tenancy and notice is served on all members in the library, despite a courageous battle. Dewey's Decimals remain in the area and prove to be a potent force. Minion member Uggles raced to the library in the hope of seeing his true love Christel Glass, but his hopes, and her brains, were dashed before he got there.
  • Feb 10: Gulsonside becomes an undead paradise. Despite deadly smash and grabs on St Francis's Church, the Brien Arms,the Pledger Hotel, Billings Row PD, the Gollup Building and the aptly named Veale Towers there is little opposition to the marauding Horde.
  • Feb 11: A feeble attempt from the humans to repopulate the Mall proves to be ultimately futile. The massed Horde descends upon Blesley and a night of unparalled horror begins. Blesley is decimated and the Minions pick up some gifts at a more than reasonable price.
  • Feb 12: 20 breathers die in a night of sporadic violence. The Pimm Building, Vawer Walk PD and Club Simpson are all obliterated.
  • Feb 13: Always keen to educate humans about the value of life, the Horde pays an extracurricular visit to Hole Drive and Millard Crescent schools. Staff and pupils alike are given an invaluable lesson in basic biology and anatomy. Monday the 13th proves to be unlucky for nlindstrom and 4 of his Zombie Buster colleagues as, in a twist of irony, they are busted by Zombies.
  • Feb 14: In light of the special day, Cording Grove Railway Station, the Dibben Motel, Mallows Towers and St Spyridon's Church, are all treated to the Minion's tribute to the St Valentines Day massacre. Sweethearts are torn apart from each and there are no 'sweet nothings' gently whispered, only agonising screams. All die.
  • Feb 15: Brockliss Road PD has little to offer in the way of brains and falls quickly. Instead, KeithMoon directs the Horde to pay a compassionate visit to Remigius Hospital in Pennville. Moyes, from the Pennville Freedom Movement, is given his wish and is set free from the shackles of life. Compulsory euthanasia is the directive given by Dr Moon and the Horde descends - rumours that anaesthetic would be available proved to be sadly, for the humans, unfounded.
  • Feb 16: A night of bloody terror unfolds as the MotA marches on Milton Walk PD. The entire department appears to be unconcious following an 24 hour doughnut binge. 59 citizens of Malton do not live to see day's break as the Horde chows down on their sugary corpse goodness. Mmmm - jelly centers!
  • Feb 17: Following the previous evening's success, the Minions decide to strike against another PD - Voizey Drive. A short struggle against the heavy barricades ensues as Voizey proves to be better prepared than their Police friends in the North. However,inevitably the barricades crumble and the doors are fumbled open. Predictable mayhem ensues.
  • Feb 18: D-Day arrives for Fort Perryn and it's inhabitants. In a coordinated attack with the Shambling Seagulls and The Undying Scourge, the combined Hordes attack the Armory with wave after wave of rotten horrors. Despite the large presence of several notable human groups, little resistance is offered and all 139 residents are eaten.
  • Feb 19: With Fort Perryn emptied brains are now scarce for the 3 Hordes in the vicinity. Despite being bloated from last night's feast, MotA forces open the doors of Somerside Drive PD. All 14 cops are slaughtered and their body parts shared amongst the Minions.
  • Feb 20: MotA's new website goes live. The Horde raids the Fricker Crescent Police Dept. Using the Police Officer's own guns as rudimentary tools, the Minions smash the 13 cops' skulls open exposing their sweet (though woefully underdeveloped) brains.
  • Feb 21: On their way out of the suburb of Whittenside the undead take a peek inside the Towne Row, Hobson Place and Dohoney Grove Police Departments. The brains of the 15 officers unlucky enough to be on duty this night are torn out and served up as go-away gifts.
  • Feb 22: The Apocalypse comes to the St Seraphim's Hospital and the Greenland Boulevard Police Dept in Fryerbank. After the PD's infestation problem was dealt with the name was changed to Redland Boulevard for it's floors are stained red with the blood of it's 17 former inhabitants.
  • Feb 23: The Minions part ways with the Undying Scourge and Shambling Seagulls and head towards the Joachim Mall for a quick snack. After the horde spread terror across the mall and they gathered their usual amount of intestines they continued their journey back to Gulsonside.

March 2006

  • March 1: The razing of Gulsonside continues, as the Bullen Building and Howarth Boulevard Railway Station are emptied. There was a peep of resistance, as Lt. Goodberry wildly flailed at wowsignal and fled.
  • March 2: The building that giveth plenty, the Perryn NT, is emptied in record fashion. The Minions glide into Club Wadman, boogying into the morning.
  • March 4: Preparing for the springtime fashions ahead, MoTA struts into Blesley Mall with credit cards in hand. Not their hands, of course, but what once belonged to mallrats. After a two day flash attack, the galleries are eerily quiet.
  • March 5: Zombies grow tired of dancing, as the music stops and Club Simpson empties out. Their sights turn toward the intellectual (and tasty) brains inside the Wetherall NT building.
  • March 7: Apertif or dessert? Both! St. Polycarp's Hospital and The Lea Street School in Gulsonside offer something for every zombie -- infantry bits, dead babies, and Black Berets.
  • March 9: The Minions march magnificently out of Gulsonside and into Tollyton, laying waste to the service infrastructure -- the Rayfield NT building, Marcus General hospital, and Lake St. fire station are emptied.
  • March 10: Where are the Minions? Everywhere! They return to Gulsonside, and slide into Wray Heights and Crowbank. No suburb is safe!
  • March 11-13: A path of flesh torn limb from limb leads up to Blesley Mall, as the groans emanate from every corner. Around this time, the CotR send a zombie pilgrim to invite the Minions to a St. Patrick's Day celebration and parade they have planned - and there is much rejoicing.
  • March 14: Blesley is empty, with bodies strewn over the austere veneer, and an arm caught in an escalator making rhythmic thumping noises. The Minions celebrate in their favorite hangout, Club Simpson. After clearing out the space, of course, not with toprocking, but a combination of mauling and chomping.
  • March 15: The Minions get their culture on with a visit to the Menhennet Museum. Displaying artistic flair, the horde paints the walls red. Afterward, The Pimm Building and Club Adam (staging area for the original assault on Blesley Mall, back in October) are opened and investigated.
  • March 16: Maintenance is key to continuing success, and the Minions drop by Blesley Mall to clean up. Some brave or foolhardy survivors mistakenly believe a horde does not return to its haunts. Several small safehouses in neighboring blocks are smashed and emptied as the Minion zombies prepare for the arrival of allies in the Church of the Resurrection
  • March 17: St Patrick's Day begins with the eager groans of arriving zombies inside the Vinetown branches of the Caunt Street and Hartley's Boulevard PD's - the air is filled with Zomblish hymns to Sweet Zombie Jesus as the Church leaders and their acolytes shuffle in dignified fashion along their planned parade route. MotA are pleased to provide 'event security' in their own bloody fashion, and by the end of the day the Wetherall Necrotech also has been overrun with flesheaters.
  • March 18: The Doubting Building looks promising on the outside, but proves empty. Furious zombies descend on Clinch Way Police Department, driven by hunger and frustration, and consume every living thing inside that cannot flee.
  • March 19: The lights of Tollyton have always drawn the MotA's attention, and upon hearing that the next big undead social gathering was to be held there, rotting feet begin turning in that direction...Spragge Necrotech and the Gerrish Fire station die within the first hours of the horde's arrival.
  • March 20: The first significant meal is taken in Tollyton, as several elite members of the Craske Building International Playboys along with humans from Paradox and other groups are surprised in the distastefully named Diaper Library. There are no survivors.
  • March 21: A noisly roaring generator attracts the zombie mob to The Sherren Building, where they stare in incomprehension at the blinking lights of the Phone Mast atop the roof. Amazement gives way to hunger, the doors are brought down and three technicians inside eaten. Unsatisfied, the undead swarm Friend Plaza Police Department and add to their growing collection of bloody badges.
  • March 22: The battle for Friend Plaza PD continues across the street and into the Sidoli Building and the Winward Police Station. During the carnage one particularly tough human defender was overheard after dropping two zombies to little effect: D Nychus said "There's too many of them... time for plan B. *shrieks like girl and runs*" (03-22 22:50 GMT)
  • March 23: From the Lake Street Fire Station to the Rayfield Necrotech - nowhere is safe from the attention of the hungry Minions...
  • March 24: A chorus of groans from the Woodroffe Mall draws the attention of all zombies in the neighborhood and announces the arrival of the Undying Scourge on the scene. Freed from the tiresome effort of breaking down the barricades, the Minions are fresh and eager as they begin harvesting the bumper crop of humanity inside.
  • March 25: The combined appetites of the Minions of the Apocalypse and the Undying Scourge consume many dozens of brains over a long night of gore and horror inside the Woodroffe Mall, as survivors of the initial onslaught give up the fight and flee in all directions. At the end of the day, no-one but the dead are still standing inside the shopping center.
  • March 26-27: As the terrified humans run as far from the area as possible, zombies are left picking through empty buildings and even attacking one another for sustenance. The Minions are drawn inexorably northward by the smell of living human flesh, and cross the border quietly into Roftwood where a factory and Culling Auto Repair are exterminated in a chillingly efficient manner, and Rawlins Row Police Department besieged.
  • March 28: Breaking off the siege on Rawlins Row, zombies stream north to the Herbert Necrotech Building and shamble in - the scientists seem overwhelmed with the number of test subjects, and are forced to resort to violent means to attemt to restore order.
  • March 29: The Eligius General Hospital was ransacked and patients in their beds were slaughtered. Feeding tubes were removed in the worst possible manner.
  • March 30: In another run to cut off all life support in Roftwood, the Greenhow Necrotech Building was broken into. Vital lab equipment was destroyed and several scientists paid for their godless professions. Later that evening, a second wave took out even more whom were guilty for crimes against the undead.
  • March 31 Yet more gorging in the Greenhow Building. All life cleared out, revivication syringes were inserted in unmentionable places of those unwise to have kept residence. The horde them moved on to the Grimshaw Road PD to get their fill.

April 2006

  • April 1: Both the Grimshaw Road PD and Joyner Boulevard in Roftwood were picked clean. Looking for some more distinguished and refined brains, the Minions moved on to the Truell Museum and made an awful mess of things.
  • April 2: Continuing the assault on law and order, the Dempsey Grove PD was ransacked. Later, some of the Minions popped in the Guilford Avenue Fire Station to say hello.
  • April 3: Eligius General Hospital once again fell victim to the Minions.
  • April 4: The Kirkby Building and Quartly Library fell quickly. The Guilford Avenue Fire Station was then cracked open for some well-done brains.
  • April 5: Once again the Minions supplemented vegetables to their diet by attacking St Ethelbert's Hospital. The Pratley Road PD was next on the list. None were left alive.
  • April 6: Moving on to Edgecombe, the Minions tore through the Browne NT Building. Abot Towers and Cadbury Bank fell just as quickly.
  • April 7: Returning back to Roftwood, the Herbert NecroTech Building took another assault.
  • April 8: The Herbert NecroTech Building proved to be too much for one meal, the Minions went back for seconds.
  • April 9: The attack on Hildebrand Mall has begun. The NE section was hit with flagrant disregard for high-quality merchandise at low, low prices.
  • April 10: The NE corner of Hildebrand Mall was hit again. Several mannequins were destroyed in the midst of the chaos.
  • April 11: Distraught that the Minions were feeding on the same people over and over, the Herbert NT Building was breached. Many scientists died for their sins.
  • April 12: The Herbert NT Building was cleared of all life. Still hungry, the Minions moved next door to the Wotton Building.
  • April 13: Once the flow of revivification syringes were cut off, the Minions shifted their attention back to Hildebrand Mall. The NW corner was left in total disarray.
  • April 14: With the help of The Shining Ones, Hildebrand Mall has been cleared of all human life. Later, the Guilford Avenue Fire Station fell victim to the Minions. None survived.
  • April 15: St Ethelbert's Hospital and Neal Cinema cleansed of life as the Minions head North to Pimbank.
  • April 16: The Minions leave Roftwood behind and the Goodrich Building in Pimbank was sacked.
  • April 18: Forsaking the ghost town of Pimbank, the Minions moved North-East to Roachtown. The Matraves Crescent RD was hit twice, many humans were killed.
  • April 19: Roachtown, being another suburb devoid of decent meals, the Minions moved north to Shearbank. The Nisbet NT Building was hit with a savage fury not felt since DARIS ruled over Shearbank with an iron fist.
  • April 20: Continuing the weakening of Shearbank's infrastructure, the Turner NT building and Borrer Street PD here hit.
  • April 21: Owsley Crescent PD and Lazarus General Hospital were the gracious hosts for a banquet in the Minion's honor.
  • April 22: The Whippey NT Building was ransacked. Many revivication syringes were wasted on brain-rotted Minions.
  • April 23-26: The minions lay siege to Stickling Mall. Bargain shoppers were treated to 75% off... 75% of their flesh off their bones that is.
  • April 27: Once clearing out Stickling Mall Whippey Building felt the wrath of the horde.
  • April 28: Edmund General Hospital in Shearbank and the Hawksley NT Building in Millen Hills were cleared out of harmanz.
  • April 29: Breaking ground in Yagoton, the Newbould Place Police Dept, was hit.
  • April 30: Continuing the rampage through Yagoton, The Newbould Place Police Dept was ruined just as the occupants started to take advantage of the new updates. The assault on the Whatmore NT building began.

May 2006

  • May 1: The assault on the Whatmore Building in Yagoton continues. So many brains, so little AP.
  • May 2: Survivors within the Whatmore NT building are putting up a better fight than expected. Barricaders are alert, zombie hunters are vigilant, and revivers are working as fast as the Minions can kill. Combat revives are a common occurrence. Never the less, with each cracked 'cade, feeding groans attract more and more ferrals to aid in the siege. For Yagoton to fall, the Minions must take the Yagoton Revivification Clinic. The breathers are only delaying the inevitable.
  • May 3-5: Business as usual in the extended siege of the Whatmore building. Every day, at least a dozen survivors are killed. Resistance is slowly but surely being whittled down. It seems like these cruel scientists finally ran out of syringes. With the reinforcement from Ridleybank Resistance Front, we painted this NT building with survivors' bloods.
  • May 6: With the Whatmore NT building finally cleared and their evil machines destroyed, the Minions moved next door to the Hinks Crescent PD to say hello. The breathers therein were not so accommodating.
  • May 7-9: Like a nest of cockroaches, the humans have once again infested the Whatmore Building. Silly humans.
  • May 10: After clearing out the Whatmore building for a second time, Hinks Crescent Police Dept and Catherine General Hospital felt the cold clutches of undead hands tearing at their tender bits. Let's hope they learned their lesson this time.
  • May 11: Catherine General Hospital felt the full fury of the Minions. The heathen arts of prolonging life were ruined in a gruesome display of violence that would make the bravest man cry.
  • May 12: Keeping the Yagoton Revivification Clinic closed is the #1 priority. The Whatmore bulding is once again on top of the target list. Plans begin to coordinate with other groups to bring the breathers of Yagoton to their knees.
  • May 13: The Whatmore Garrison Corps founded. Several Minions are to stay watch to prevent breathers from repairing ransack damage in the Whatmore building.
  • May 14: In a last attack, the Whatmore building was cleared of all life. Boy, these warm-bloods sure are tenacious.
  • May 15: With the Whatmore building secured, the horde is moving on to other NT buildings. The Style building is on the top of the list.
  • May 16: Day two of the pillaging of the Style building. In other news, the Whatmore Garrison Corps are encountering fierce resistance. Regardless, generators are not operational for long.
  • May 17: The Style building cleared. A small attack on the Surridge Building led to a few eaten scientists.
  • May 18: One last attack on the Whatmore building by the main horde before heading North. Still, after nearly a month of repeated attacks, breathers still think it's a good idea to sleep there.
  • May 19: Moorhouse Place Police Dept clensed of all life. M!N!ANZ harm bang bang manz!
  • May 20: The Minions begin their attack on Bale Mall. On an unrelated note, one Mr 47, who has been a thorn in our rotten backsides met his end at the hand of an anonymous ally.
  • May 21-22: Steady assaults on Bale Mall continue. The Whatmore Garrison Corps also refuse to let the harmanz rest. The doors to the Whatmore building fall every day.
  • May 22 (late attack): The late Minions cracked open St Matthew's Hospital and proceeded to kill every living thing therein.
  • May 23: In a slight detour, the Minions attacked the Dawbin Museum to weaken the surrounding freerunning infrastructure.
  • May 24-25: The North-East corner of Bale Mall felt the fury of the Minions!
  • May 26: Attentions turned to the South-East corner of Bale Mall. Best to keep the harmanz on their toes. Later, the Minions threw a going-away party in their honor at Holsgrove Row PD. Yagoton has been great, but the Apocalypse must move on!
  • May 27: It's not quite over yet! Both the Combs Building and the Bumbrough Building were empty, so the third target on the list, Powlett Road PD served freshly baked donut brains. Yum yum.
  • May 28: The Whatmore Garrison Corps founded officially disbanded. Congratulations, Yagoton Revivication Clic, you need not fear the Minions... for now. PD, were empty. Doe Avenue PD served up slightly stale donut brains, but still filling none the less.
  • May 29: The Minions break ground in Huntley Heights. Solomon Lane PD hosted a nice memorial Day barbecue in our honor. Mmm, mmm, good eats.
  • May 30: Notley Walk Fire Station emptied. The fire trucks were given a fresh coat of blood red paint. Hippisley Museum was later trashed. The undead have no appreciation for the arts.
  • May 31: Parry Drive Fire Station overrun. Moving South, Kelreher Walk in Randallbank emptied. The Littlehales Building was the third building hit.

June 2006

  • June 1: Continuing the journey South, Sixtus General Hospital in Heytown was cracked open. Unborn babies were torn from mother's wombs and the burn ward had some tasty pre-cooked treats for us.
  • June 2: The Usher NT Building in Heytown cleared of all life. Scientist brains are among the most tasty. So plump and juicy.
  • June 3: The Minions journeyed to Giddings Mall. Paid the Scourge and TSO a visit. We broke bread with our fellow ghouls. We sang songs of past battles. We then got the hell out of there, we have a deadline to meet!
  • June 4: The Rowcliffe Building in Pegton cleared of all life. Not enough eats though, the harmanz ran.
  • June 5: Clinch Way Police Dept in Crowbank had a very decent offering for us. Donut brains always taste good.
  • June 6: The Minions return home! A final sendoff for the most coordinated horde in Urban Dead. Perryn Building hosted the last two scheduled attacks the Minions will ever have. It's been great. Thanks to all the harmanz who sacrificed their gray matter to feed young and old zambah alike. Thanks to all the other hordes for their help in attacks over the past 10 months. And of course, thanks to all the M!N!ANZ for making MotA one of the best damn zombie hordes in Malton.
  • June 13: After a short hiatus and some in-group discussion, the Minions have decided to once again terrorize the sleepy city of Malton. We are in the process of reorganizing and regrouping. We welcome new recruits with open arms and gaping claws. Please visit our new Forum and join us! We welcome zombies and survivors in the hopes of building a better community within Urban Dead for everyone.

July 2006

  • July 28: Some foolish human combat revived JediColt last night. So being a smart zombie, he stood up, went next door to the Police Station, found a Flak Jacket and died 1 AP after putting it on. Then trudged back to the Minions and joined in the next attack. Now they know not to combat revive zombies, and knowing is half the battle. Unfortunately, its the first half, the second half involves the Minions eating your brains! Early attack cleared the Dewell Necrotech of all life and Ransacked the place. Late attack managed to kill some humans at the Bromley Auto Repair [85,43] in Pitneybank.

The Minions would like to welcome new recruits Zombie Ruler and Lone Zombie Ellen to the group!