Moorse Cinema

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Moorse Cinema

Dentonside [94, 55]

Rake Way a factory Colquhoun Avenue
Edkins Auto Repair Moorse Cinema Slack Bank
the Kingham Building Toller Lane Darnell Square

Basic Info:

  • Cinemas are "shrouded in darkness" when unpowered.
  • Cinemas are Dark buildings.
  • In the presence of a fuelled portable generator, a Cinema's flavor text will change to one of the following:
    • "…a black-and-white drama film still looping silently on its main screen."
    • "…a recent horror film still looping silently on its main screen."
    • "…an old horror film still looping silently on its main screen."
    • "…a black-and-white documentary film still looping silently on its main screen."
    • "…a recent drama film still looping silently on its main screen."
    • "…a dramatic science-fiction film still looping silently on its main screen."
    • "…a black-and-white science-fiction film playing on its main screen."


Moorse Cinema
EthrDemon (talk) 03:14, 23 April 2020 (UTC)

Moorse Cinema

Description old science-fiction film playing on its main screen..


Barricade Policy

According to the current Dentonside Barricade Plan this building is to be kept at EHB levels!

Current Status


The Moorse Cinema was built a few years before the outbreak as the largest theater in the area. It is complete with twenty four different screens and can seat 2,400 people at any one time. The concession stands could serve up to ten customers at any one time and the ticket windows could serve up to twenty two people at one time. This was a huge operation and raked in lots of money in its few short years of operation.

Dentonside Regulars

The Dentonside Regulars moved in to the Cinema shortly after the zombie hordes began to amass. Since then they have turned the cinema in to a small barricaded fortress safe from any zombie attacks. The cinema offers housing to any survivor who needs a place to sleep and its candy display is still stocked with candy for anyone who would like a late night snack. They also ask that the cinema be kept at EHB. It is located at GPS coordinates (94,55) .


  • Safe house for all Survivors needing a place to stay
  • Gathering point for the Dentonside Regulars
  • Fall back point in case of successful Zombie attack
  • A stash of candy and popcorn for anyone who is hungry
  • Four fully working theaters
  • Surround Sound system


29th of August 2012

23rd January 2009

23rd November 2007

  • The cinema is pretty much empty and has no power, but has a strong barricade that will keep the zombies out. If you happen to need a place to rest and you are in the area, the cinema welcomes you. --User:Vokun

29th August 2007

  • The cinema is abandoned but does have power due to a unknown source. The barricades will probably fall to random zombie attacks.

--Badwolf robotics--talk-DDF-Dentonside Power- 20:21, 29 August 2007 (BST)

5 August 2007

  • The cinema has reopened as a safe house in Dentonside all survivors welcome.

10th july 2007

  • the cinema is down. it has been for a few weeks as of today. survivors are dead. regulars have disappeared...
  • We didn't disappear, the Cinema wasn't as important as some of the other places so we held up north and at Toleman. The Moorse cinema is one of the least important places in Dentonside

27 March 2007

  • The cinema is EHB and the Regulars are back.

5 March 2007

  • The cinema has fallen under the Zombie attack and the Regulars are routed.

3 March 2007

  • The Cinema has fallen under attack, survivors inside have beaten off the first assualt by the zeds and only 5 are outside but reports show that more may be on the way.
  • The Dentonside Regulars are reorganizing and are in a dire need of people. John Raymond announced that several high ranking positions are open and need to be filled ASAP.

Bulletin Board

  • This building needs a transmitter
  • This building needs a generator
  • Watchout for Zombies moving around the city
  • Dentonside Regulars are recruiting
  • Keep this building EHB

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