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General info

N4PK1T is a zombie group operating in New Arkham. It's base is Painter Street School, and that building must be uncaded at all times. We have a program called Mainly for Brains, and we target to clearing New Arkham from survivors. However you'll be spared if you're inside the base or have brain rot. However, if you feel the irresistable urge to attack someone within the N4PK1T headquarters you are allowed to use a newspaper, which can be used as a zombie too, being a blunt weapon. This provides some stress-relief for those aggressive rotters that tend to kill everything, and provides a venerable amount of amusement, who can resist the following "You slap the zombie/survivor with a newspaper." Mainly for Brains organizes 8th day of each month one quick raid to nearby buildings.

Leadership & common warnings

N4PK1T's leader is T0HT0R1, a zombie which likes to tear its victims apart using bare hands. The organisator of N4PK1T is norpex. Norpex has a strange thought in its rotten brains: live to die, die to bite, bite to kill. Some would say this pair has got no brains at all, but you can be safe from all N4PK1T's by staying inside their safehouse. When you hear a loud and clear "Brhng!" nearby with a flailing gesture towards you, better hide behind cades because they're there only for flesh.

Recruitment policy

If interested to join us, come inside in human form and say you want to become part of the Mainly for Brains program. We'll kill you as an entry fee, and that's it.

Policy on Outsiders

Any survivors are welcome to the headquarters, providing they stay on the inside. All survivors inside the headquarters are considered untouchable, thus having some sort of diplomatic protection. However, should a N4PK1T encounter a survivor outside the safehouse he's free game (providing he's not associated with N4PK1T). Zombies with or without, and survivors with brainrot will be dealt with in a different way; we will try our best to ensure their safety within our reach. It should also be noted that Outsiders are allowed to take part in various festive actions, for instance, they are allowed to enjoy the privilege of Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Ball alongside N4PK1T members. This is to ensure a strong bond and to keep in friendly terms with outsiders. However, outsiders are NOT allowed to take part into official raids N4PK1T has organized. Also take notice that if you enjoy any of our services we will consider you non-hostile, and any action against N4PK1T will be deemed treacherous and a small betrayal. So consider carefully what you do when you're on our turf.

  • IMPORTANT: If we run out of alternate food sources we will resort into feasting on any zombies or survivors not associated with N4PK1T. Even in this situation however anyone inside the N4PK1T headquarters is considered untouchable.

Policy on Violations

Any violations against our Code of Conduct are considered a violation against N4PK1T. There will be a varying punishment depending on the seriousness of their action. Most common punihment will be that the violator will be the victim in one or more Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Balls. However we will resort to suspension and even exile in the most extreme cases. Anyone who has been banished from N4PK1T, periodically or permanently, will be a free target for anyone to kill. Their name will be displayed on this very page. However, to ensure that no griefing occurs once you have killed the exiled one you must move away from the area. Or if you are forced to stay in the same place, you will not have the right to kill him again after he rises. This mean that people Banished will not be hunted, but killed on sight.

The Code of Conduct implies all regulations mentioned on this page, and are not subject to any major changes.

N4PK1T newspaper raid

N4PK1T encourages all braindead shamblers to swell our ranks, and all members to spread the love. It is recommended to tag the buildings near N4PK1T headquarters to point in to the safehouse, so people know when they are nearby. This also serves as a warning for all survivors to keep their bony asses out of our flesh-filled backyard. All survivors are, however, welcomed to enjoy a newspaper slapping from some walking dead INSIDE the house.

The core rule for any survivors nearby: Get in or get killed.

Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Ball

To ensure a steady gain of experience for all our members, norpex will organize occasional Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Balls. What this means is that someone (or on festive occasions multiple) zombie(s) or survivor(s) will stand in front of the headquarters, and say Brnhr three times in a row. This gives all of our rotten comrades the permission to instantly slay him for experience. Others are encouraged to occasionally perform a Triple-Brnhr as well, so that the exp gain stays as stable and consistent as possible. This way of gaining experience and meat means that there will be no need to kill anyone inside the headquarters, which is strictly against our policies anyway.

Some notes on Triple-Brnhr Slaugther-Ball:

  • Don't say Brnhr three times on the OUTSIDE of the headquarters unless you are ready to be killed. This however implies only to the outside of the headquarters, so anyone inside saying Brnhr, even three times, is not going to get killed.
  • There will weekly be atleast one Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Ball organized by norpex. However, on festive occasions (holidays etc.) there will be more than one, with more than one victim to eat.
  • Especially senior members of N4PK1T are encouraged of performing a Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Ball to ensure experience gain for our low leveled sisters and brethren.
  • Newcomers to the N4PK1T should always perform a Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Ball to ensure they get all other members to their contacts list.
  • Check on this page whether the Victim is indeed a newcomer, if so, we recommend only to attack him once so he will get as much contacts to his list during his ceremony as possible.

Information & Updates

Further details, schedules, information on the target of our next Raid, and also updates to our policies go to this very page. So keep an eye on it regularly so you won't miss out on anything crucial to the success of the organization.

N4PK1T location

Dane Drive (2/94) Lathey Drive (3/94) Haliday Lane (4/94)
Blunden Walk (2/95) N4PK1T BASE (3/95) The Parr Building (4/95)
A Warehouse (2/96) Redbath Place (3/96) Tilke Bank (4/96)

NOTE: T0HT0R1 has ruined the building due to some violations. The building was barricaded up to EHB -> I ruined it just to remind you it is our building. E2: Ruined twice again just to remind you to keep out alive.

Complaints Section/Reporting violations

If you encounter any difficulties or disapproved behaviour and/or violations against our code of conduct please do report here. Complaints shoul be titled COMPLAINT with capital letters to ensure visibility. We will then see to the issue at hand, and take further action if necessary. Your post will then be deleted, and if you inquire a detailed explanation of what action was taken we will provide that as well. All complaints must have sufficient details with them so we can see whether there really is a problem or not. Also remember to add your characters name so we know which of our members made the report.


Scheduled Actions

  • Next Raid:

When: Right now! Where: Hinkes Auto Repair

-Lightly barricaded ATM, so crack it open and eat everyone!

  • Next Official Scheduled Triple-Brnhr Slaughter-Ball:

When: Right now! Who is the Victim in the ceremony: norpex will perform this official and scheduled ceremony. what can we expect: 40-50 hp zombie Remember to wait for the Magic Words: Brnhr, Brnhr, Brnhr.

Known Enemies

N4PK1T aims to hunt down these survivors when they're in the area of New Arkham:

Yddy42 Azazzalo Dr no zombie John Wuokko Mister Zee Mitty13

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