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Malton Department of Defense
Malton Department of Defense

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The National Security Agency is a division of the Malton Department of Defense that specializes in Hunting PKers, gathering intel, and alternative forms of warfare. From the little information that has surfaced, it is known that the NSA is skilled but secretive. Agents appear without warning, eliminate terrorists and provide assistance to civilians, then just as quickly disappear. Rest assured though, if PKers are causing trouble in your suburb, the NSA isn't far behind, ready to protect the Citizens of Malton and ensure that National Security remains intact.

For such a demanding position, not all qualify. Any person wishing to join will be subject to a scrutinizing background search, and known criminals added to the NSA Offender Database immediately. Once accepted, the Agent-In-Training will be subject to the toughest of training programs, as well as instructed in NSA Operational Procedures, Rules, etc. Additional training may include instruction in special techniques and tips relating to Special Operations Agents. Once training is completed, the recruit will be a skilled Agent ready to join in the ranks of the National Security Agency and protect Malton from all forms of terrorism. So what are you waiting for?! Submit your completed Registration Application at our Recruitment Office to begin the process!

These operatives are a highly trained bunch, able to avoid detection and slip through the most heavily guarded areas to achieve their missions.

Signing Up

So, you think you have what it takes to join the National Security Agency? Well, we'll see about that. If you meet the following initial guidelines, head over to our forum and Submit your Registration Application.

NSA operatives MUST:

  • Be able and willing to kill Criminals on sight.
  • Be able to act alone or in a team.
  • Be above level 20, although exceptions may be made.

Minimum Skill Requirements: Free Running, First Aid, Surgery, Diagnosis, NecroTech Employment, Lab Experience, NecroNet Access, Tagging, Construction, Body Building, Headshot, Basic Firearms Training, Pistol Training, Advanced Pistol Training, Shotgun Training, Advanced Shotgun Training, Lurching Gait, Ankle Grab, Shopping, Bargain Hunting


NSA agents are masters of disguise, but they can sometimes be seen wearing the Standard NSA Field Uniform, which consists of the following clothing items, though members are free to modify to suit their own preferences and comfort:

  • a black fedora
  • a pair of mirrored sunglasses
  • a set of Fort Creedy dog-tags
  • a black short-sleeved shirt
  • a black leather jacket
  • a pair of black leather trousers
  • a black leather coat
  • a pair of black leather boots

Regardless of clothing items worn, uniform or otherwise, a National Security Agency shield should be included in the character's survivor and zombie descriptions.


At this time, the NSA is not offering its services directly to the citizens of Malton. Allied groups may request assistance on the MDD forums.

Reporting Criminals

The NSA maintains an extensive database of known PKers. Any person on this list is generally a repeat offender. If you would like to report a PKer or other criminal, please report on our forum along with evidence.

"The National Security Agency: We wiretapped Ridleybank."

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