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NecroTech Countermeasure Squad
Abbreviation: NTCS
Group Numbers: 4, recruiting
Leadership: Mikhail Vicktor
Goals: Contain the infection by any means necessary.
Recruitment Policy: Make a request on our discussion page
Contact: Forum

The NecroTech Countermeasure Squad is a special security unit belonging to NecroTech. Consisting of all human character classes, it has proven to be an effective weapon against the infection. The NTCS is based in Spicer Hills.

As soon as the incident was reported to the NecroTech headquarters, the Countermeasure Squad was sent into Malton in an attempt to avoid collateral damage. The team arrived too late to stop the infection, they now fight to keep it contained.

Group History

The NTCS has been an on and off participant in the survivor effort since the outbreak. The group was founded by Mikhail Vicktor in 2006 and soon after established a headquarters in Spicer Hills. The NTCS assisted in the development and early enforcement of the current Spicer Hills Barricade policy as well as early attempts to track zombie movements throughout the suburb. The height of NTCS activity in Malton was during Operation Nordwind and Operation Blackwatch. Operation Nordwind was a NecroTech Countermeasure Squad led effort to halt the RRF Spring Break Attack of 2006, while Operation Blackwatch was part of a Spicer Hills wide effort to rid the suburb of the effects of the PK group Iocaine Powder. Operations since then have largely been individual efforts as the organization slowly lost members. Field Commander Mikhail Vicktor was last reported to be biding his time in the shadows of their former HQ and planning a new operational strategy for when the time was right to continue the fight once again...


The groups goals are to:

  • Defend the suburb of Spicer Hills and its surrounding area of influence
  • Eliminate zombie numbers that threaten the safety of the people
  • Rescue survivors who are caught in the open or in ruined structures from the zombie hordes
  • Eliminate wanton player killers
  • Conduct first aid of the wounded
  • Revive fallen citizens
  • Maintain 27.75 as a Spicer Hills frequency that gives zombie, survivor, and building status updates
  • Form a web of alliances upon whose interaction improves the quality of life in Spicer





  • Field Commander: Mikhail Vicktor
  • Officers: Neotech Specialist , Pvt. Strum
  • Field Operatives: Nicholai Ginovef
  • NTCS MIA: These members of the NTCS were awarded the NTCS Medal of Valor for their significant contributionse to past operations. While their current whereabouts are unknown, they will never be forgotten: greenbay11, bite metech3, Viktor Ivanov


With Spicer and Old Arkham sleeping soundly at night, tune into great banter and sweet tunes on NecroTech sponsored radio, now playing on frequency 26.14.

The NTCS is on vacation in New Arkham at the moment, busting zeds and getting the taps flowing at the Vick Arms.

The NTCS is pleased to report that Spicer Hills is stable at the moment. Future operations are being discussed.

Please note that the forum link is currently broken as we await board migration from the old server. In the meantime, please communicate on this entry's discussion page.

The NTCS is proud to report that NW Spicer Hills is zombie free at the moment. Stop by The MacVicar Arms for a beer.

The NTCS has begun to clear the infestation in NW Spicer. Those seeking a revive should congregate either at Dyer Park, our dedicated revive spot, or the nearby cemetery, as per the Sacred Ground Policy.

Following an extended hiatus, the NTCS is back in action. Those interested in joining should reach out on our discussion page.

The battle for the fort rages on...

NTCS efforts in Whittenside have helped to secure a large percentage of the suburb. Efforts are now being organized to retake Fort Perryn.

NTCS efforts in Whittenside have contributed significant progress to barricade building and revive efforts in Whittenside. We continue our work and look to recruit new operatives.

The NTCS are back in action for 2014, and are assisting in the cleanup of Whittenside.

Welcome xekarfwtos, our new member! We are about to enter into operations, come back for more details.

A PK attack and zombie breakin have thinned our ranks. Continue the fight against them, and lets rebuild.

Lars80 has joined the fray as a new recruit. Welcome to the streets.

The NTCS has a new dedicated radio frequency, 27.75. Tune in for the latest Spicer Hills zombie reports, and of course a little bit of humor.

Infinity121 has joined the fray as a new recruit. Welcome to the streets.

The NTCS is pleased to announce that we have regained contact with Bowring Blackwatch and have resumed operations with them. We look forward to orange whips and dead zombies gentlemen.

After a PK attack on the Stockman Walk Police Department that killed not only myself but also a civilian, the NTCS formally declares war against The Dead 2.0

I am pleased to announce that Pvt. Strum has emerged from the wastelands to rejoin our cause!

I am pleased to announce that chris19633c has enlisted in the NTCS cause to help contain the outbreak.

I am pleased to announce that Neotech Specialist has emerged from the shadows to assist the cause once more.

After an extended hiatus from UD, the NTCS has returned, and is now recruiting new members. Please visit the forum or look above for more information.

Current Operations

Since the current operations are classified, no information is available to the public.

Past Operations

Enemy Groups

+ Past Enemies +

Fugitive List

These players have been identified as PKers and have killed members of our group. They are to be shot on sight.

Revive Points

The NTCS currently operates a revive point at Dyer Park [22, 92] in the northern part of Spicer Hills.

Barricade Plan

The NTCS actively enforces the official Spicer Hills barricade plan (viewable here) and participated in its creation.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.75 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: The Pippard Building

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
The NTCS supports the Sacred Ground Policy.

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