Nation Library

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Nation Library
No books for you!
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Nation Library

East Boundwood [42,9]

a carpark Braddon Way Cassell Auto Repair
Anning Avenue Nation Library Bale Mall
Band Square
St Spyridon's Church
Bale Mall

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Nation Library is located in the south-eastern part of East Boundwood.


[66, 52] Nation Library is close to several useful buildings, such as Cassell Auto Repair, St. Matthew's Hospital (East Boundwood), Moorhouse Place Police Department, and the Bale Mall. In the suburb of East Boundwood, adjacent to Bale Mall. Enter via St. Spyridon's Church (Yagoton).

Barricade Policy

The Head Librarian asks that survivors who take shelter in this facility do their part to keep the barricades at Extremely Heavily Barricaded.


There are no formally-aligned groups currently situated herein. Groups interested in using Nation Library as a base should consult the Head Librarian. Any survivors are welcome to make this location their permanent base of operations, the Head Librarian only asks that they respect the Rules of The Library.

The Rules of The Library

  1. Please be quiet and respectful of your fellow patrons.
  2. The discharge of firearms is prohibited. (Unless absolutely neccesary)
  3. Patrons should not re-shelve books of their own accord. Instead, please place books upon the shelving carriages so that Librarians may re-shelve them appropriately.
  4. Shoes and shirt must be worn while on Library premises. Attendance at head Librarian's Tea requires a coat and tie for gentlemen and a modest dress for ladies.
  5. Do not re-tune the transmitter from 26.03.
  6. Food and drink are not permitted in the stacks. Please restrict consumption of such things to the large table by the fireplace .