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Malton Department of Defense

"It's a hundred and six blocks to Ackland, we've got a full keg of beer, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."
"Hit it."

Spend sleepless nights wondering whether your safehouse cades will hold? Hoard take out your favorite NT? Wish you had some extra guns for that operation your group has been putting off? MDD is here to help!

Our Motto: "Have gun, will travel.™"

Oh, we're also recruiting. Want to get out and see the sights in Malton? Or just tired of refueling and rebarricading the same buildings over and over again? You could be in the MDD! Act now and we'll even throw in a free keg of beer!  Sign up at our Forum now! 

A grand old adventure awaits!



Everything below the above line doesn't get included in the ad. To put this ad on the recruitment page you simply put {{:Malton Department of Defense/Recruitment|~~~~~}} below a headline with the group name. On the editing page it should look like this:

===[[Malton Department of Defense]] : Survivor Group===
{{:Malton Department of Defense/Recruitment|~~~~~}}
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