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The Tombs - click this link to pay us a visit at our current home.
Minions of the Apocalypse
Abbreviation: MotA
Group Numbers: ~5
Leadership: A Fallen Angel (Acting Horde Leader)
Goals: The End of Life
Recruitment Policy: Accepting Applications

The End is Coming.

Our goal and driving motivation since our founding members shuffled unsteadily one by one out of the dark places and bloody feeding grounds from which they had been called into St. Lazarus's Church that dark day so many months ago has been simple: the death of all living things. It's an epic undertaking, we know, but time has always been on the side of the Undead, and we're very, very patient.

Civilization has reached an end here in Malton, and although the fear of the new world that is at hand inspires much hostility from those small-minded few who would hold on to the dying past rather than embrace this change in the world as natural and inevitable, we will continue to work tirelessly to enlighten these poor 'breathers' even as they hide their fragile flesh behind walls of boards and furniture...

Because in the final summary, it's really all about the end of all life on the planet... AND the braaaiinnnsss!


Who are we?

MotA is one of the oldest metagaming groups in Urban Dead, founded on September 16, 2005 by an undying hero of the zombie revolution named Zedd, and dedicated to the advancement of the Undead cause one living brain at a time. Hardly a day goes by that we don't consume some brains, as barricades fall easily when attacked by several zombies simultaneously. One of the strengths of the MotA is its organization. The MotA were at the original Caiger Mall siege, as well as Caiger II: Electric Boogaloo, the Dia De Los Muertos Massacre of Giddings Mall, the routing of the Malton Confederacy, the Big Bash, and too many other great parties to count, and have continued our unrelenting mayhem since then with regular daily attacks on the humans wherever they may lurk. Our ranks are open to any dedicated zombie player, regardless of skill level or the length of time they have been undead, as long as they are willing to put in the effort to attend attacks on time. For fledgling corpses still starving for brains we have hand-delivered hot meals for anyone present at feeding time, clawed and mauled to perfection and shelled from their cozy fortresses while you wait - older zombies will no doubt enjoy a relaxing dinner chat in our private IRC room while discussing the relative qualities of chewy and tough veteran Hunters versus the comparatively huge and well-marbled brains to be had from the Scientists.

If you are tired of a solitary existance lurching slowly from barricade to barricade, join our fast-moving team of insatiably hungry predators and start making a difference in the war on life. Many hundreds of humans have breathed their last with a gurgling shout of “M!N!ANZ! echoing in their ears as the Horde moved in - JOIN US...


What do we believe?


The Minions of the Apocalypse hold the utmost respect for Malton's rules:

  • 1. Minions only have ONE character active in the horde; zerging is not tolerated. This includes no utilization of information scouted by an "alt". If you don't like that, we will eat you and your "alt". Repeatedly.
  • 2. When revived, Minions will not PK. The ONLY exception to this rule is in cases where former zombies have gone insane with rage and shot the scientist responsible for bringing them personally back to painful, hideous life - no other kills of humans while living are condoned by the Horde.
  • 3. In regards to other activities while alive, zombies from the Minions of the Apocalypse may use their newly acquired agility when forced back to the world of the living in briefly stepping into the present safehouse for a look around - we find this to be the perfect opportunity to spread our cheerful message of doom and unending horror for all mankind before returning to undeath. Of course, this opportunity may be used to collect a flak jacket or pick up the body building skill, or to spray a friendly message to the human herds or local shamblers. Afterward, however, it is the responsibility of all Minions to return to undeath as quickly as possible, whether through suicide or the gracious feeding of the horde, since Minions find that there is no greater feeling than returning your brother or sister to the undead through a delicious sampling of cerebrum and cerebellum. We ask that our players not gather information on other potential targets while alive, as the Free Running skill makes it far too easy to proceed from one building to the next. Part of the fun in being a zombie is the suspense while breaching a spot that is as yet unexplored, and discovering a full meal of terrified breathers huddled inside...


Eating brains is it's own reward, but members of the UD community have also awarded us:

  • Deadliest Small Horde at the Brainies on March 19, 2007. We were given a golden brain. You can look at it but don't touch it, we're saving it for a special occasion..
  • Gold Brain for Horde Efficiency at the Malton Special Olympics on August 1st, 2007. We amassed more kills, broken barricades, and ransacks per member than any other zombie horde in Malton.
    Horde efficiency gold.jpg
  • Bronze Intestine for Overall Horde Points at the Malton Special Olympics on August 1st, 2007. We came in third in the total number of points.
    Horde points bronze.jpg


For easy reference, here is our recruitment page advert.


Unlike other stationary undead hordes, the Minions of the Apocalypse are actively touring around Malton to best pursue our calling. But no matter how far we travel, we occasionally reroute back to Gulsonside to cleanse the verminous humans that insist on infesting our homeland despite repeated consumption, and to pay our deep respect to the Elders, many of whom have grown too rotten to travel with the horde. Someone has to tend the herds of rats back in the old meeting grounds of St. Lazarus' Church and maintain the sacred bloodstains on the sidewalk outside the Perryn Necrotech Building, and who better then the greying and ancient forms of these legendary terrors?


Our Little Friend Kanga

It has been recently reported that during attacks a hairless rat scours among the corpse piles and body parts, nibbling on the leftovers bits of flesh, severed arms and brains. This is Kanga, the Zombierat, and she has been adopted as Official Minion Mascot. Because of the human infestation in Malton she was forced to scavenge among the dry bones left by zombie raids all across the city trying to get her daily meal of raw meat - but now, thanks to MotA, she is well-fed and growing fatter by the day while feasting on a wide variety of brains and intestines. Kanga represents not only the rats but all of Malton's unique native species such as crows, vultures, feral dogs, flesheating beetles and dozens more... We need YOUR help in keeping these proud and beautiful creatures from dying out completely.

Bizarre Encounters with Humankind

The Minions of the Apocalypse tour the whole of Malton, and see thousands of humans. Most are content to sit back, search for ammo, polish their guns, organize their closet of trenchcoats, etc. But just when you think you have these breather's pegged as a uniform mass of cowardly turtlers, one will break the mold and something bizarre will happen. These can be times of great amusement:

  • It seems in the middle of zombies killing and maiming, 1/3 of one of the major human Gods stepped forward, and gave his blessing in a way to the job we zombies do day in and out. Keith Moon recorded the following:
Holy Ghost said "Zombies, you are forgiven of your sins, for in your current state you know not what you do." (21 hours and 6 minutes ago)
  • After pumping one of our active members, Strike Boy, full of bullets, this harman made a valiant stand:
gosimmons said "Well we're screwed. Let it be known we went down fighting!" (8 hours and 1 minute ago)
gosimmons punched you for 1 damage. (8 hours and 1 minute ago) (Now 2 west.)
  • Brainwulfer caught a typical strange comment from a Whiskey Company member, after we had killed several of his friends:
SWCS9 said "Make sure to wipe your feet when you leave" (1 hour and 8 minutes ago)
You fire at Univest for 5 damage. Their flak jacket absorbs 1 point of that damage. They die.

Are you sure you want to jump out of a window? This will kill you.

You fall heavily onto the pavement, a few storeys below.
  • Fisty Jones encountered a human with the shortest attention span in the history of the game:
Agustus said "Holy Crap, don't revive Fisty, he's a member of the Apocalypse...they are a dangerous group, they're might be more of them around." (3 hours and 3 minutes ago) Agustus jabbed you (Fisty Jones) in the neck with a syringe, to no effect.
Since your last turn: Jugband Jamboree said "Publicenemy and other Minions, I'd like to apologize for my fellow survivors in there. You tried to make polite conversation, and they shot you in response. Simply shameful manners. Best of luck tearing this place apart in retribution."
  • One of the brighter minds in Kinch Heights, Nikolai Romanowski proceeded to make a statement to us, perhaps an early campaign promise or something. Speaking to one of our newer members:
    "Zombie, you are worthless. Get lost. Do yourself a favor and go to some other suburb. You're simply going to get owned over here. Have a nice day."
We then slaughtered a few dozen people in the days following.

Liber Mortis (Book of the Dead)

Most recent news is at the bottom of the page.

For the archived attack descriptions of previous months please visit the Archives: Archive 1 (2005-2006), Archive 2 (2006-2007), Archive 3 (2007-2008).


The end is DEFINITELY HERE Many trials have faced the appocalypse in recent times The Horde has thinned, BUT NO MORE! The Horde is gathering, no longer are we scattered across the land. The Horde perseveres. The Horde grows stronger. The Horde grows hungry once again. IT IS FEEDING TIME! We are amassing, We are recruiting, breathers beware, your time is at an end! THE APPOCALYPSE IS NOW!