Mudford Auto Repair

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Mudford Auto Repair
Thvortex (talk) 19:32, 6 August 2020 (UTC)
Mudford Auto Repair

Hollomstown [65,91]

Towne Towers the Woodyatt Arms the Bigg Building
the Cleaves Arms Mudford Auto Repair Warfield Boulevard School
the Colbourne Museum St Juan's Church a cemetary

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.

A partial view of Mudford's lot a few days before the outbreak.

Description and History

The Mudford family opened the doors to the business in 1967, specializing in custom body work and paint jobs. At the time of the outbreak, they had recently landed an account with the largest taxi company in Malton. Dozens of taxis sat on the lot waiting to be repainted from yellow to a black and white checkerboard when the dead rose.

Recent News

Mulligan Stew has recently been spotted tearing apart the taxis and hauling away yellow door panels, hoods, trunks, and roofs. He's been dragging them toward a wasteland to the east of the Roddoway Building. What's that guy up to anyway?

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