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The Prophecy

The nature of man is to consume and deplete any and everything.
We are here to ensure this process.

Across the Globe governments will fall apart trying to hold their own weight and every constitution, restriction, law, sanction and contract will fill the sky like fireworks as millions of people will dance on the ceiling of their own existence, until the pillars of humanity crumble to form a mausoleum.

When everything ceases to exist and you have lost everything you will claim has been so hard to build, will you then be free - or freed?


Misanthropia deathwish.jpg

Freedom is a gift and life is not a paved road.
Every brick is laid, skull by skull.

Bring us evidence of the death of an innocent here or on the talk page to gain access.

05:21, 13 January 2021 (UTC)~
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