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Nah Narbahbargarz - No Newbie-Hamburgers!
Current members - 3 Wanted members - 10+
Narbahs helped - 35 Wanted helped narbahs - 100+
Spraypainted messages - 27 Wanted messages - 35+
A zombie gestures at a building.
Harman az ah narbah..
Ran, harman, ran!!
Ran maz!
A zombie gestures at a building.
A zombie kills an experienced player
Zambah nah harm narbahz.
Narbah ran!
Nah Narbahbargarz - No Newbie-Hamburgers
Abbreviation: NNNNH
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: Nnnnnnnnn
Goals: Keeping newbies, narbahz, alive
Recruitment Policy: Join and contact me.
Contact: here

Nah Narbahbargarz! So there you are, wondering where all the newbies, narbahs, you used to feast on have gone. You realize - they were fed up with the dying and left to live in peace. It's getting harder to find experienced players because all the newbies leave. Here at Nah Narbahbargarz - No Newbie-Hamburgers, NNNNH, we support letting newbies live in order to have more experienced players in the future, resulting in more food! You remember when you were a newbie, right? Well, here's your chance to help out during that stressful time.. and eventually, to feast on experience!!
Narbahbargar.jpeg Narbahbargar.jpeg Narbahbargar.jpeg Narbahbargar.jpeg Narbahbargar.jpeg Narbahbargar.jpeg

What are Narbahbargarz?

Narbahbargarz or Narbargarz are newbie-hamburgers where narbah = newbie, narb = noob. In NN's professional opinion, once a survivor reaches six or seven levels, they are no longer a narbah, if they are polite enough. Spamming still at that level definately defines a narb.

What does NNNNH support?

Here at NNNNH, high level zeds and PKers agree to lay off all narbahz, and attack the experienced players first. If only a narbah is around, a maximum of one hit should be made before pointing him or her in the direction of an entry-point. It is encouraged to follow such a gesture with, "Ran, narbah harman, ran!"

Moral will determine if you support the one-hit part or not; It helps show the narbah why they should get off the streets, if on them. However, if the narbah is lower than 40 HP, it may be in best interests to lay off.

If the player isn't a narbah, enjoy your dinner!!

Mmm.. XP Burger..

Who is welcome in this group?

Essentially everybody is welcome, this is actually mostly for higher-level zeds and PKers. Lower-level zeds have it rough, and might not support the tactics as well. If you're a lower level zed and would like to join, I suggest hanging around The Big Bash or Shacknews for a while, in order to find higher-level harmanz.

What if I'm a law-abiding harman?

Then you agree to only attack the higher level zeds. Yep, that means DNA scanning every zed you come in contact with, to check the profiles and ingore all the narbah zeds in your attack. A narbah zed is usually under seven levels. Now, if the zed is in your building and inactive... well, whatever seems most morally correct, fine, but the narbahzombahz need to feed too. Leave them alone if they're outside. Also, if you're of the healing type, try healing the newbies first.


It's simple - narbarz hardly have a fighting chance, and we don't want new members to leave just because they died too much. Also, the more members than make it past narbah-hood means more meat for dinner in the end..

How do I join?

Copy and paste "Nah Narbahbargarz - No Newbie-Hamburgers" in your group name - not "NNNNH". I wouldn't recomend trying to type the whole name yourself. I wonder if I can get ten members..

Don't forget to update our chart whenever you make a cotribution!

How do I promote this?

If you're a harman, spraypaint our name wherever you can, inside and out. If you're a zed, say our name or message wherever there are narbahz. If you're really ambitious, spam places with our message - but don't blame your leader, Nnnnnnnnn.

Suggestions for graffiti

Nah Narbahbargahz!
[Your name here] for NNNNH!
Join Nah Narbahbargahz and eat experience!
Join NNNNH and eat experience!
NN = Nah Narbahbargahz
Narbah = Newbie
Join NNNNH and save the Newbie race!
the whales need saving, but so do the narbahs! join NNNNH today!

Write your own today!! Just edit the box, and put yours, signed, under this sentence.

Why all the N's?

I don't know.

Current members!!

Dead Animal
Join today!!


Nah Narbahbargarz was created!! - Nov 29, 2006
NN changed it's name to NNNNH and is now a human-zombie alliance! --Nnnnnnnnn 00:00, 1 December 2006 (UTC)
First spray-painted message on Club Threadgould, Vinetown!--Nnnnnnnnn 21:54, 1 December 2006 (UTC)
It's getting hard to find narbahz.. --Nnnnnnnnn 21:19, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
The first narbahzambah was defended today, while the zed was inside a building.. Though I have to say.. I don't remember half the things I was screaming about.. The building was mostly full of narbahz, so I gave them all some helpful hints... I think.. --Nnnnnnnnn 01:57, 10 December 2006 (UTC) Yeah! New member!! When did that happen? --Nnnnnnnnn 17:38, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Narbahs helped!

EmoSeb - down to 4 HP as of now and may not survive till morning, but I've done all I can to help this poor level 1-er. If you see EmoSeb, either heal him/her or give him/her a revive!! Emo was low when I got there, but I think the surrounding zambahz got the point too. Poor Osmondville kid.. :( --Nnnnnnnnn 01:15, 13 December 2006 (UTC)

Add your own today, and watch as they survive to experienced..ness..hood..!

Nah Narbahbargarz!
This user supports NNNNH, and is probably off saving newbies from extinction.
- To use this, type {{NN}
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