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Abbreviation: [NT7]
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: edified
Goals: To implement and continually execute NecroTech Directive TS73-C
Recruitment Policy: Must be willing to dedicate yourself to the upkeep of NT7 facilities, and the revification of infected citizens.
Contact: edified

The NecroTech Special Operations Group [NT7], is a UK-based, private military contractor (PMC), currently under the employ of the NecroTech Corporation where they serve as the company's top secret intelligence and reconnaissance agency. The department head is the only "official" tie between the group and the NecroTech Corporation, as the group itself is comprised entirely of contractors and mercenaries.

NT7 is currently tasked with the implementation of NecroTech Directive TS73-C. Detailed information surrounding the directive is considered classified, and cannot be shared with the public, but members of NT7 have been recently seen repairing ruined buildings, setting up defensive barricades, and installing generators in Pimbank and Peppardville suburbs.

Unconfirmed sources have identified possible NT7 operatives in the act of revivification of infected, namely the long-infected (cortex damaged) in the immediate area. Further information on the motives of their directive are currently unavailable.


If you are interested in joining the agency's cause, please contact edified, the lead contractor, via his talk page.


We have set up our base of operations in the Marks Building facility located at [71,46] in Peppardville.


Currently operating under Radio Silence

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