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Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 12:19, 29 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Abbreviation: The All Zombie Team
Group Numbers: Let us see, one guts, two guts, three guts...
Leadership: Nuffle (aka He Who Sucks)
Goals: Lets Play Blood Bowl
Recruitment Policy: Let us rip out your guts and you're recruited
Contact: Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh!

Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! is a group of zombies dedicated to playing Blood Bowl with the guts of their victims.

Bob Bifford: "Well Hello Jim"

Jim Johnson: "Hello Bob"

Bob Bifford: "Tonight we have a special game"

Jim Johnson: "Yes Bob we have, tonight we'll watch a game of Blood Bowl"

Bob Bifford: "And what are the rules of this so called game of Blood Bowl?"

Jim Johnson: "Well Bob It's quite easy, just rip out some survivor's guts, blow it up till you get a nice ball and toss it around"

Bob Bifford: "Nice"

Jim Johnson: "So Bob, what teams are going to play tonight?"

Bob Bifford: "Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! aka the All Zombie Team vs. a local survivor team"

Jim Johnson: "Do you think the survivors can win against the All Zombie Team?"

Bob Bifford: "AGAINST THOSE GUY'S! NO WAY. the All Zombie Team is way to good, and can field more than one star player. I think this will be a good match to watch, and talking about the match, the teams are walking up the pitch to start the game"

Jim Johnson: "Ow Bob, one other thing!"

Bob Bifford: "Whats that Jim"



Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! is a group of zombies dedicated to the game we call Blood Bowl. We play day and night, 24 hours a day. In the living days we played in our homes but when we died the living took our homes and Blood Bowl from us, but no more! Now we play Blood Bowl on the streets with the guts of the living.

That's disgusting!
I know, but we like it that way even more.

What are the rules of Blood Bowl?
Blood Bowl is a game between the dead and the living, we field two teams against each other. One team in defence, the living. The other team in offence, the dead. The dead team tries to break through the living teams defence, rips out some survivors guts, blow it up till they get a nice gutball, and toss it around.

Again, that's disgusting!
I know, but it realy gets disgusting if Nuffle aka He Who Sucks joins the game.

Who's Nuffle?
Nuffle is Nuffle, he is the one we call He Who Sucks and if he dislikes you he will #$%^&*! up your #$%^&*! and #$%^&*! till you #$%^&*!

He will do what?
he will #$%^&*! up your #$%^&*! and #$%^&*! till you #$%^&*!

And again, that's disgusting!
Don't you like it?.

Well we do.

What's the translation of Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh!?
It's zombie's for the All Zombie Team.

How can I join?
Let us rip out your guts, and join the game.

Yes, realy realy nice.

HEY, what are you doing?



Not at the moment, but if you want to support the Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! you can do that as a fanatical fan. If you are a zombie you can cause pre- and postmatch riots, or if you realy feel like playing, you can form your own Blood Bowl Team and start your own local league. As a survivor you can open up your "save houses" and let us show you how Blood Bowl is played whit your guts of cours!.


Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! has ripped out the guts and eaten the brains of the following survivors:

The Mockridge Heights season:
The Mockridge Heights season was the starting season of the Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! aka the All Zombie Team. They were so succesfull that soon Mockridge Heights became to small, and the decision was made to promote Blood Bowl out side the suburb. The casualty count for this season is over 200.

The Greentown tour:
After a great first season whit over 200 casualties for the All Zombie Team, Mockridge Heights became to small for the Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! and they went on the The Greentown tour.

The Marven Mall Bowl:
The Marven Mall Bowl is the final stage of The Greentown tour.

The Brooksville Brawl:
After a game of Blood Bowl, some members of the All Zombie Team went for a drink in a pub, when they could not find one they decided to go to the Beckley Hotel to get a drink.

Tapton exhibition match:

The survivors of Tapton were screaming for a match and they got it!


Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! has met several survivors that annoyed us greatly, and we will eat the brains or rip out the guts of the following survivors first if we ever meet them again:

Acris (2x), Nolo2, Ash Riot, Haddock, RedHidingHood, P'a'r'a', kyransr, Sucros, Wisel, Demonathic, dna man, Tzeentch.


Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! has been in the headlines of several newspapers, on television and many stories go around on Malton's streets:

Mockridge Heights: - Shiakou Reports 10/14/05: Wheaton Avenue PD, Lay Road PD, and Brockway Row Fire Station had been taken over by zombies. They're taking over the entire suburb! If any survivors are near, we request assistance!

Who is cracking Lay Road PD in Mockridge Heights? � on: October 10, 2005, 02:46:44 PM � I'm a newbie zombie, and just stumbled onto this attack. By the time I got there, the barricades were down and I was the second in, although there's obviously an active group going on here. I've bit and scratched Justin Hales down to 50 HP from 60, but am about out of APs. Is this coordinated? How do I hook up?


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Revive List � Reply #217 on: October 10, 2005, 04:48:38 PM �

Fwulfo Mockridge Heights Lay Road Police Dept.

I'm sure that pretty much all of the zombies around would also be happy for a revive.


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 Re: The Fight for Ridleybank & Surrounding Suburbs (UPD Oct 28) 

� Reply #773 on: October 29, 2005, 05:45:09 AM �

Mockridge Heights: 16 zombies outside Alphege General Hospital, doors wide open, and 2 more outside the library next door.

Fifteen zombies were seen recently congregated outside Alphege General Hospital. The reason for this is yet unknown. -Luci 03:49, 27 Oct 2005 (BST)

Mockridge Heights - Many zombies out on streets. Less severe than Gulsonside but still dangerous to be standing for few idle moments on streets. The strange thing about the zombie's in this suburb is that they appear to play rugby with the guts of the (ex)survivors! ----13:54, 1 Nov 2005


the Mrh?Brnhr.Graaaagh! are promoting Blood Bowl in many suburbs: