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" Revive, Defend, Protect"--Matterfoot founder of the NNRC

The New Necrotech Revication Corporation
Abbreviation: The NNRC
Group Numbers: ???
Leadership: Matterfoot
Goals: To create fast and efficent RP's for all.
Recruitment Policy: place NNRC in profile
Contact: Discussion area in top of wiki

In case your wondering what NNRC stands for its New Necrotech Revication Corporation

Recent News

WERE BACK BABY! After a long lull we have returned ironically I also revived Whiskey Dick was the first action I took, A omen perhaps?. Anyway after realizing the NNRC was pretty much gone out of order I The sole remaning NNRC member. Have started a alliance with the new group the TSI, And as the alliances first act we are launching a full scale war on the Bastards who siege Flooks! FOR THE MALTONLAND!! COMRADES!!--Matterfoot 05:01, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

November 6th, 2007 Well I have no clue where Who cares Jattern and Modern Achillies all went I cannot contact them so I am stating them as inactive My account was brutally Pked in a railway station by Dirty Tom or something along those lines and am waiting in the revive point...NNRC is starting to lose hope in this battle we need a new command center so we have established a BoOps location in Cinema near the entrance for the revive point (I have insomnia right now and this medicine is making me drowse so I can't remember much) All NNRC members are required to attend here once this month if not you will be kicked out for being inactive--Matterfoot 21:54, 6 November 2007 (UTC)

October 25th, 2007 With Brooksville heating up again many NNRC members have been killed as a result if this, our HQ NNRC #001 'MotherFlooker' was ransacked I myself was in North Blyville attempting to get people to help there, list of confirmed NNRC deaths

  • 1.Jattern3434- 4 times
  • 2.Who cares- 2 times
  • 3. Modern Achillies- MIA
  • 4. Matterfoot-1 time

All personell who get this message are ordered to head to Tucker Railway station for a briefing, NNRC Out--Matterfoot 21:06, 25 October 2007 (BST)

October 20th, 2007 The NNRC and Bandit Queens have become allies in the Never ending Malton Wars --Matterfoot 23:42, 20 October 2007 (BST)

How it came to be

After NecroTech fell to the zombies there has been no group to take its place as the guardians of all NT's. Thats is until now when a man with a vision of, 1 minute revive waits, and a powered NT in every suburb that has one, and green suburbs across Malton, created the NNRC and his name is Matterfoot and here is his story

In the midst of a fight our glorious leader Matterfoot was tired of waiting for a revive so he decided to form a group that revived and defended Necrotechs and protects Malton from the evil virus.

So Matterfoot formed the NNRC and the rest has yet to happen.

Pretty boring huh? well maybe if you joined their would be more to say, Thats a good idea!! I have to write that down.

How do I join this NNRC?

Why its simple, Just put NNRC in your UD profile and head to a nearby NT. (Please if you join tell me in the discussion page on this Wikipage)

You also must have some NT skills and must be willing to die for the cause.

Current Operations

NNRC Recruitment Drive

Matterfoot has delcared all activities of the NNRC to be put on stand by to move into Brooksville for recruitment. With the exception of The Great Beyond all members are ordered to head to The Flooks Building.


TSI and I have begun 'BACKLASH' in attempt to rid Flooks and the wretched scum of the dead off the face of Brooksville once and for all I am calling out for any assitance as long as you are in Brooksville Place BACKLASH in Group Name unless you leave Brooksville.

Former Missions

Project: Exterminator: Rise of the NNRC

1. Move into Randallbank and take its NT

2. Hold the fort until the zeds retreat

3. Show the world what the NNRC can do

Outcome Well It was a good fight that lasted 2 months but we have stuff to do in Brooksville

Operation: Helpful Hobos

The NNRC is in The Usher Building to help heal hobos in Heytown.


The NNRC has along with many others rebult Heytown into the beacon it should be.

Project: Desert Hoard

The NNRC must return Eastonwood to its former glory and rid it of the Zombie Hoards.


With great sadness the NNRC must abandon its home-suburb but fear not we shall return and in greater numbers.

Revive Policy

1. Scan before ANY REVIVE!

2. If they have more zombie skills than survior don't revive.

3. If they have all survior skills revive them.

4. Revive fellow NNRC and NNRC Allies (see below) first.

5. Don't even think of reviving anyone with no survior skills.

6. Only revive in revive points if you are seen Combat Reviving you will be punished.

7. No Pkers are to be revived (Including those that the Bandit Queens have listed.


1. Matterfoot



SSZlogo.GIF Survivor Security Zone
NNRC helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.
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