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The New World Order

Broadcasting on 26.15 MHz

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Taking over Malton

The New World Order

The New World Order
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Abbreviation: NWO
Group Numbers: 11 known
Leadership: Various leaders
Goals: Take over Malton
Recruitment Policy: See here
Contact: Forum or IRC


Cult that resides in Williamsville

Williamsville Loyalty Act

The Williamsville Loyalty act was formed to build a home, stage our army, ensure growth and provide protection to locals from enemies and our own members. Members that focus on PKing are provided a strategic settlement to hunt threats surrounding Williamsville, while still giving them the freedom to stage attacks outside of the suburb.

New World Order PKers are allowed to kill other Player Killers regardless of location, this includes Bounty Hunters.

Surrounding Suburbs

Surrounding suburbs have secondary priority to our homeland, Williamsville. These suburbs will still get assistance from The Order, but The Acts guidelines are subject to our members discretion around their boarders.

Buckley and Tompson Mall

The Loyalty Act extends over suburbs boarders to ensure that there are no proximity issues in the case of innocent killings.

Krinks Power Station

The Krinks building is The Official Head Quarters of The New World Order; for strategic purposes, this does not guarantee that Krinks will be maintained.


The Williamsville Loyalty Act is the official position of The New World Order; but due to "free will," we do not take responsibility for individual Division members breaking this code of conduct. Disputes will be solved depending on the individual case.

St. Marks Cathedral

Soldiers of Virtue designate St. Marks Cathedral as their official Taoist Church and pay their respects.

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