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The Monroeville Resistance Front
Abbreviation: MRF
Group Numbers: 40+ and Growing
Leadership: Murray Jay Siskind
Goals: Bringing BARHAH! to Monroeville.
Recruitment Policy: Sign up here
Contact: [1]

The Monroeville Resistance Front is a zombie group dedicated to making Monroeville a safe, livable and secure community for zombies. Modeled upon an "old-school" structure that values organized chaos of a bludgeoning zombie horde over highly precise strike teams and death culting, the MRF is rapidly growing and spreading through Monroeville like wildfire.


June 29th, 2008: Having charged south from Oak Hill into Newtown, we have cracked open Weaver Mall and will be ruining the whole area very soon. The harman resistance has proven almost non-existent so far, despite the fact that we have encountered, and eaten, many high-level zombie hunters.

June 16-28, 2008: Ruined the south of Oak Hill, then the north of Newtown. We've gained a few new members including some ex-harmans that we met and gently persuaded that BARHAH! is the way forward.

June 15th, 2008: The stale, chilly air blowing through Monroeville suggests that the MRF are gathering. The only question is, where?

June 14th, 2008: With Monroeville reopening, the MRF arises. Those unfortanate enough to have a haircut via gun last time around have stood back up and recently fallen survivors have joined our ranks.


Feb 2008 - The Shamble From The East

And so it began…one of the first victims of the virus in Monroeville, the late Murray Jay Siskind arose from the deserted, quarantined streets of central Moroeville and howled out his desire for brains into the night. At first, all was silent in the centre of the city, but soon… other shambling shapes joined him. They danced horribly by the flickering lights of the hastily barricaded buildings and stumbled westwards, the scent of raw flesh ripe in their nostrils…

Gastineau Boulevard Police Department was the first to fall to the MRF’s insatiable hunger, its terrified inhabitants dying even as they came to terms with the truth; the religious claiming the day of judgement had arrived, the atheists striving for a rational explanation, the low-budget film buffs long-prepared and long-gone.

March 2008 - To Monroeville Mall

The dead, their brains not long-decayed, came to a conclusion as one: The sickly sweet smell of brains and flesh emanated strongly from the west, which could mean only one thing; Monroeville Mall, far to the west, was full of delicious human buffet, and maybe a kilt or two if they were lucky. The long and deadly march (pun excruciatingly obviously intended) began.

From Gastineau PD the horde shambled west, eating and destroying as they went; in 3 days a swathe of central and west Monroeville was transformed from a garrison of hardened civilians huddled around gas lamps and generators, to a wasteland of blood, ruins and the hungry groans of the newly-risen undead.

It mattered little the nature of the target; well-stocked, well-staffed hospitals; police departments full of crazed, trenchcoat-wearing, battle-hardened, green beret military psychopaths; fire stations and their honourable, working-class employees; they were all one great long funeral buffet for the growing, ever growing, horde.

Monroeville Mall - BARHAH!

It took two weeks for the shambling, decomposing bodies of the MRF to reach the Monroeville Mall and when they finally swayed together outside this colossal monument to humanity, and all its greed, they knew that they were accomplishing something much more than just the sating of personal hunger. For a brief instant, inside the rotted minds of these beautiful abominations there existed a sense of purpose beyond the immediate. For the zombie, material goods are meaningless; only the sweet, endless joy of blood and brains remains, and as the MRF began to tear at the billboards and the promotional posters outside the mall, they knew that they were making a deep, long-needed, socio-political point.

They quickly forgot about this as soon as they smelled brains, of course.

It took just over 24 hours to empty the east wing of the cruciform Mall, and unknown to the MRF other hordes were simultaneously attacking the western end, strangely attracted to the structure at exactly the same moment. Soon the centre was annihilated, and the horde swept on, its members achieving the majority of destruction within the city’s eponymous mall in just over 48 hours. On March 20, 2008, the largest building in Monroeville was infested with the stinking dead. A day of gory glory if ever there was one.

It should be added that survivors seemed especially confused during this time:

28.01 MHz: "all members online radio back" (24 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "attention all survivors please make you way to the Brewer" (18 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "factory there is a armored vehicle there" (18 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "Brewer, this is McNaull in Central. request ident + co-ords." (15 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "attention brewer where are you i'm coming i hav a group of 3" (14 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "Repeat, Mcnaull request confirmation of vehicle and co-ords." (14 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "attention i have a armored vehicle" (13 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "McNaull PD, requesting co-ordinates" (13 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "how can u have an armored vehicle?" (12 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "We'd all like to go and have a shower, so spill co-ords." (12 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "and if you don't, let me know so I can come and kill you." (12 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "So that's a negatory then." (10 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "No. you're a negatory then" (8 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "you're all negatory" (7 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "this whole situation is negatory" (7 minutes ago)
28.01 MHz: "...You don't even know what that means. How typical." (7 minutes ago)

- Anonymous broadcast, 20th March 2008

Drummond Mall - Trenchcoat Massacre

Following victory at the Mall, the MRF paused…and smelled more brains to the north! Another concentration of humans, foolishly swarming into one large building, as if that could possibly save them! 4 days later, Drummond Mall was depopulated and the MRF stronger than ever, the morbid bond between them now unbreakable, as unchallengeable as the border between life and death itself.

Oak Hills - Joy And Tragedy

Inspired by such swift, sweet victory, the horde discovered a mysterious road leading west. Their half-blind eyes could just make out more of the terrible, ugly, right-angled human constructions beyond the woods, but more importantly, the stench of life wafted from the west like never before!

The horde surprised even itself at how fast it was able to destroy large sections of this suburb which had seemingly, until now, escaped the disaster. Few feral zombies were seen and the suburb seemed to be pretty much up and running with the one exception of being cut off from the outside world. The MRF couldn’t stand for such unbridled human arrogance. Within a few days the whole of south Oak Hills was a wasteland; men cried like children, and died in the dark beneath teeth and claws.

Until one terrible, terrible day. The dwindling survivor population discovered, somehow, that destroying a zombie’s brain would deny its ability to regenerate effectively. The zombies had no defence; they simply lined up in their slow, shambling ranks as the cowardly humans erupted from the ruins, and soon ran into the streets, levelling zed after zed after zed. Around Holmes Place Police Department, seven members of the MRF met their doom, three alone to the ever-cursed Iron Fisticle (who died before the end of the quarantine lol).

April - Zombies In The Mist

The surviving MRF members shambled on, destroying a remote farm, and attacking a large warehouse complex, losing members daily. The grief-stricken zombies tried hiding in the woods from the evil, vicious humans, but could not escape for ever. Soon there were only a few, and soon after that, there were none. The most ignominious fate of all awaited these zombies - they were still aware! They could hear the moans and groans of their fellows! They could see their immediate surroundings! But they could not move, or make a sound. A worse fate I cannot imagine...

June - Rebirth And Revenge!

After two months of lying with their brains all over the road, the zombies finally regenerated due to sheer force of will and massive undead mojo. Oak Hills was swiftly consumed as the MRF exacted its revenge, and the zombies once again sniffed the stale Monroeville air to try and locate the nearest brains available...

Horde Structure

The MRF is still re-forming and there aren't any defined groups or teams as of yet. We are very active on and welcome any new recruits; targets are current and ongoing. As the MRF establishes its own presence in Monroeville, in the metagame and in IRC, different groups and teams may form. However, the emphasis for the MRF is to be one giant mass of BARHAH! crushing the harmanz of Monroeville and making the streets safe for zombies.

Command Structure

Currently the MRF is very loosely structured. As the horde forms and coalesces, there will undoubted be a leadership structure. Former RRF Papa Murray Jay Suskind has stepped up at the moment with his similarly named Monroeville alt. A richer command structure will follow as the group grows and gets more coordinated.

Join Today!

Get in on the ground floor of this exciting new group today. The structure and leadership is wide open, so if you show up on and actively contribute to the MRF, you could end up as one of its leaders. And remember: we must bring BARHAH! to Monroeville.

And, if you're playing a survivor and have the great fortune of being introduced to undeath by us, why not stand up, stick Monroeville Resistance Front in your profile and start biting your way to Brain Rot. We guarantee you'll level faster than us than with any other horde.

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