Moorman Park

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Moorman Park

Paynterton [91, 32]

Moorhouse Way Dobson Avenue St. Isidore's Hospital
Santler Road Moorman Park the Sumption Museum
Balman Towers wasteland Douch Street

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Moorman Park

In the early days of the apocalypse, it was thought that straw dummies would fool the zombie horde, unfortunately this is not the case.


Moorman Park, located in north-west Paynterton, has fallen into a state of decay since the city was isolated from the outside world. The wind rattles dying tree branches and the once well kept lawns have fallen into a state of disrepair. The grass has grown long and tall, hiding the trash and rubble that litters the ground, and thankfully, it also hides the bodies. The beautiful plants that once thrived in the wonderfully colourful flowerbeds have been choked off by weeds. The mysterious statue, depicting a man in uncharacteristic clothes and without a face, presumably the Moorman whom the park is named for, has been mercilessly vandalized and broken, the faceless head in whereabouts unknown. The survivors of Paynterton are to busy trying to avoid zombie hordes and gather supplies to notice the downtrodden park, and the zombies who often shamble through the park on their way find and kill survivors are too mindless to notice it or care.


The history of Moorman Park is unclear. The records say that a Mr. John Smith, presumed to be a pseudonym, gave generous amounts of money to the suburb of Paynterton and city of Malton in the year 1932 for the construction a memorial park to be called Moorman Park. John Smith also requested that a unique statue be erected in the park, a figure in uncharacteristic clothing and with no face. Smith never specified who the statue depicted, and although it was believed that it was of the Moorman who the park was named for, it has never been proven. Research into any Moorman in Paynterton or Malton failed to turn up anything other than a few names, none of which seemed to have any relation to the park's location or the suburb of Paynterton. Contemporary records also show that Mr. John Smith was responsible for the renaming of Moorhouse Way.

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