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Rip.PNG N00dles- A Comic of Comics
N00dles' author has found a chopper out of Malton and the comic will be put on hold indefinitely. For an archive of past comics, refer to the website for an accurate and up-to-date archive.'

N00dles: The Webcomic

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N00dles? What exactly is N00dles?

Welcome to N00dles! N00dles is a webcomic about Urban Dead. Its creator, TheIronGoat, releases a new webcomic every Monday and Friday. The comics feature him and his partner, Met Fan, as they journey together throughout Dulston, saving lives and kicking zombie ass. Both Met Fan and TheIronGoat are a part of the survivor group known as FOXHOUND and support the Dulston Alliance.

Latest Comic

Today's comic is the second of our N00dles Survival Guide - a guide to living in Malton. Part 2 deals with finding a safehouse. Are you AP sufficient?

The End

Updated Saturday, April 21th, 2012.

Contacting the Team

There are several ways that you can contact Team N00dles. Now because we're very classy we'll even go to the trouble of listing all the possible ways in a convenient list for you. Don't say we never gave you anything:

Feel free to voice your opinions, suggestions, or comments to our website, forum, or e-mail address above. Remember that Met Fan and TheIronGoat are both members of FOXHOUND, so wherever you find FOXHOUND or the Dulston Alliance, they are bound to follow.

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