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THE END IS HERE! MoTA, formed on September 16, 2005 has been and always will be dedicated to the end of all life in Malton. We are one of the oldest standing hordes and still dedicated to the non stop brain buffet. life as you have known it is over, the time for breathing is OVER! Come join us in bringing about the future, a future where no one breaths and a zombie utopia can flourish. To join the future introduce yourself at


[1] Deadliest Small Horde at the Brainies on March 19, 2007. We were given a golden brain. Gold Brain for Horde Efficiency at the Malton Special Olympics on August 1st, 2007. We amassed more kills, broken barricades, and ransacks per member than any other zombie horde in Malton. Bronze Intestine for Overall Horde Points at the Malton Special Olympics on August 1st, 2007. Were back, and your on the menu! --Rhubarb666 16:45, 14 March 2010 (UTC)

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