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April 6th

After much gnashing of teeth the Monroeville Many has begun chomping brains. 3 of our members have fallen to the fiendish headshot, but we fight on. To the death!

March 29th

In light of recent changes to the game, MM has enlisted the help of The Brain Trust.

March 26th

Yep. We're back in Archway Mall. Yesterday One corner of the mall contained 79 survivors, now its 20. Now why did everyone leave. Are we getting a reputation?

March 24th

And another one down, and another one gone, another Mall bites the dust.

March 20th

Grand day for us. Little Daddy the groups second in command was spotted in both Monroeville Mall and Drummond Mall. An Austrian eyewitness describeds him as looking dead tired. Records suggest he may be the first zombie to have been in all three malls in West Monroeville.

March 19th

  1. 28.01 MHz: "Monroeville mall has been breeched! At least 30 zombies*-*" (20 hours and 59 minutes ago)
  2. 28.01 MHz: "*-*inside and 20 outside, probably more. Walls have been *-*" (20 hours and 57 minutes ago)
  3. 28.01 MHz: "*-* breeched on the east and west side. God help us." (20 hours and 56 minutes ago)

March 17th

Major break-in of Monroeville Mall including over 3 deaths of survivors. These attacks with become more frequent and most likely, more deadly as time wears on.

Also, our first level 13 survivor is eaten. Why did he buy Headshot?......

March 12th

Tactical Resource Points are being cracked open daily. 3 more members join the team. An alliance is struck, 6 survivors attacked in a 5 minute period. Its good to be dead....

March 10th

A Survivour has been mercilessly slaughtered by us once again. He goes by the name of LordofSlugs.

March 8th

Terrified survivor uses his last AP to enter a building. Sadly 5 of our members were waiting for him. Easiest kill in Monroeville History. Thanks Keri Jodry.

Also 3 additional harmans were killed with ease throughout the area of West Monroeville in the space of 5 minutes. Their feeble technology was also mercilessly destroyed. Beware harmans, this is beginning to get regular for you guys.

And another one bites the dust. (After we bit them.)

March 7th

3 buildings opened by our rotted hands, 4 survivors feel the cool embrace of our claws. This is becoming quite regular.

March 6th

Several members gain entrance to Archway Mall. Survivors on the street are swept away. Barhah!

March 5th

After terrified survivors destroyed this page, we are back up and clawing away. 3 more zombies join the cause.

March 2nd

The mobile network for the suburb is down thanks to the group, more survivors are injured. More attacks are expected to come in the near future!

March 1st

Another two humans die at our hands, and faces. More are injured. A second squad of our brethren will attack later in the day...

February 29th

Slow witted survivors are now fearful of us and are clearing the streets. Another straggler is torn from the world of the living, and his friend barely clings to life. Our second strike team will soon end his pityful wailing.

February 28th

The first Harman falls to our combined assault, those zeds further away have learnt how to shamble ever quicker. Better start sleeping indoors my friends.....

February 27th

You! Yes you there, rotting fellow. Whether you want to join us or not, please read this! Currently we are in West Monroeville! So shamble over here, if you're there already, great! Come and form outside of Raisden Row Police Department. There are easy meals on the street here and we want you to come and help us finish them off! Apparantley these humans are able to win prizes in this game, sound to you like that's not fair to us when we don't have a crappy camera!? Then come on down and kill them so they don't have the chance to score anything!

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