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Internal NecroTech Corp. R&D communication has been under attack by hackers well before the zombie outbreak in Malton. Since then their efforts have nearly doubled. Some of them have been quite successful in decoding encrypted messages. The results of their investigations can be viewed here.

Damaged Log found on 01/26/2008

<7:00 PM>

All copters are on high alert, after the blunder over at the x71^sx*9(22%, we're supposed to be on the l&33@#2774% for that THING. I have no idea exactly what they want us to look FOR however as even those idiots who were monitoring it didn't know what it was. T-fjfs77; 229% 3$ 46cs68hK^446G. Well, as much as i'd love to see whatever the hell it is, there shouldn't be any action tonight. We're just on a routine mission,hoping to aide those poor bastards over at Giddings and Morrish. (Internal_Query: C277^9H*) ------- <APROXIMATELY 9:00 PM) OH MY GOD! That's it isn't it! It's heading north for some reason, we really need to 7^44% -<3157Hjad323ej8KL> ...[encrypted]

The laptop on which the above message was found also contained a radio transmission log for the helicopter. What follows is a transcript.

5:30 PM

Flight 1239F to tower. We're setting out here, we're just gonna take a nice swoop across the city and then drop the crates over near Morrish.

  • Response* Roger that flight 1239F we've got you coming out over the city.

6:15 PM

Mostly desolate wreckage over here, but Giddings is still in tact. Fort Peryyn seems to be up and running now too. We're gonna swoop back now and drop the cargo.

  • Response* Roger that, take it slow there Frank.


Flight 1239F to tower, there's something weird going on down there, i'm gonna swoop down to get a closer look.

  • Response* static

9:12 PM

I can see it now. HOLY SHIT! It's huge!

  • No response*


Dear's dark. We're doomed aren't we? FUCK! It's PULLING US IN! *static*


  • Response* Flight 1239F? Do you read me? DO YOU READ ME?! Sir....i think they're dead.

Damaged Log found on 12/09/2007

1"/7/20"= 12:3+ AM

My research assistants working on reclaiming an abandoned Necr!_Tech facility discovered a rusty oil barrel that seemed to exude cold. Pr4limina^y electromagnetic field readings yielded chaotic data before the equipment died. Barrel appears to be constructed of stainless steel and radiates cold.

15/7/w2§( 9#00 PM

We opened the barrel t°day inside a sealed chamber. Ch^mber immediately $%&2ed over. Unidentified entity found within the barrel. Appears to be ga*'3us and black. Indeed, the very light surrounding it appears to be "sucked in" by it's presence. Appears 2r be sentient, but does not co?ß"nicate in any understood way. Biological matter that comes into contact with the Entity seems to disintegrate.

12/*/xd$§ 10.11 §2

An _ntern entered the sealed chamber alone today, with°ut his hazard suit. He was not seen again. The Entity has double in size since be1ng released from containment. Has become aggr4&sive. We are sealing °ff the chamber immediately in light of its fl°`sh-consuming properties and rapid growth. Al; research is h4lted.

12/8/~%4! 11:`~ AM

It's gone. God help us, *~/&5s escaped.

Publication Announcement #32D -11/21/2007

All employees interested in gaining a F/76=�4 xx_U??=����$Q.�1179 are adivsed to read Field Researcher Booleanearth's Treatise On Zombie Behaviour published by Necrotech Corp. R&D available �t11: Thank You. ??=�$ Internal_query: --23%���_9/^7??...[encrypted]

Progress Review #0003 By Prof. Latirus

Subject: Revival and Inspiration

Date: 22:56:25, 10/17/2007


So far my mission in Pegton has been going unsuccessful. As I said in my last review, my data communicator seems to be having trouble sending files after the initial attack on St. Martin's. After having fallen into the ranks of the specimens I have found myself left with a sense of helplessness and loss directly after revival, followed by hope. It has been making me think about the mental aftereffects of the infection. I believe some small research may be neccessary into interviewing and discussing this topic on a more broad level. I will continue my research for now and try to keep our HQ updated.

- Prof. Charles Latirus


File #0301: Self Defence Guidelines (fragmented) - Research Group for Weaponry and biological Warfare - 01/23/2006


??=�$?�s2�=!101 so due to recent events our efforts have been doubled to assure the safety of our valued employees. From now on all of the company's laboratories are equipped with the BMF5W prototype - codename: "Z-freezer". In case of an outbreak the BMF5W is used to immobilize infected subjects and personnel and to contain all pathogens untill our Containment Division takes over. This is done as follows: Beta-3-emitters in the prototype create a concentrated field of "Magnetic y-adverted seductive seratines" which interfere with the quantum frequency of the Zombie Pathogens and cause them to cool down close to absolute zero. This cooldown of the zombie pathogens will cause the whole zombie to cool down and thus be unable to move. Any non infected personnel is not effected by this as they have no pathogens in their system. It is completely harmless to you! After the BMF5W was triggered, all surrounding doors will be opened automatically enableing you to seek shelter.

Location of the BMF5W:

One can find the BMF5W in the recently installed, read labelled containers. Do not mind the "explosive" symbol on them. Operating the BMF5W is not dangerous at all. We are conserned about your safety - the most valuable thing in our laboratories is you! ��H?żG*���l����V;�b��X�T�^�~�"3Gr��n�6���;F/76=�U���Q,z1=7](����]����T�'�|�z�*��]���]��c̑u��λ�D2���Q�?���F�ۼ�#�����kE|Gp�1�_��~�"3Gr��n�6���;F/76=� U���Q,z1=7](����]����T�'

Operating the BMF5W:

The BMF5W is operated in 3 easy steps

1.) $%ae"3||^1%6�'?$�


File #0301a: Secret memo to BMF5W - for higher ranked personnel only - 01/23/2006

Attention folks: This prototype is certainly not a Z-freezer at all!

"Magnetic y-adverted seductive seratines"??? For laughing out loudly that is to say "My ass"!!! I just made that shit up. What the hell is a "concentrated field" anyways, not to think of "seductive seratine"? If you think "nobody is going to possibly believe this" I will once again proof you guys wrong. What about the killer drosophilidae or "Mircosoft Works"? Lower level employees are as dumb as a frog in a microwave.

So what the BMF5W really does is the exact opposite of what I wrote in this memo. It immobilizes the whole laboratory personnel with a supersonic impulse and closes all doors. The company can't allow somebody to harm it's research the moment something goes slightly wrong. Simultaneously to the supersonic impulse, a countdown is started - after two hours the BMF5W will explode and the whole block with it, if no one in the Containment Division stops it. This is for safety if things are not only going "slightly" wrong, but severely - the cloesed doors won't hinder our subjects forever from getting out, so the countdown is necessary. Unfortunately some dumbass forgot to remove the high explosive labels. I didn't come up with an explanation for that, but it is probably not necessary. However he was the first to test that darn BFF5W in field and maybe the first man on Mars, judging is flight.

Company decided to install those litte tools, because these nuts at NecroTech Corp. R&D are tools themselves. They fucked it up so badly, you won't possibly belive it: They managed to get a valuable highly intelligent zombie subject burned and one of their firemen too, after the said fireman infected himself (!) accidentely (!!!) and killed a minor researcher, Dr. Tippis. Then they realized that trying to protect themselves through burning both of them, they just burned the only fireman on this level of the bulding. Till the other fire fighters got to extinguish the flames, equippment worth no less than 500 grand got screwed. Asses to Ashes. Only moths later another one of their researchers got himself killd during an escape situation. This time wihtout fire but none the less idiotic. Unbeliveable! If stupidity were water their division would be Lake Michigan (and no fire would have happend in the first place).

File #0289: NecroTech Journal - Research Group for Zombie Behaviour and Control - 01/16/2006

After experimenting with our latest subject of research, the former NecroTech employee "Parfumierer", I found out several interesting things. But before revealing my research I'd like to warn you that experimenting with zombies is extremely dangerous and shouldn't be imitated by anyone at all. I repeate do not attempt do recreate or reinact any experiment or activity mentioned here! We ourselves often loose employees while conducting these experiments. Please keep your children away from zombies though they may look fun. They are not.

The first thing I found out is that there are different kinds of zombies. For example there is the type of former NecroTech employee "The Grudge". I gave him the name because of his kinda grudgy behaviour. Zombie of his sort are always on their own and attack anything they see. He attacked not only barricades, building doors or other things like that, but also attacked his fellow zombie-comrades. You should keep away from zombies of his kind. But there are far more dangerous zombies than "The Grudge". The kind of "Parfumierer" seems to be quiet and not dangerous at all. But when keeping him in a cell with former NecroTech employee "t r ace" he developed impressive intelligence. He was even more intelligent than our director of the fire department "Haarmann"... okay that's not too difficult, isn't it? When turning my back on those two low creatures they succeeded in opening the cell-door and killed my old friend "Buddy Joe". Eventually my colleague "Prof. Dr. Maggi" and I managed to take them down. They were too slow for such gordon-freeman-like heroes like ourselves. That's it for now. New studies will be released soon, I think.

- Kimurin, senior Researcher (zombie behaviour and control)

File #0236: Research during the early outbreaks - Section for Research and Development - #1!=%&&"�a

This is a part of the "Haarmann"- File from the early outbreaks (written audio records): "Tippis research, January 6th... Haarmann is one of our employees, one of our firemen. Since we captured an animated dead corpse, some of my coworkers tend to call it a Zombie, and I could listen to Haarmann`s conversation with it, I started a new research on similarities of the Zombie and Haarmann. I was surprised that they seemed to be on the same level. Sure, Haarmann is a brutal lunatic whose intelligence doesnt even come close to the one my sponge got over the years, but I didnt even imagine that someone would almost only follow his instincts. I see that Haarmann visits his friend. I will record it."

Haarmann: <Hey Buddy, hoare ya doin'. This Kimurin really pissd me off today.
Couldnt hold back, just had to punch him.>
Zombie: <Graah... Griiruin...>
Haarmann: <Yeah Buddy, he doesnt know our feelings, huh ? .. Hey stop it ..
Im not your burger, you almost scratched me... wanna try it ? Your too slow...
Ha see ?... Missed again ! HAHAHA... Ouch, you got me, Im bleeding... HAHAHA...>
Zombie: <Hrmpf ?>

"That guy is really a nut, I almost hate him. I will suggest that he is fired after my research is done... Oh, hey Haarmann... well, I didnt mean it... NO, HELP !! NO, Haarmann, please... AAArrrgh..." (end of message)

After the death of Dr. Tippis we continued the research. Haarmann got more and more brutal until we had to lock him in. He took over some habits of the zombie (parts of speech and bloodlust). I gave him a ZedCommControl Device to control him. It seems to work sometimes. I will try something on Tippis body. I wonder how a hairy Zombie would look like...

To be continued...

File #0255: Diary of a Lab assistant

Dear Diary

Hail Xena !

So, this is done, it does not happen often that I have only few about Xena in my mind but today I have to tell you about my day, my diary. As you know I got the job as lab assistant just a couple of weeks ago. Now these weeks seem like months. The good old times, when I studied with my friends are so far away. It seems almost unreal that I once baked the so called poisonous cookies with Michael and the others� Prof. Dr. Maggi, who helped me to get this job, now I curse him for that, told me today that we would have a new project. I followed him into a lab I didn�t even know it existed and saw Dr. Tippis !! DEAD !! His corpse lied on the table. I heard that an insane firefighter killed him, but when I asked myself why there was no police after a murder, Xena came on and I forgot about it. Maggi introduced me into the project, he and Kimurin are the head researchers on manipulating Zombie behaviour. I thought he made a joke. He told me that he tries to change the appearance of a Zombie in case Zombies could be trained as pets, and pets have hair. He said he will use Haarmann�s DNA code to create a hairy zombie, and together with the Control Device Kimurin invented, Dr. Tippis would become his daughter�s new moving stuffed animal. We started the procedure. It was horrible. I will never be able to close my eyes anymore, I will always think of it. Tippis woke up in the operation ! He groaned, but Maggi kept slicing and extracting. This job is hell� Oh, Xena comes on�

Till tomorrow, my diary�

File #0326: ZUO-unit's protest stopped

The zombie-representative of NecroTech R&D's ZUO-unit (zombie under observation) "The Grudge" recently made a speech. My colleague Prof. Dr. Maggi and I, Prof. Kimurin, found out about this secret meeting, of course. I translated the speech of this low creature:

"Grmbl krk zoml grag flom "The Grudge" krak flunz! (I, "The Grudge", welcome you, my brothers) "Zagf tagf ragf nagf NecroTech R&D!" (We were the elite of NecroTech R&D) Zefix grompf pompf zompf "Kimurin" ragh "t r ace" fallagalla!" (It cannot be that wanna-be-bosses like "Haarmann" or "Mr. Maggi" order us around all day!) "Filu zalla rasadampf!" (Let us make a protestmarch!)

After I found out about this evil scheme, "Prof. Dr. Maggi" immediately called security officer "Buddy Joe" who threw this guy scheming against me... I mean our highly intelligent leader of the firedepartment "Haarmann"... into a cage with no other zombies around.

- Kimurin, senior researcher (zombie behaviour and control)