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National Pissed-off Radio (NPR) is the flagship broadcast of A really pissed off one (arPOO), a group created by xaow. It went on the air at 1630 CST on January 29th, 2007. The innaugural broadcast was made from the Chaffey Alley PD in Heytown by Michael Devongard, historian of arPOO. The broadcast consisted of five sentences. NPR broadcasts on 28.30mHz


It is not planned for NPR to have a static base of operations, but rather for operators to rove over the map, setting up shop wherever they happen to go to ground for any period of time. In this way NPR hopes to be able to bring news and hope to all free suburbs in Malton.


arPOO is currently looking to recruit all interested individuals to become NPR operators. Operators may be of any class so long as they carry a portable radio and are willing to spend AP to get potentially important messages out onto the airwaves. Please apply by either directly contacting one of the members listed on the arPOO main page or adding your name to the list with the title of NPR Operator.'

Noteworthy Broadcasts

1/29/07, 1630 CST: Devongard here with the innaugural broadcast of NPR.
Big shout out to all arPOO members currently tuned in. How ya'll doin'? Give zack hell out there, Godbless. Devongard out.