Neave Auto Repair

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Neave Auto Repair
--Sister Katie (talk) 23:41, 14 February 2020 (UTC)
Neave Auto Repair

Penny Heights [90,78]

Neyens Avenue
the Cholmondeley Building Deacon Alley Police Dept
the Norgate Monument
Neave Auto Repair wasteland
Rumler Way School
Joachim Mall Joachim Mall

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.

Barricading Policy

A former EP to the Mall, this has been reclassified as EHB due to frequent Z attacks to disrupt Mall operations. Keep EHB at all times. Use Rumler Way School as alternate Entry Point to Joachim's.


Neave Auto Repair is strategically important because of its location. Being directly adjacent to Joachim Mall, this shop plays a vital role in mall defence by allowing survivors to search for much needed fuel cans to power radios and improve search percentages in the mall. As such, it is frequently an early target when the mall is under siege.

Neave Auto Repair is also part of the resource rich SW Penny Heights area, providing survivors with fuel cans to power the cluster of resource buildings in the area. (Normandare Boulevard Police Dept, Hagger Square Fire Station, the Craddy Building, Adler Crescent Fire Station, Rundle Auto Repair and Deacon Alley Police Department)

Current Status

June 24, 2010 Very Heavily Barricaded against regulations. --The Prophet of Life 15:38, 24 June 2010 (BST)

May 5, 2010 In survivor hands and safe along with the surrounding area. Joachim Mall and the surrounding area have practically been turned into a fort. Atleast 20 survivors held up in the mall and close by buildings. Although hard to get in. --FromtheNorth 04:01, 6 May 2010 (BST)


August 17th, 2009. - Since the 9th of this month this building is serving as a staging area for the raid parties that are trying to retake the Joachim Mall from Zombie hands.--YoLoL 16:42, 17 August 2009 (BST)

July 13, 2008. VSB, Power, Transmitter=27.11--Dr Mycroft Chris 05:35, 13 July 2008 (BST)

Neave Auto Repair is barricaded to VS+2 with a generator running. Zombie activity in the area is relatively low, although survivors with Free Running are advised not to sleep inside the building in case of feral Zombie attack. (13th October, 2006).

August 7th-25th , 2006. - Neave Auto Repair assists in the defence of Joachim Mall from The Apocalypse Horde and The Big Bash. It falls and is reclaimed along with the mall several times, not being fully secured by survivors until well into September.

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