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History and Recruiting:
MotA has been working tirelessly to contain the human menace since September 16, 2005. We are the oldest continually operating zombie horde in the fine city of Malton, with a list of allies and foes as long as a coil of unraveled intestines, and a storied tradition of brain-belching fun.
We happily embrace applications from all full-time undead who can read a map and post in reasonably understandable English. Brand new zombies are especially welcome; we're delighted to help you get past those frustrating early levels and on the path to becoming a skilled urban predator.


XX ZminionsUS.jpg XX Location, Schedule, and Resources:
We're currently working our way through the South East of Malton, and make two attacks per day for maximum convenience to Europe and the USA. Once on our forum, you will enjoy information from our custom targeting program, which ranks humans neatly by level. Participate in our chat room and you can shamble live with some of the best zombie players (and most creative linguists) in the game. Stop by our Wiki to browse our archives, or visit The Tombs and join ussssss...

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