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In early September the Minions of the Apocalypse decided it would be fun to re-visit their ancestral home of Gulsonside and proceed to ruin every single building in the neighborhood. Here is a handy status map and log of the trail of destruction

October 2007

October 3

BARHAH! After just under a month of bashing, mauling, dragging, biting, smashing, wrecking, and general mayhem, the entire suburb of Gulsonside has been ruined! TroglodyteX takes the honor of knocking out the final building, Chown Bank. Thanks to all Minions, the ferals of Gulsonside and the fortuitous arrival of LUE for making this suburb a safe place for zombie-kind once again, though I guess now you have to go out of town for meals. Now off to bigger and bashier things!

September 2007

September 26

The early crew finishes off the SE corner by ruining Howarth Blvd. Railway Station and Eason Library. Also, word received that earlier in the week Keith Moon ruined the Menhennet Museum, and Fuzzlet took out St. Holy's Church

September 23

Some weekend housekeeping as Minions sweep through the southeast and northwest areas picking up easy ruins on the barely occupied buildings

September 19

Following up on some groans, the Minions head up to Wetherall NT to spread the love and smash smash smash

September 18

After a few more days of pounding on both Perryn and Northcote, Northcote Fire Station becomes a lovely shade of gray

September 16

Slopface gets seperated from the hoard and ruins Hemphill Hotel

September 15

After a week of resistance to the change, The Perryn Necrotech Building re-opens as a full-time devivification center under new management. Public outreach programs started at the Northcote Fire Station begin gaining community volunteers...

September 10

Minions withdraw brains from Allen Bank and deposit corpses. Then we smash.

September 9

A couple warehouses join the ruins of Gulsonside. Some daring humans fix up Stanbury Towers

September 8

Nearby Stanbury Towers is ruined easily and hungry zeds are forced to search farther for decent meals. Hame Crescent Railway Station is cracked open and ruined by a desperate zombie

September 7

Not too much resistance in this area as junkyards are cleared out and Zacharias hospital is ruined

September 6

The late crew enters from the southwest and promptly clears out and ruins Creek NT

Suburb Map

The Suburb of Gulsonside
Rabbage Place Chown Bank Dike Lane the Podger Building Cottrill Square Lea Street School Pavitt Cinema Genin Auto Repair wasteland the Wetherall Building
Spire Cinema Cundham Drive McInerney Avenue School Hutchin Boulevard Railway Station St. Polycarp's Hospital the Cockell Building Stephens Park Doble Auto Repair Mather Lane Hooke Row
the Belbin Arms St. Lazarus's Church Minall Square the Conybear Building Biddlecom Road Huttenbach Drive St. Holy's Church Showers Park wasteland the Menhennet Museum
Gurney Park wasteland Dinovan Alley a warehouse Shearley Place the Bane Museum St. Patrick's Church a cemetery Blesley Mall Blesley Mall
Budgett Walk Mosedale Crescent Billings Row Fire Station the Gollop Building the Crump Museum Ponder Grove Train Boulevard Club Wadman Blesley Mall Blesley Mall
Kingdom Row Veale Towers Eaton Drive Tatchel Street Jewell Lane Shean Alley Railway Station the Wybrants Museum wasteland Northcote Avenue Fire Station the Broadbear Monument
the Pledger Hotel the Perrior Arms Wolseley Lane Welsford Towers a carpark Methringham Boulevard the Hemphill Hotel the Perryn Building Howarth Boulevard Railway Station Ivens Lane
the Brien Arms St. Francis's Church Butt Boulevard wasteland Allan Bank a warehouse Hame Crescent Railway Station the Bullen Building Eason Library Case Row
a cemetery the Creek Building Durand Drive a junkyard a warehouse Eliot Avenue the Mapledoram Hotel a warehouse Prinn Alley the Markes Monument
Gullifer Avenue a junkyard Zacharias General Hospital Stanbury Towers Bowditch Avenue Furzer Crescent Railway Station Beagly Lane Simister Street Tipney Bank Club Emes