Naisbitt Library

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Naisbitt Library
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Naisbitt Library

Foulkes Village [8, 83]

the Dwyer Monument a junkyard Darnell Library
the Ffych Building Naisbitt Library the Barnefield Monument
Biffen Lane Holdoway Drive the Hinckesman Building

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Naisbitt Library

Downing Librarylol.jpg


Algae creeps along the exterior stone slabs. Pillars extend from the base of the steps to the arch of the entrance.

Barricade Policy

As the library connects free-running lanes from the Hinckesman Building, barricades should be maintained at EHB.


This was the public lending library for Foulkes Village. It offered a serviceable collection of contemporary works as well as a basement, which housed some rare original texts from the area, including a copy of "Bastard Son, Bastion of Hope". However the archives here were not nearly as vast as the Darnell Library across the street.

There are still books littered around the premises, though numerous ransacks and makeshift barricades have destroyed the organization. These days you're lucky to find a complete book.

Current Status

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