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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Abbreviation: Mockers
Group Numbers: Varies based on revives
Leadership: Tremordred and Zombie Gerien
Goals: Chaos
Recruitment Policy: If we kill you
Contact: Any Mocker

Mock the living

Deep in the heart of an undervalued suburb of Malton lurks a group that calls the darkened and dirty streets of Mockridge Heights its home. They lived here as men once, and cannot bear to part with was once their home. They will not leave it, nor will they abide any others taking over it. Shambling through the dusky light of the deserted city suburb, they spend their undead existence searching out survivors unlucky enough to land in The Mock, as the once affectionately called it. Any survivors who do not heed the graffiti warnings on the walls will pay for their stay in The Mock with their lives. This is the home of the Mockers, and none else are safe here.


The Mockers are a subset of players from Bored with playing survivors, and realizing that much more fun could be had in a psychological game, they embraced their undead nature. The founders, Tremordred and Zombie Gerien, chose Mockridge Heights as their home, and the name Mockers followed.


The Mockers embrace ritual assisted suicide as the approved route to membership. Save up 500 XP as a human and bring your tasty brain down to The Mock. We'll let our younglings nosh on you until you're ready to join the ranks of the undead with skills imediately available.

Slogans and Tags

The Mock, as the Mockers lovingly call Mockridge Heights, is full of spraypainted and spoken (or slurred) slogans. Most often, survivors will hear a zombie rattle "Maggarz!" (usually right before they die) when they visit The Mock. Spray painted slogans range from the humorous (some Mockers have less rotted brains than others) "Mocker swan diving competitions here nightly." to the threatening "The edge of The Mock is the edge of death." Regardless, survivors who come across a Mocker slogan (especially a spoken - or worse, slurred - one) should run for their lives, lest they choose to become a part of The Mock forever.

Historical significance

The Mockers managed to keep Mockridge Heights inhabitable to survivors for nearly the entire groups existance (About 6 Months) even though the groups membership was never more than 15-20 in size. They also managed to do regular excursions into nearbye suburbs and cause great havoc while maintaining Mockridge Heights survivor free.