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"Welcome to the Nine Hells"

Rumored to be a an Organization which consists of groups of Necrotech origin, operating in Malton. Little else is known.

Necrotech logo.png
Abbreviation: N1,none
Group Numbers: TBA
Leadership: TBA
Goals: TBA
Recruitment Policy: TBA
Contact: here


A worn out old Journal stained with dried blood. Most pages are now illegible, but some are partially readable. You go through some of the pages:

April 1, 2005 - ... Old friend and our Senior reporter asked for my help today... we drove into central Malton...looking into... Necrotech was bringing into the city like the entirety of 'N...one' which he said was a private military company owned by Necrotech. About a block from ... he got off the car and left me a folded piece of paper and told me that he was gonna count on me! Slowly I unfolded it and found that it was a ticket to his dry cleaning. So much for an action packed future! I'm probably in for a long, boring, uneventful life in this city!

Apr 3, 2005 -...interviewed the Necrotech...strange comments...world free of death where great people like the Pope wouldn't die...impressive looking bodyguards wearing flak jackets with Team T printed on it.

July 3, 2005 - Senior...still missing...received an envelope from him! in it was a letter stating that if anything should happen to him...envelopes to people that he trusted. Based on the files, Necrotech is operating a secret research Facility designated NH which conducts all kinds of illegal research! I'm uploading the info now and right after i'm going to the station and

Aug 14, 2007 - ...NT ruined by Zombies...secret room that was destroyed but I was able to salvage something. It seems to have been a Diagram of sorts...destroyed but from the bits left it would seem that NH had 9 levels, each with it's own security Team...the architect made a notation in his handwriting, it says "Nine Hells"...

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