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NecroTech Corp. R&D
NecroTech Logo
Abbreviation: NecroTech Corp. R&D
Group Numbers: 19 NecroTech employees and 2 observed zombies
Leadership: none - all members act individually
Goals: research of zombie behaviour and development of anti-zombie vaccines
Recruitment Policy: All NecroTech members (= players with NecroTech skills) and zombies may join. Please add our abbreviation to your profile and update your status regularly!
Contact: Please post on the discussion page!
Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This User or Group supports the Dual Nature Policy & believes that the citizens of Malton should embrace their two-fold nature.

The NecroTech Corporation Section for Research and Development

Though most of the NecroTech Corp. staff in Malton have been evacuated since the rise of the undead, a small group of NecroTech's department for research and development still remains in the city. Their mission is to take samples and observe the behaviour and state of the undead. Measures of controlling the undead are under research, too.

Researchers of this group are seen with DNA scanners and mobile communication units collecting data and sending it to NecroTech HQ. The NecroTech Corp. R&D Security Officers have quite some skill in neutralizing zombies. They often cut parts from freshly killed zombies and store them in liquid nitrogen tanks as samples for the scientists. Zombies under the observation of NecroTech Corp. R&D are mostly former NecroTech employees who have violated several company regulations. These have been "invited" to take part in "interesting" experiments by being infected with zombie pathogens. NecroTech Corp. R&D says it is able to control zombie behaviour, but their method of controlling zombies by their ZedCommControl device is not very reliable.

Warning: Zombies with NecroTech tracking and/or controlling devices are still as dangerous as other zombies! Be careful and don't underestimate them.

NecroTech Corp. R&D Announcements


Any researchers lacking in field experience are advised to venture to Pitneybank and aid in the attempt to retake Giddings Mall and, more importantly, The Morrish Building in the wake of the The Battle of Pitneybank. The area is thoroughly zombie-infested and as such provides an excellent opportunity to learn about horde command structure and zombie behavour. Security officers are also urged to explore the area as, in addition to being a high ranking NecroTech Corp. building, The Morrish Building is where the mysterius project CX-12D79P was last seen.


Another damaged logfile has been found in a laptop among the ruins of a NecroTech Corp. R&D helicopter, and has been decoded. The copter was on record as routinely transporting a shipment of revivification syringes from beyond the walls to The Morrish Building. The file and some related data is available here.


Under the leadership of NecroTech Corp. HQ representative The Holder and with support of several revivification field teams almost all NecroTech Corp. R&D members have been located and re-activated. The NecroTech Corp. departement for Research and Development is now fully operational. Research activity will commence ASAP. NecroTech Corp. apologizes to its shareholders for the long period of inactivity.


A damaged logfile has been found during repair of a damaged NecroNet access terminal. It is probably linked to the disappearance of Prof Dr Maggi and his entire research group. The logfile has been archived here.


Any researchers lacking in field experience are advised to go to Pegton. A few blocks south of Giddings Mall, a horde of undead is camped out around Sellek Way Fire Station. This could be an excellent opportunity to study organized zombie behaviour and horde command structure. It is currently unknown why they are there, but they have been there for a few days.

NecroTech Corp. R&D is proud to announce that the research article Treatise on zombie behaviour by Booleanearth has been published and is available here.


NecroTech Corp. R&D is continually improving workplace safety for it's employees. Another measurement to ensure the mental and physical health of our staff has been taken today: Buddy Jim is promoted to revivification management representative in addition to his regular duties. Internal revivification services have been established at Stickling Mall, Shearbank. To use our services, the receiving employee has to be located not further than 10 blocks from internal revivification services.

Please append IRS Request at [XX,YY] to your status entry to use this new exciting NecroTech Corp. R&D service. Sending a message via mobile phone to Buddy Jim will help to speed up the processing of your request. Only NecroTech Corp. R&D members are elligible for this service! NecroTech cares for YOU!


After a month of isolation Senior Researcher Kimurin has returned to work. He reported to have tracked down and reinstalled a tracking device on Buddy Joe. Buddy Joe's current location is South Blythville.


Former NecroTech employees The Grudge and Buddy Bob have been spotted at Lovelock PD, South Blythville. Tracking device have been reinstalled by NecroTech Corp. R&D staff. Please do not aproach them without assistance. These individuals are extremely vicious and brutal.


The Dribbling Beavers ruling junta of Santlerville has declared ownership of the region's radio frequency, and is now attempting to prevent any dissent regarding its unilateral policies from being aired to resistance and neutral units. It is possible Dribbling Beavers may attack those that resist, possible PK events reported by a Santerville Defense/Defence Force, origin and complement unknown. Veracity of reports unknown.


It seems that we have lost the tracking devices and ZedCommControl devices in all of out zombies under observation, leaving their whereabouts and activities unknown. We urge all available scientists to be on the lookout for these zombies in a hope to reestablish connection and observation. Also as our numbers lower as more and more scientists also go missing we at the head of Research and Developement feel that current members should begin to contact the head office with information on a regular basis.


After the continued confusion in Pegton, Prof. Latirus is finally returning to his research at his original post.


Head Field Investigator mstcrow5429 reports that the self-appointed military junta of Santlerville, The Dribbling Beavers, are disrupting normal operations there, by fighting against the UBP and tearing down cades on buildings, leaving survivors vulnerable to hostile zombie incursions.


Researcher Kai Tan Sying killed. Only remained as a zombie briefly; was revived by a kindly nun. Now working his way northwest towards the abandoned parts of the city to rebuild and revive.


NecroTech R&D continues to revive the fallen and defend civilization against zombie terrorism.


Udot, former zombie under observation, has completed his entire zombie skill set (except for Brain Rot), and asked for a revive. Is working in Tollyton at Woodroffe Mall, currently being trained in the medical field. Expected to begin actively serving with R&D as soon as he is gets trained in NecroTech Employment.


Researcher Kai Tan Sying decided to cut with Mall Tour of Mercy short after massive zombie attacks in NW and Central Malton made it difficult to stay alive. Currently in Gulsonside.


Newest member Prof. Charles Latirus begins his research project in Pegton today. Recently revived, he hopes to move far in this section of the NecroTech company.


After several months at NecroTech Corp. HQ outside of Malton, Head Field Investigator mstcrow5429 has returned to continue his work on-site.


Kai Tan Sying is engaging in his own personal mall tour to visit all the malls in Malton to render aid and revivify zombies. More details on his tour can be found on his NecroTech Corp. R&D HR profile page.


NecroTech Corp's researcher Kai Tan Sying revivified after being attacked by the infamous Angels of Mercy.


NecroTech Corp's senior researcher Kimurin has been located in Darvall Heights attacking every person next to him. NecroTech Corp. apologizes for his behaviour and will fix the problem soon.

2005 - 2006

NecroTech Communication

NecroTech Announcements prior to 01/01/2007 can be found under Old Announcements. Decoded messages retrieved from hacked NecroTech Corp. communication can be found under NecroTech Studies.

NecroTech Corp. R&D Staff

Booleanearth Necrotech Corp. Field Researcher (zombie behavior and neurology) Status: active - Location: the Saint Building in Millen Hills

Buddy Jim - NecroTech Corp. employee - Status: active - Location: East Boundwood

Buddy Joe - NecroTech Corp. Security Officer - Status: active - Location: Lockettside

Candiru - NecroTech Corp. Lab Scientist - Status: active - Location: Darvall Heights

Haarmann - NecroTech Corp. Lab Assistant - Status: active - Location: Pitneybank

jus - NecroTech Corp. Security Officer - Status: active - Location: South Blythville

Kimurin - NecroTech Corp. Senior Researcher (zombie behaviour and control) - Status: active - Location: Lockettside

Kuang Eleven - NecroTech Corp. Junior Researcher (Applied Biotechnology) - Status: active - Location: Yagoton

MagSun - NecroTech Corp. Security Assistant - status: missing

Mr Maggi - NecroTech Corp. Security Officer - Status: unknown

mstcrow5429 - NecroTech Corp. Head Field Investigator, Operations and Defense - Status: active - Location: Santlerville

Parfumierer - NecroTech Corp. Security Assistant - Status: active - Location: East Boundwood

Prof. Charles Latirus - NecroTech Corp. Experimental Lab Techniques Researcher - Status: active - Location: Pitneybank

Prof Dr Maggi - NecroTech Corp. Senior Researcher (zombie pathogens and anti-Z vaccines) Status: missing

The Grudge - NecroTech Corp. Lab Assistant - Status: dead - Location: South Blythville

The Holder - NecroTech Corp. HQ representative - Status: active - Location: Pimbank

t r ace - NecroTech Corp. employee - Status: active - Location: Shearbank

Udot - NecroTech Apprentice - Status: active - Location: Tollyton

Xenafan - NecroTech Corp. Lab Assistant - Status: active - Location: Havercroft

Killingham - NecroTech Corp. Test Subject - Status: active - Location: Yagoton

Wimter - NecroTech Corp. Researcher (zombie behaviour & pattern analysis, chaos theory) - Status: active - Location: Darvall Heights

Doctor Neville NecroTech Corp. pathologist -Status: Active - Location: Pitneybank

Eliot Somnambul NecroTech Corp. Field researcher -Status: Active - Location: Pegton

Comrade Texidor NecroTech Corp. Field researcher (zombie behaviour, zombie culture, and zombie religion) - Status: active - Location: Penny Heights

Zombies under observation

Buddy Bob - NecroTech Corp. Junior Research Assistant - Status: dead - Location: Lockettside

Lt Maggi - NecroTech Corp. Security Officer - Status: dead - Location: unknown

NecroTech Corp. R&D Dress Code

All scientists should wear a protective lab coat at all times.

Security officers have to wear a black jacket and black shoes.

Being a zombie is no excuse for lacking the appropriate clothing.

Desks must be kept tidy at all times.


Necrotech logo.png NecroTech Corp. R&D
"Your Name" is a NecroTech Research and Development "Current Job".